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Where to start with this movie? You have a guy that appears to be going to a conference with his wife in which he’s going to be giving a presentation on a scientific break through.  Of which there is going to be high members of society and the science world there. However he leaves his brief case at the airport and has to go back and get it only to be in a card accident and loose his memory or so we think.

He wakes up in a hospital wondering where his wife is and not knowing what hotel he’s staying at finally works it out after watching the news about this huge conference.  As he goes into the hotel he finds his wife and she’s with another man who’s protending to be her husband.  Everyone around him seems to think he’s nuts as he has no identification, however as the story unfolds he becomes to realise that he’s actually an assasian and was on a job but because of the bang to the head he was actually believing his cover story.

On the way to this conclusion he becomes friends with the Taxi driver that is actually an illegal immigrant and they help each other out.

But the question is what does he do with his new found knowledge of himself and does he stop the plan?

So that’s the basic plot but what did I think of the film?  Well one of the reason for describing the plot so much in this review was in the hope you could see what I saw after and that was the fact it was actually a sort of remake of the Bourne Identity.  That being said the movie is actually really good, the twist and turns were really well done I thought and it wasn’t until after the movie I realised what the movie reminded me about.  The acting I thought was really good and the sub plots in the story kept you intrigued, I would highly recommend this film especially if you like the Bourne Identity.


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