The Importance of Commenting on other Blogs

This is something that I really didn’t get if I’m honest for the first couple of years in blogging, because I was thinking to myself that blogging is just airing your views on something anyways so what use is it commenting on others blog?

One main reason for that view was the fact that majority of people that are really in to their blogging tend to use no follow, which means that search engines don’t follow links in comments thus making it so the search engine bot doesn’t move from their site to yours.  The no follow is good in some respects because the more links you have going from your site or blog means the less time the search engine has to stay on your site.  This also means that your not increasing your competitors rating so they end up going higher up in the search engine listings.  At this time of blogging if I’m honest I knew I was small time and thought I needed to some how increase my web presence using search engines, and maybe commenting wasn’t worth the time if they weren’t going to be followed links.

Second time around and fresh start in blogging I started to think what about comments there has to be something in the way everyone who’s anyone in blogging will tell you comments are important, so as I was producing content I was always thinking about comments, due to the fact blogging is fundamentally unless for news on a company or an actually news company opinion that maybe comments can be useful on other blogs. 

So I went over to Google and did a few blog searches about some of my reviews and a few other articles and left a few not many, but ones that I thought were valid points.  Putting my website address in as an attribute and then a direct link to the exact content relevant to the post.

What happened next was ok wasn’t really getting any following on links from search engines but people were visiting my site on the exact link I had posted, and luckily for me the author of that blog allowed my content link.  So if your serious about blogging and want to increase your presence on the net one of the most important thing and easiest to do is commenting.

So if your a blogger and have something relevant to any of my content please don’t hesitate to comment or any with a view for that matter.

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