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WicketPixie theme for WordPress is developed by Chris Pirillo.  I don’t normally review themes as they don’t really hold much to review being the fact they are normally just the design.  This theme however is so much more with plug-ins integrated into it and allows you to start making your blog more then a blog out of the box.

The major factor for me was the way I was able to easily integrate my twitter stream into the top of the home page, then to give it its own page so that my possible readers can spy on me and know exactly what I actually do with my day,  giving it that bit of extra personal connection with the audience.  The second big thing for me was the use of Google Ads already preconfigured was great all you need to do is go into your ad-sense and make the ads to the relevant size and type and paste the code for the areas of the template you want to have ads.

The other features that the template also holds is to embed a Ustream Account so that you can have a live video feed going and it will be displayed on your blog.  The other major features are the ability to configure the blog to display your Youtube videos and Flickr Photos, it will display them below posts and on the page displaying random ones every time it is loaded.

Although I really like this theme, some of the plug-ins need to be activated in the plug-ins manager for WicketPixie and need to be installed in the plug-ins section, this is a minor hassle but one that can be rectified really quite easily.  The only real problem I had was configuring the Google Custom Search for my ads and I have opted not to bother with it.

Overall I am very happy and will continue to use and donate towards the development of this template.

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