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Something struck me when sitting down to write this review that all my movie reviews are all kind of the same with the same sort of outcome and unfortunately this one isn’t any different. 

The film starts with the Driver (Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock) in prison and it is his release day.  From the very beginning you get the impression that he is not someone to be messed with and has a mission in mind to complete.  Now this story reminded me of my current book I am reading where by both the criminal world and the Police are looking for the same person.  As a Hitman is after the Driver as well as the law after his first killing.  The Driver you find out in the early going has a list of people that he wants to kill but you don’t understand why he is specifically after the people that is after, as the Police further investigate the chain of killings the story soon unfolds and you are understanding why he is specifically going after the list.

Overall I liked this movie however, the storyline did miss a couple of twist and turns which would of made it that little bit better.  That being said I did think that the movie lived up to what was advertised and what was extra surprising all of us that went to watch this movie enjoyed it.  So overall I would give this movie 6/10 just because I felt they could do more with it however that poor score isn’t to say it wasn’t enjoyable and worth watching.

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