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As a self taught Web Designer, I won’t pretend I am the best or that what I know is completely right however when looking at the subject the first thing I considered was how does Google work?  How can I make sure that my site is out their for people?  There are a lot of answers to that however this particular article is going to be referring to keywords and how the major blogging platforms WordPress and Blogger deal with them.

My first venture into any form of Content Management System (CMS) was Joomla and it kind of conformed to the standard of having meta data and you could set it for each individual article out of the box, as I slowly made my way through that CMS it was brilliant however too big for some of my projects as the client would only really want a well designed blog.  With that in mind I went over to WordPress and realised oh no meta data.  Obviously you could set it for the home page editing the template however for the individual pages a found myself wondering what do I do for the posts, here comes plugins the one I use is called All in One SEO Pack.

It gave me all the options I could possibly want for my Search Engine Optimisation on WordPress but when I thought about it I wondered why did such a well known and used platform not have anything in place already for SEO.  Then while playing around with a mates Blogger account I realised that Blogger was the same.

Looking around Blogger the only thing resembling keywords was the Tags known as Labels there is no plugin for it.  Suddenly the penny drops the two platforms do have keyword functionality straight out the box its their tag features that are used for keywords which also holds more advantages.  The big advantage is that at the bottom of the post there will be a link for the tag and that will search your entire blog for articles with that tag making it easier for the search engine to get around your entire site.

I couldn’t believe I hadn’t worked this out sooner, so to anyone out there with their blogs hit the tags and start using them, however don’t over use them.  The rule is between 5 to 10 tags maximum otherwise it is considered spamming and the search engine will mark you down.

Happy tagging

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