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Ok I know that I said I was going to ditch Windows in one of my very first articles on the new look Total Reach, but the truth is no matter how hard I try I just can’t get away from the giant operating system.

Why I hear you ask well if you want the honest answer its my hardware it doesn’t seem to play ball to well with the latest crop of any operating system, Windows included however that being said Windows seems to have the most success overall. 

Now come to terms with the loss of Linux and back on the Windows Platform I started looking around for free software, that could make my life easier and maybe more interesting I stumbled across Windows Live Writer.

Windows Live Writer is just a version of Microsoft Word from what I can see that is aimed specifically for blogging, which in truth seems pretty good to me.  While considering this application I was sat there thinking its Microsoft they are bound to make it so you can only use a specific platform of their choice and to my amazement I was wrong.  It supports WordPress and Blogger just to name the two main ones along with ways of using it with other platforms.

I really like it as it gives you a place where you can put your blogs together locally and then publish them as and when you want, which is a great feature especially when you get inspiration and don’t have an internet connect.  However I am not going to lie although it has a great range of features, and gives you the ability to add pictures with effects little things like that it doesn’t do anything that your blogging platform could achieve.

I will say that I will be using it from now on because I like to be able to work on my articles and re read them before I publish them to try an reduce the risk of spelling mistakes.  Unlike this one because it is one just to test out the program.  However the only other advantages of using it other something like WordPress on its on is the way it handles media.

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