Maxthon complaint to Microsoft

On this rare occasion I am going to stick up for Microsoft here.  As part of an anti-trust court case with the European Union Microsoft was to produce something for the European Market that meant they would give users the choice of what browser they used, instead of using Windows to unfairly gain market share in the Browser Wars.

After loosing the court case Microsoft put in place something that would list the top 5 browsers that are used on the web, and would be reviewed every 6 months to make sure those stats were correct.  Then they also added a further 7 browsers as an option if you scrolled side ways. 

Now Maxthon is complaining that they hold a bigger market share than Safari for the Windows platform and that statistics aren’t right. In the fact that the ones that are being analysed are ones in which do not distinguish between the two different operating systems Mac and Windows.

Ok this is business and any help that one browser can get in order to get a bigger share of the market is understandable however I sat reading this laughing at the fact Microsoft are already giving them a helping hand by having Maxthon’s browser already on the ballet box.  I can’t see why you’d want to complain to much, ok your not on the first page but at the same time you are still on there getting your name out there to more people then you already would normal.

Source: Computer World

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