Twitter says no to most third party applications

Twitter is clamping down on third party applications and the API tokens that they have previously given out for applications to receive and send tweets from the application.  Although they haven’t completely stopped third party applications from working with their service they have however pushed the standard that the applications must meet up.

To be honest as I slowly started to use my Android Smart Phone with the release of Twitters own application to it I could see it happening.  The reason that there is such a fuss about what is happening in the world of Twitter is because Twitter didn’t start off by developing applications for its service and relied on others to produce them.  The problem with this is the success of these products Twitter wanted to develop its own to get a piece of this market.

I must admit however I do use Tweetdeck over the official application and that is mainly because it gives me the ability to use the application both on my desktop and phone, which has its advantages in the fact I see exactly the same from the application on the desktop as well as the phone.  It also gives me the ability to view my Face book updates, which means I can do both in one application.

I personally won’t be very happy with they stop all third party applications, as it means that we as the end user will be missing out on possible new ideas to be used by the service or the ease to post to both Twitter and Face book at the same time.  As it stands however they are not threatening to stop third party developments altogether just that they must meet higher standards so fingers crossed that this will only make the development better.


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