Charlie Sheen Fired from Two and Half Men

When I read the headline on my phone my instant reaction was how can they have Two and Half Men without Charlie Sheen?  This question isn’t a reflection on the other actors and actresses in the hit TV Show its just Two and Half Men is Charlie Sheen.  It is not often that you find such a good show for comedy and have in the back of your mind that this could actually be happening to the person portraying the character.

When I further read the article CBS aren’t sure what they are going to do with the TV Series yet but for the time being it will remain suspended which it has been for a few weeks as all this hit the headlines.  Although I don’t condone what Charlie is doing part of me feels that if he was still able to do the work then they should of carried on letting him film, as the TV Series for me is just brilliant.  The problem I get is ok it doesn’t look good when an actor has an addiction, but Charlie is now looking for help and he seems to think he’s making progress, as for worried about the image that Charlie gives I do not understand because his character is what he’s doing so aren’t the network already giving the wrong message already if they are concerned about his behaviour?


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