Grammarly Review

Grammarly is a service in which helps people with their Spelling and Grammar, which is nothing new but what is different is it has a Web Browser plugin.  Suffering from dyslexia it does provide some obstacles when producing documents and blog posts, so when a friend of mine mentioned Grammarly I thought that I would give it ago.

What makes this different to other programs and services I have used in the past is that as far as I have seen if there is a text input in a web browser then it works.  I must admit I haven’t tested that extensively, but it seems to work with Twitch, Facebook, Google Mail and WordPress.  Being across all these platforms is a godsend to me as we know that all the main browsers have spell checkers but they don’t go that extra and check your grammar.

You can produce documents in their own website you really want and it does load into it if you click on to fix issues, but it doesn’t seem to store it on their server even though you do have option to store documents there.  The major bugbear of the service is that you have to sign up for the service which isn’t a huge problem, but a number of emails I have had from them is unbelievable.  They are pushing their premium service, as the free version only gives you basic rules of grammar but I have found that enough in my case.  The premium service works out with a 20% discount $139 a year and me that seems a little expensive for my needs, not that I wouldn’t recommend paying for this awesome service and paying for it if you’re a professional writer.  However where I am at with my writing and work I have no need for the extra and can’t warrant paying such a high amount for the service.  The Premium Service also adds other features such as Plagiarism and will just enhance people’s blogs and writing in the public environment.

Overall I would give the service a 9/10 and a must pick up for anyone that does a lot of writing.  As the free service and even the paid service if you’re in the professional environment.  However if your not going to go premium you are probably better off signing up with an email that is used for the newsletters and emails where you might not be sure about giving out your email because you need to be prepared for marketing mail.

Fibre Away and joining the 21st Century

The little village I live in has finally had fibre enabled and I have to say that I was over the moon being a heavy internet user.  The biggest problem was my current ISP they were offering amazing deals but only to new customers.  I had multiple discussions with BT only to find that they couldn’t offer anywhere near the new deals they offer customers.  Sat here at my desk extremely annoyed with the fact that new customers were getting Fibre for the same price that I was paying for normal ADSL being £27 a month and best they could do for me was £39.99 over 18 months.

This was really annoying for me because you would have thought being a loyal customer might actually mean something to them, based on the phone line has never been with anyone else and the broadband had to have been with them for about six years or more.  The excuse that the advisor made as a new customer back then you would of had the best deals and that showed how much he did know because in actual fact I was paying more when I first joined and then over the years I have managed to get it down to a more respectable price.  I think when we first started with BT as a broadband provider it was £25 a month just for the broadband, not including any calling plan and line rental.  So with all this I decided to look around for a better deal and Sky being second biggest provider in the UK and offering my current deal with BT but on Fibre for £30.40 a month over 12 months it was a no brainer.

That said though I wanted to give BT a chance, being the loyal person I am and it turned out they couldn’t even offer me the original deal they had quoted me they had said £39.99 over 12 months, now it was over 18 months and with that I highlighted how long I had been with them and that I was a new customer to their infinity package if I took it out and what Sky had offered and they put the phone down on me.  With the putting down of the phone BT had sealed their own fate although really not wanting to change the line, there was no other way around it.

I phoned up Sky and explained what I wanted and ended up going up to £34.40 a month because I took out Anytime Calls because it fits more into our phone usage.  So ok we are talking an increase of £7 a month but hopefully there will be no call charges like we were getting with BT only having Evening and Weekend Calls.  As an added bonus now with Sky you get Caller ID for free which is another £2.50 a month on BT.  Everything set up and ready to go I have to admit I did have a few discussions with Sky and found their support to be far better at answering the questions I had so I locked in the date for the switch, although at this point being the first time the line wouldn’t be with BT nerves were high.

True to their word however a welcome letter came highlighting the package and costs along with the speed I should be getting and date of transfer.  However that did not settle the nerves because I still didn’t have any equipment, on the 10th September what came to my door the sky hub and then it just sat there then until the 14th switch-over day.

