Ads and Internet Explorer 9

After my recent admission that maybe I need to stay with Windows and having Windows 7 on my box now.  I thought why not give Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) a fair chance before loading something like Google Chrome onto the system.

As I started to look at IE9 for the second time, because if I’m honest the first time I loaded it I didn’t give it much of a chance due to the fact that I had plans to move over to Linux.  I was quite surprised by the performance of the browser and how well it was handling demanding content.  I was shocked at how easily it loaded flash content with out increasing my processor demand too much.  One of the major features for me that I liked the look of was Tracking Protection.

Now don’t get me wrong I don’t mind advertisements on the Internet mainly because I rely on them for my blog but also no one is really that silly to think that content is done at no cost to the individual doing it and the fact they need to make money in order to keep producing content.  Lecture over but I was thinking great a browser that protects against tracking no other browser offers this straight out the box and the need for you to download another plugin.

So away I go and find the option and enable it and think nice now my browser is protecting me from tracking, then after a few visits to other blogs and then back to mine all of a sudden my adverts were gone.  Starting to think god I’ve messed up somewhere as I had changed some of the settings only to find everything is fine server side.  It hit me what about tracking protection?  Disabled it and there were my ads.

Most will know that Google Ads have tacking in them however they use cookies, and I was expecting the tracking protection just to block the cookies not the entire ad.  This left me with a question that I am not sure I will get the answer to however what is Microsoft doing blocking ads?  They use ads as a form of income from Bing so surely they don’t want their browser blocking those ads.  In their defence the feature is disabled in the default set up and you have to enable it.  However I don’t understand why they have made it so the feature works in this way.

Total Reach itself does not use tracking methods however it is not responsible for third party content

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