Final Nail in the Windows Coffin

Microsoft Windows the operating system that is considered the normal for the home user, but what about the alternatives?  Anyone that knows me and likes technology knows that I have a serious fascination with the world of Linux.  Which is the other major operating system that can be loaded onto a PC.

The trouble you have with Linux however because Windows has such a high percentage of the market most software developers and hardware for that matter aim their products at the big operating system because they have such a big market share (However I hate to admit it good business.).

I had a few reasons why I wouldn’t convert to Linux and the main was the fact that the few laptops that I had tried it on were prone to overheating, that was later shown to be because of a hardware problem, along with at the time my addiction to playing World of Warcraft which wasn’t supported by Linux.

The final nail in the coffin for me however was the latest infection I gained and it meant that my computer came down to a crawl and I was no longer able to boot to my recovery partition to reinstall Windows XP Media Center.  I sat there thinking well what to do now?  The answer was to install a spare copy of Windows 7 that I had.  I installed it to find that it does have all the drivers for my hardware except my graphics doesn’t load every single time.  Banging my head against a break wall I thought sod this and installed Ubuntu as a dual boot so I still have Windows at my disposal and to be honest I can’t see myself going back in there.

The reason why I like Ubuntu/Linux so much is because of the whole ethos about it, everyone is working on it to make better and everything just works, I don’t have any problems with graphics and Ubuntu has everything I need except World of Warcraft.  Although its wrong to say there are no viruses for Ubuntu it is very hard to get them and even if you do you need to give them root access to install.  Unlike Windows though there is a software centre with a wide range of software avaliable for the operating system and they have been properly tested by the developers to be safe in most cases (Some are tested by the community and not the developers themselves).

I also don’t quite know what it is but Ubuntu seems to help me focus on what I want to achieve rather then finding other things to do without doing what I was meant to.

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