The switch over day was one of the worst bits now because about 5 am the BT Home Hub had disconnected and my understanding over it was that I wouldn’t really lose service as I would just plug the Sky Hub in and away I went.  So about 6 am I switched them over and I didn’t have any internet, although it wasn’t what I had expected I thought they did say up until midnight tonight to go completely through maybe.  So as a test to see whether the phone was working phoned the landline and saw that my mobile number had appeared so I thought great Sky has the line and at least the landline is working.  Then about 12:30 pm everything just went white and smiley I was connected and to be fair at 39.9998 megs download 9.99999 meg upload so going to my main machine I tested its speed and it was getting 20 megs down 9 up.  As its a distance away from the hub wirelessly I decided to sit in the living room with my Chromebook and got 37.65 meg so there was a sigh of relief it was all working.

Speed Test from the Chromebook

One of the better Speed Tests from PC furthest Away from the Hub








I have to say the whole switch over has been nerve racking and a positive experience, why BT as a company do not reward loyalty is beyond me but if you’re thinking about changing providers my advice do not  think twice, because in my experience although was what I was expecting in places it went through quite smoothly.  The only negative think I have to say about Sky two days in is that the spec of their Sky Hub 2 leaves a lot to be desired I have found that from my main desktop I can get speeds anywhere between 30 meg going all the way down to 2 meg purely because of the wireless.  I know that they can’t control that to some degree but the lack of 5ghz as well seems to hinder it.  As the BT Home Hub, 5 did seem a lot more stable. I am hoping to change my network set up today a bit and see whether I can’t make a few changes and see whether I can solve the issue so watch this space.

SEO in WordPress Revisited 2015

Since the huge melt down I had a few years ago with WordPress if I am honest I haven’t really put a great deal of thought or any effort into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) because I don’t know when I came back to blogging here at Totalreach I wanted it to be an outlet for what mattered to me personally.  In the back of my mind I wanted it to become bigger and better than it was before but that reality of being that needle in a haystack loomed over me until now.

Showing all the elements that bring SEO together

What Matters in SEO

Yesterday I had played with caching and without having any stats for you now the blog does seem a little less responsive at times and faster at others, so without proper testing I can’t judge on my success there, at moment but it did reignite something in me.  As soon as I had sorted out the configuration and was happy it was working I wanted to do more.  I wanted to improve my blog which I hadn’t wanted to do in a long time.  I have wanted to post and produce new content but that want to do more technical things to the site just hasn’t been there.

YouTube was my friend again if I am honest it was the next video in the series of Craig Chamberlin, so I settled in listening to his video which was an easy listen I must admit because he wasn’t screen capturing this time it was more of a podcast/discussion with a guest.  This really worked out well for me because it allowed me to write-up my blog on WordPress caching well taking on tips.  There was a recommended plugin Yoast SEO and that was it I was downloading it and listening to what the video had to say.  The bit that hit me first while doing this was that how much things have changed in the few years that I hadn’t been worrying about SEO, for a start now people don’t worry too much about keywords anymore.  They still there but now its more to do with the quality of the post and social side of the internet, all though this isn’t news to me but it’s how much of impact the social side can have on those results.  Also the advice of not getting the archives indexed.

Not getting the archives indexed was a weird one for me because when I was really getting into SEO it was the school of thought then you wanted all your site indexed.  The revelation to me today was that you don’t you want all your posts yes but you don’t want all the archive pages that are created in a blog because it won’t be giving the visitor the information they are looking for really.  It will be giving them a list of posts on a given date or using a given tag in some cases as well, not the specific post/page they are looking for.  What’s the problem with that I hear you ask?  Yes the information they wanted is there but they have to look for it, and in that case you may lose the reading.

New Plugin installed now only time will tell if all my new changes to SEO to see if it makes a huge difference to my little site but only time will tell as you can’t rush the powers that be at Google to index the new link formats and other little changes I have made.

