What’s your Work Rate like?

This blog post was brought along through the experience I have had personally while working for people and also seeing what is happening currently with the people that are putting in new the new kitchen and bathroom.  The question that I have found myself asking is if you know that you could possibly be made redundant how do you act?  The reason I ask this is because the guys that are currently doing my kitchen and bathroom are very likely to be made redundant because their firm has lost the contract.

This is effecting everyone differently which I expected but it had me thinking of how I would react in this situation because although they have a high chance of being made redundant the fact that the company they are working for is nationwide it lands itself to the idea is that they could be lucky and could just get relocated.  Now one of the painters has seemed to have lost it (luckily he’s working up the road) and is not getting the job done quick enough along with not talking to the right people about what is happening and luckily for me the group that are in my house are keeping it professional and doing the best they can.

Now I can understand the stress that they must be under with families and so on but to me I’d want to carry on doing my job as well as I could on the off chance that they would keep me on or even consider the future 6 months down the line they might gain another contract and there would be a possible opening for me.

I know that in my last employment, I didn’t leave it like that and it is a saw point however to me I needed to do it because it was a small company that had no intention of employing me again no matter how well I did the job.  I’d be interested to know how you’d react or think you’d react?  Would you take pride in your work and keep working to your best abilities or just think I can’t be bothered and go into melt down?

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