Shane Williams out for his Final Game in the 6 Nations

Could this be a blessing for Wales?  On their last game of the RBS 6 Nations one of the best wingers the world has ever seen will not be playing for Wales.  Although I am very disappointed that he won’t be able to play his final 6 Nations game with the fact that Shane has decided that it will be his last year at international level.

Part of the reason why I say it could be a blessing for Wales is the fact that he doesn’t seem to be backing himself anymore, he tends to kick over running at people and trying to take them on in order to get past them.  I am not taking away from what an amazing player he has been for Wales, because in my mind he is one of the best but I just feel that he is on the slippery slope down over the last couple of seasons as his confidence level is no where to be seen.  What is the point in being known for being able to turn on a six pence and tie defenders in knots if your not doing it?

For me his lack of confidence was shown when he had 3 defenders to beat that wasn’t in a line and consisted of forwards against Ireland and he opted to kick the ball away.

What are your reviews on the great man?

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