WordPress Caching

WordPress Caching


WordPress Caching is what I have been working on today and this is a huge topic. What brought this whole thing about was the fact that a mate has just ventured into hosting his own personal blog (He is not new to blogging as he reviews for some well known sites but its his first move into his own).  While answering some of his questions as someone that has had a WordPress Blog for many years now albeit now master at it in the slightest but I know enough to get by I noticed caching and the fact that I didn’t do it.

The web hosting provider that I use as some CloudFlare stuff built into the CPanel and that was where I first noticed it yesterday due to the fact that I tend just log into my WordPress installation and don’t really deal with the back end of my hosting package now that everything is set up. This addition had looking into the service and I quickly realised ok my site isn’t visited by loads of people as of the time of this post but this could be something worth looking into.

So while setting up CloudFlare I have admit I ended up removing and adding my site multiple times because although I followed the instructions, the speed test sites kept telling me that I wasn’t running CDN which it should of said I was.  So last night I thought never mind, I’ll look into caching plugins and forget about CloudFlare and so that is what I did.


WP Super Cache

Having given up on Cloudflare just not working right and to be fair to the service not giving them the full 24 hours to propagate my DNS settings for my site I went into using WP Super Cache.  While not really understanding which settings would work best for me I did some Googling and furious YouTube video watching to find out what would work for me.  I activated it and took the settings I thought that would benefit my server and site and ran with it.  To be honest I saw little difference in my personal browsing of the site and run some tests and although there was a little improvement not enough to warrant really keeping the plugin.  On further reflection though I do think that due to the lack of traffic to my site it could have caused the problem of which I would say that maybe you don’t want the cache expiring so quickly, especially as my site is updated 3 times a week at the moment.

W3 Total Cache

Not completely happy with the speed improvement that WP Super Cache gave me and to be honest with you the niggling feel that I should be using Cloudflare, I found myself browsing the WordPress Plugins and another caching plugin that was high up was W3 Total Cache and I thought why not lets give this ago.  Before installing it however I decided to YouTube it and found in actually fact one of the Tech Channels that I used to watch did a whole video on this plugin.  I was amazed with the amount of features it had and although WP Super Cache probably had them in there somewhere this was better laid out and while the guy was going through the plugin he admitted to being no expert but this was just what I was looking for.  The reason for this because the plugin has extensions where as WP Super Cache didn’t and one of those extensions supports CloudFlare.  With all this in mind though it does have some minimum requirements and you can check that your server is compatible with the features and it turns out although mine will running it won’t run in the most efficient way.  No biggy I thought lets give it ago what’s the worst that can happen, after watching this video I went through the plugin with ease and set it all up.


I’ve only had the caching system enabled and configured properly for about an hour so the jury is out on whether it will make a difference but I am hopeful after running some initial tests  have shown the caching to work, having taken a whole 5 seconds off load and also shown the CDN being active.  This huge because manually setting up CloudFlare hadn’t shown that and Super Cache didn’t have the option to use it.  Be warned though both these can/do edit your HTAcces file so it might be worth backing up a copy before installation of the plugins just so you can repair it if necessary.  So if you’re looking for a caching Plugin I would say W3 Total Cache is the way to go.

As always feel free to comment and share your thoughts and experiences with these plugins or anything related to WordPress Caching.

I will probably update you on the reports from CloudFlare once I have been using it for 24 hours.


Showing the Speed of my site

Showing the Cache Working see the difference on the Repeat View and First View

Here is the video that I used to configure the plugin with some changes due to my server specification.

Just Less Than 24 Hours with Windows 10

This post is going to be a bit disjointed as I am trying to write these posts from a more personal aspect because that seems to be what Microsoft are trying to achieve from this Operating System and that it is built with user experience in mind.  If I am completely honest with you I do feel that they have done what they have always done and that is Windows 10 is what Windows 8 should have been.  So I guess the big question is 24 hours on will I be going back to Windows 8 which was on my main machine?  The answer would be no but that’s not to say I haven’t got issues with Windows 10.

