Internet Traffic Management in the UK

From the early days of Broadband in the UK we have been suffering some sort of traffic management in the name of protecting the ISP’s network.  Now what does this actually mean?  In short it means that certain traffic is restricted so that it cannot transfer as quick as different types of traffic, the most common throttled type of traffic is peer to peer traffic (p2p).  This has been stated in the terms and conditions in most ISP’s however most would deny the fact it is being done on your connection when complaining about speed (in my experience).

Under the new plans drawn up by the Broadband Stakeholders Group, is to officially have a traffic management program in place where all broadband services priorities traffic depending on what it is, for example if I was downloading a Linux Distribution and someone else was watching a program on BBC IPlayer my download would take second place to the streaming of IPlayer because a download would be deemed less important for speed against something like streaming from BBC IPlayer.

Although I believe that everyone should be equal on the internet and no one should have more priority then anyone else, as it goes against the ethos of the internet and what it was made for.  I do agree with this move if it is put in place properly due to the fact that as we rely on the internet more for services we need to make sure that everyone gets the best possible service.  With my example earlier I would prefer for my download to be slightly slower if it meant that when watching a TV program on any of the on demand services it wouldn’t be disrupted by the need to buffer.

The downside of this sort of system however it can exploited, for example once put in place there would be an ability to offer a premium services which wouldn’t be fair because it then becomes whoever pays the most will get the best.  So on that basis I think that definitely goes against the idea of the internet without any of the benefits it would offer to the end user.

So in conclusion I will be all for this move as the development of the internet structure for the UK isn’t developing quick enough to cope with the higher demands that the content now has on the internet.  However it does have to put in correctly and made sure that it is not exploited.


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