Windows 10 Logo

Performance wise it seems ok, but boot up seems a little slower than it was although I didn’t actually time the Windows 8 boot so haven’t got the actual statistics to back it up (kinda of wish I had).  That said though as it was an upgrade and not a clean install this might not be a fair statement so once I have got myself settled and a bit of time I might try to do a clean install and it could improve the performance.  The other thing to note though is that for the first month Windows 10 is holding onto your older installation so you can recover it and go back to Windows 8 or 7 depending on what you had so it might even improve after you get rid of that.  Other performance issues I have found is my Graphics although this isn’t really a reflection on Windows 10 more to do with AMD and their driver, as I did upgrade my driver for my card on Windows 8 about a week ago and found that there was some screen tearing at times, and rolled back the driver to find out that the tearing stopped.  In the rush to upgrade I forgot to check the driver version I was using so could get the non tearing one, but who knows there could be a fix around the corner.

Microsoft Edge is a new feature of the operating system that replace Internet Explorer and to be honest I like the idea, and its feature set but when I was using it, it just felt clunky and I had some issues loading high intensive webpages for some reason even seeing memory usage go past a gig, so for that I quickly went back to Google Chrome.  I don’t think I will ever really leave.

Speaking of Google and there is one huge elephant in the room here and has coursed some really outrage on the internet and with a friend in discussion about it and that’s privacy. There is a whole set of settings for privacy and although this operating system is built around it seems collecting data about us, I would like to say that it isn’t necessarily Microsoft’s fault maybe its the way in which we consume our technology and the services that we want to use?  Although there is a lot more that I could discuss about this issue I feel that it deserves its own post if I wish to discuss the topic.

Privacy Settings for Windows 10

Realizing that this all quite negative in some respects there was one feature that I was very surprised about and that was the Windows Update System has been completely revamped.  No longer do you get the optional updates, so this means that you will always get all the updates installed if left on default and also they operate using peer-to-peer now so would come down even quicker as you’re not relying on Microsoft Servers alone, but there is a downside to this you’ll be uploading patches in the background.  That said though there is an option to turn this feature off or just use it for local machines which is the option I went for.  So my computer will only allow computers on my network to share updates with, thus will actually make it even easier and quicker for the downloading of updates because one computer will download it from Microsoft and then the other two on my network will just take it from the first machine to get the update.  As my network is quicker internal than external you can see the advantage and also if you were on a usage limit for your ISP this now reduces the strain on that just for Windows Update as it means you won’t be needing to download the update 3 times in my case.  This is all providing that the machines are on at the same time.

Windows Update Delivery Settings

Overall I would give my experience with upgrading to Windows 10 a 7/10 and would say that although there are some issues I would recommend people upgrade for free if they can.  As they have sort of reinstated the start menu and I also it does mean the support life of your machine will be longer.

After that really long blog post how have you found Windows 10?  Are you enjoying it or has it been a nightmare?

Windows 10 The Trials and Tribulations

Well the last 24 hours or so have been huge in the world of Windows for some others not so much.  The biggest launch of an Operating System to date I would say purely because it has been offered to most consumers for free.

Being quite a techy and having to maintain and solve quite few people’s problems in the area I have to admit I was quite proactive in my approach to this release in the fact that I had decided to get up at 5am my time to try to install it before I got any questions.  This turned out to be a huge mistake because my big machine which was the one that I wanted to do first was just wasn’t getting the pop up and when looking in the Windows Update history Windows 10 Home Upgrade was failing.  Quite aware of time restraints I quickly went searching the Internet to see whether anyone else was having the issue to find out that it was actually being launched midnight of the 29th July 2015 (for those that maybe reading this years on) and others had this problem.  So moving through reddit of all places there was a suggestion that you delete your temporary Windows Update files and the run a command line command to start the download and install process again.  Well to be honest I’d seen this trick done before for update issues and having already backed things up ready for the worst I had nothing to lose.  However was to no avail it didn’t work out for me.

This is where I get a little confused half the day had gone and still nothing for my big machine however a lower spec machine was turned on by another family member and he said I got it shall I install it?  This confused me a little because there I was trying to force the install on my machine and seeing no reason why it wouldn’t have popped up yet only to find that it’s just worked for him. Just as a confidence booster I sat next to him while he did it and the upgrade although taking ages on his machine went really well and I was sat there just giving little bits of advice as needed of which there wasn’t much.  He didn’t need to reinstall anything and everything was just there working, so I thought great not so much to worry about when it comes to others.

24 hours later though sat in front of my machine from when I first started trying to get my machine on Windows 10, I had nothing so I want around looking for another way of getting Windows 10 and I stumbled across this article and although not the way I wanted to do it was an option and had seen the official way of doing it.  So I downloaded the tool and clicked upgrade this PC and what would you know it worked.  I will see though Microsoft or My ISP was throttling the download because I was only downloading at the right of a 2meg line and I am on a 17 meg with no problems.  However after a few hours of downloading and configuring I can honestly say it has been one of the easiest Windows install I have done in years.  That said it isn’t a clean install and I haven’t actually needed or wanted to do an upgrade before.

Windows 10 initial thoughts after about half an hour of use is I quite like it but I need to use it a little longer to write about it so that will be possibly tomorrows blog.  Although this has been a bit of a ramble but if you’re having issues with getting your free copy, just make sure your eligible for it and you meet the requirements I would recommend using the standalone installer if Microsoft haven’t given you the nod yet.  Just a side note that you need to do the upgrade before you can do a clean install just because of the way in which the activation process works.

Norton Security 2015 Review

Symantec the parent company of Norton is one of the market leaders in Internet Security and has been a very up and down relationship with its customers, due to the fact up until the 2009 version of its software was very heavy on the system.  That all changed though and it has slowly become one of the lightest suites available on the market but still has the stigma of its previous negative reputation.

Norton Security’s Resource Usage

Norton is one of the major security companies that haven’t actually adopted the H.I.P.S (Host Intrusion Prevention System) method of detecting zero day malware and have opted to stay with behavior blocker with the use of its cloud system.  This means that although if something isn’t in its definitions that it will monitor its behaviour and check it against its cloud system in order to determine what sort of file it is.  This isn’t necessarily the safest way of doing things because HIPS will just say you’re an unknown file and will block it from making any system level changes.  Which is better is still open to interpretation due to the fact that HIPS could stop a safe program from running before it has analysed it because it’s not taking into account its behavior on the other side behavior blockers could take some time to determine the file is up to no good-by that point they file could have infected the system.  Obviously there are some grey areas to both and this isn’t the best explanation of the two systems so that everyone can kind of understand the difference.  Norton runs something called Download Insight however which means that every file you download gets sent for analysis in its cloud to determined whether its safe and this for me is enough to make up for the lack of HIPS.  The reason for this is we are honest the most common place we get our software and files now are internet based so therefore this layer of protection is going to make Symantec know what is being downloaded and able to give the go ahead to whether you can run the file safely, this is huge for the non tech savvy of us, as HIPS can be complicated.

Norton Security’s Interface

Norton has detected everything that has been thrown at the test system however others have found that it’s detection to non-internet based threats i.e. from a pen drive, has been less than encouraging due to the way they have layered the security I would have thought.  That said it comes to personal preference in most cases because these tests are taking it to the extreme and Norton has continued to score well in third-party testing such as AV-Comparatives.  The other thing to note is Norton have streamed lined their products this year and made it so that you’ve got the choice of Norton Security or Norton Security and Backup.  What does that mean to the real world?  It means that they are now offering only Norton 360 with and without the backup functionality.

While reading the PCMag review of the product mainly to see others reaction to it, quite a few of the comments where more to do with the business decision to streamline their product line rather than the product performance.  The users and people who commented was annoyed at the fact that Norton was going to offer them a free upgrade from Norton Internet Security or Norton 360 as examples to Norton Security.  This was mainly because people were taking advantage of the free upgrades as long as you have a license so where buying outdated ones and then upgrading.  This new move might stop people from doing that or it could allow them to do it after the first year, only Symantec know the answer to that.  The one thing that could be added to this Norton should really send out emails to its customers to let them know that they are discontinuing their products in exchange for the new one so people know that they need to cancel their auto-renewals in order to take out the new product for the people who are happy to pay full price for the software.

Norton Security’s 30 Day Report

Norton Security 2015 has given the test system no issues to not recommend the latest offering and to top it off it only uses about 20 megs of RAM at all times obviously you might get a few spikes when scanning, however other than that it has been really low on resource usage.  The system feels responsive and allows the user to feel secure because while the system is idle it will do a range of tasks in order to keep the system running smoothly.  For this reason Norton Security will be the pick of the year and get 10/10.

PC Mag article:

Bitdefender Review 2015

This review is going to be a little weird as it will join two products from the same company due to the fact that if I am honest both of their product lines that was tested was a little bit of letdown in different respects.

Bitdefender Free Interface

Bitdefender Free was the first product that was tried because of 360 Total Security taking up such a huge amount of memory on the system.  Bitdefender had always seemly scored quite high in the detection rates for third-party test and for that reason Bitdefender free was loaded onto the system to see how it performed.  The positives for this product was it was extremely lightweight and it was a breath of fresh air compared to 360’s previous offering, maxing out at about 50 megs of RAM when scanning and being as low as 10 meg when not.  The other thing that really caught your eye was how simple it was, it took all the features out and just allowed you to have the bog standard anti-malware product that is needed now a days, but the nail in the coffin was when Farming Simulator was loaded.  While loading Farming Simulator 2015 was loaded it crashed Bitdefender Free and although it wasn’t classifying Farming Simulator as a virus or doing this with any other program.  If it could be crashed for me it was time to move on because if something like a simple game could crash your security no matter how could the definitions and detection is if it’s not run it can’t catch anything.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 Interface

After having such a positive experience with the free version except for the problem of the security crashing I wondered whether their paid for product suffered the same fate?  The truth is it didn’t it quite happily carried on working while playing Farming Simulator and even moved into its gaming profile while Farming Simulator ran.  This a feature that was quite inviting, Bitdefender in AutoPilot mode will choose the right profile based on what you are doing, which means that it will disable things in order to get the best performance out of your computer or making sure you won’t be nagged.  Great you say?  Well not so much because if you’re a gamer you’ll no doubt have Steam running of which will make the Autopilot put you in the Gaming Profile which even disables Windows Updates, which brings the problem that Steam typically starts on startup so this could mean that your PC and Security wouldn’t get the much-needed updates because your machine will be stuck in this mode 24/7.  I did contact Bitdefender support about this issue and their response was to disable Autopilot and choose the profiles manually, while this is a solution to the problem how many users are going to be wanting to change the profile themselves every time they change the use of their machines?  I’d guess not many.

Overall Bitdefender free had good detection and extremely lightweight but in good conscious can’t recommend it because of the fact it crashed while running a game.  The fully fledged Bitdefender Internet Security product I would recommend to non-gamers as they are unlikely to come across the issue with Steam, that said though the full version seems to sit at 200 megs of RAM so it might not be for everyone.  Bitdefender gets a 6/10 because it has some great features and good detection but has some gaping holes and although the support did give a solution to the problem however for me they should’ve passed it onto the development team to iron out the problems with its software to make it a better product.

360 Total Security Review

360 Total Security is a free security program that is developed by a Chinese Company called Qihoo, who originally developed the software in order to be a loss leader only in China to help the company develop its other services mainly online advertisement in China.  Having seen the way that the software has helped them expand their user based, they actively expanded into  the global market in 2013.

360 Total Security boasts not one engine but 4 engines in reality though it is only 3 engines as two could be construed as one, due to the fact that they have split its cloud and definition engine into two, along with working with the Avira engine and Bitdefender.  This would be a huge selling point for most because not only have they cornered the Chinese market that would probably know them better but while going global they have incorporated household names in security across the world.

What does all this really mean?  Well it means you’re getting 3 opinions on the files (All of which have good statistics from Third Party Testing centres such as AV-Comparatives), on your computer which can’t be bad and to be honest it’s not even though I have noticed that while running the Total Security with all the engines active it will sit about 200 megabytes of ram that could be a concern for some, however I have not seen a slow down on my machine after 5 days of use.  With that said though if you run the software in balanced mode which is without the Bitdefender and Avira engine the RAM usage goes down to about 40 megabytes of RAM so it’s whether or not you want access to all the engines or whether you need to save on RAM.

The other big selling points for using Total Security as opposed to Security Essential which is its other product in this field is the fact that it combines security and utility, it has a Speedup and Cleanup section where it does exactly what it says on the tin.  It will advice you on what files can be deleted and what programs aren’t really needed on startup.  Also in the Tool Box section the other function is Patch Up and Sandbox, this is a strange one in the fact that Patch Up just allows you to get Windows Updates that your PC needs, which Windows update should already do for you so feels a bit strange and as many other security software a sandbox is a safe place for you to run those programs that you’re not too sure about, however this isn’t automatically done for you like others do it.

Overall 360 Total Security gets an 8/10 however there is a downside to what seems to be a positive review in most respects is you need to know a little bit of what you’re doing because of the false positives that seem to be generated. Although in testing it caught all the malware that was thrown at it, it seems to be having problems with a Steam and Origin game library resulting in a number of games executables being quarantined, that said however it is easy to restore them and add them to your trusted list.  Which is why it is not getting completely removed from my system just yet but why I am holding it off-putting it on others.

360 Total Security can be found here:

Three In Touch and Three Network Review

Three In Touch Logo taken from:[/caption%5D

Once again its time for a change, to give you some back history I have been a huge fan of Giffgaff for years and I liked the way they paid members back for dealing with device support instead of paying people to sit in a call centre to do it, which for the most part gives it very competitive rates.  If I was honest the first 6 months on the network I never paid for my phone because of the payback I had managed to get.  That said though it had taken a lot of time to do and to be honest as the network grew the payback wasn’t as good, not that I am knocking it.

So when I realised that the Orange Wednesdays where you get 2 for 1 cinema tickets worked with my unlimited card so that would mean anyone that came with would get in for free and I would only pay my monthly fee.  So I went over to EE and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised at the signal for years in my area the Orange signal has been terrible, not that it was great I might add.  However the places I actually go I had an awesome 4G signal for the most part and to be honest I couldn’t believe the speeds.  You see the stats but until you start using them yourself being stuck on an 8 meg line for home broadband 20 meg up and down was huge for me.  All that said though there is a huge elephant in the room here EE offers great speeds but they also offer very limited data, admittedly I was on the lowest package but you walked in a 4G area and you can kiss goodbye to your 500 megs of data just by being there I don’t know what it is.  So looking around again for a good deal, I saw Three was offer 4G All you can eat data for £15 a month and I was ok I can do that but knowing from being on Three before that if I was lucky I would get one bar of signal in my house if I was lucky I did some research.  I might add though before going further that as soon as I walk 2 steps up my path I have 3 or 4 bars.

I found the advert for Three in Touch sat here and realising that I was going to go on to pay as you go so never had anything to lose and I am glad I have.  I have been using Three in Touch now for a week and it hasn’t failed me yet, when at home I have my phone in flight mode and turned WiFi on and you’d be surprised just how much that saves your battery.  I haven’t had a chance yet to test speeds properly of the network but things are looking very promising because I am on unlimited data with hopefully the speed along with being able to guarantee signal at home with the WiFi.  Not even the best network in my area being O2 based networks on 2G has signal every where in the house.  I honestly think I would stay with Three just for this app, as it pushes all your calls and messages through the WiFi without anyone else needing any special software.  I know that O2 do offer similar but it’s for their Pay Monthly Customers only.  With rumours going around that Three are going to buy O2 it’s worth watching this space, but I can quite honestly say I am happy Three Customer right now.

Have you used Three in Touch did it have a positive affect for you?

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