Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 7 “AKA Top Shelf Perverts” Review

“AKA Top Shelf Perverts” carries on from “AKA You’re a Winner” in the fact Jessica is now having a complete break down after admitting the truth to Luke about the past. However, that isn’t the worst thing that is going to happen to Jessica throughout this episode.

AKA Top Shelf Perverts starts off with Jessica being thrown out of a bar and leading some interesting dialogue with a homeless guy. This was a welcome change to the previous few episodes that have just got darker and darker, as the story moves on. The relationship between Killgrave and Jessica in a weird place after it is revealed that Killgrave has purchased Jessica’s childhood home. The segment was a welcome change because although Jessica had seemingly reached rock bottom they added a little bit of humour to the mix.

Malcom trying to stop Jessica from going through with her plan

Luke needing time and Jessica still having the meltdown because of the fact she had told the Luke the truth. Means that older characters come back into the story, for example, Trish and Will Simpson and the neighbours from up the hall. The contact that Ruben has with Killgrave since Jessica into a point of no return, and she hatches a plan that is deemed crazy and reckless by her friends and others involved with the situation.

This plan means that Jessica needs to tie up some loose ends because it would seem that she is planning on going away for quite some time. if all fails. This actually opens the door to another new character Dorothy Walker, this little interaction as Jessica threatens her opens up some new light, on the whole, family dynamic. As Dorothy had adopted Jessica and it would seem that Dorothy was handy with punishments and rough with the way that she handled Trish as a child, that said it was implied and wasn’t stated.

Trish trying to reason with Jessica after plan has been put into motion

The Verdict

“AKA Top Shelf Perverts” was well placed. The episode had the right balance of continuing with the storyline between all the characters, yet not straying away from the end goal. This meaning that all the characters were dealing with the fallout of previous episodes that could take them away from trying to find Killgrave but it is all pulled back together well. Along with a few shocks along the way.

Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 6 “AKA You’re a Winner” Review

AKA You’re a Winner see’s the return of Luke Cage as he enlists the help of Jessica in order to find someone. The motto that he had previously explained to Jessica that he only protects what is his starts adding extra to this request.

Luke and Jessica standing toe to toe

Will Jessica’s Secret be told?

Luke needs Jessica to help him find someone called Antoine as a favour to his sister. Jessica because of their history starts to enquire about Antoine’s sister and starts to show a jealous side. This was really well done because it keeps the Jessica character human, it keeps the audience engaged in her story and the conflicts that she struggles with. Jessica not really wanting to get involved however and already spinning so many plates decides to do it however because it turns out that Antoine’s sister has information on the death of Luke’s wife. Jessica having the big secret to keep needs to get to the information first.

Malcolm although still part of the story seems to have a more subtle role in this episode as the development of the Luke Cage and Jessica dynamic comes flying back to the forefront. Along with Hope making another appearance with a huge secret, that has landed her in the hospital wing of the prison she is in. The decisions that are made about the secret that Hope holds leads Hogarth to request something strange and quite sinister.

Hope in the hospital wing

Killgrave, however, plays a prominent role with a lot of his work in riddles and has the viewer asking what he is up to. Some of the things that are done in this episode had huge question marks over them. Was Killgrave doing it for fun because he could or is there a bigger motive to what he is doing? His infatuation with Jessica is still alive and kicking though with the emphasis on the arrangement that was made where Jessica would send him a photo every day at a certain time made in “AKA the Sandwich that Saved Me.”

The Verdict

AKA You’re a Winner, had some action but this episode was focused more on the relationships within the story. The big thing to note is how they are all falling apart and trying to hold it together at the same time. Even the most together characters in this season so far seem to be showing cracks and hidden depths. There is an interesting twist towards the end that could shed some light on the relationship between Jessica and Killgrave can only be guessed.

The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 1 “Into the Deep” Review

The Walking Dead: Michonne Episode 1 “Into the Deep” is the latest installment from Telltale that takes The Walking Dead franchise and focuses on one character and her struggles in the new world that they find themselves in.

The Walking Dead has been a huge hit from Telltale and it would make a lot of sense to be making more games based on the story and although a mini-series it is welcomed. “Into the Deep” starts off confusing but really fast paced, putting Michone the main character into the thick of things while leaving the outside a little confused to what is actually going on. The truth is here there is a character that deeply conflicted, and not unlike other starting episodes of other season’s from Telltale the episode doesn’t seem to move physically along the storyline however it does show a huge focus on Michonne.

Michonne does seem to be suffering from some sort of mental issue because she just doesn’t seem to know where she is and having these visions, really adds dynamic to the game. Sat wondering what she is suffering from and what is real and what isn’t. The other characters show potential and after playing other season’s like the Tales from the Borderlands where the focus is more towards the group as opposed to the individual this is going to be an interesting dynamic that perhaps hasn’t been seen by Telltale before.

The decisions themselves even though they didn’t seem very big at the time while playing through the episode it was easy to see that they mattered. The biggest issue though is the not knowing at the point of the decision, The other thing to note, is the combat it seems that as more and more Telltale games come out they become more hands on with the combat. However, the controls can be a misleading because they show an arch rather than a straight direction and when mimicked on the controller they do not register they just want the general direction.

The Verdict

Into the Deep lives up to its name. The episode is very immersive and throws you head first into the story. It holds to the name of the season as well because the definite focus on the lead character. That can be sympathized with and lends itself to wanting to know more about Michonne and how she is going to develop through the story. The only slight concern coming from it was the controls and just how the bigger storyline is going to unfold because it didn’t show much, but a solid start.


Elite Dangerous Review

Elite Dangerous is something different. It combines all sorts of real life jobs and roles it all into one. Stop and think for a second what if we as the human race on earth could travel from Galaxy to Galaxy without any issues? What life form would there be and different groups of people with different beliefs?

Elite brings together all these things because it has the ability to trade and it has different needs for different systems, it has pirates, combat and wars. This was all brought to my attention by playing Eve but this is so different at the same time because the game has the person playing in the first person. The ability to explore is also something that makes Eve doesn’t have, the Universe in Elite Dangerous is so big that it all hasn’t been explored yet.

A week into gameplay and although the game didn’t seem like it would be my kettle of fish I have spent 60 hours playing this game and I honestly don’t know where they have gone. It has given me some real highs and lows while playing this game. The reason for not sure whether I would like it or it wouldn’t be for me is because it has no direction no end goal and that is why Eve lost its interest for me. That said though Elite doesn’t feel at all polished, the tutorials left me wondering and having to go onto YouTube to find out more information about what I was trying to do. Which is no bad thing, the combination of keyboard and Xbox 360 controller is what I am using and for some reason I felt that the tutorials didn’t tell you all the buttons. I tip though is when you go to the tutorial menu start from the bottom and work your way up instead of the top down that you would expect.

In those 60 hours, I’ve taught myself to bounty hunt NPC’s and trade commodities. Having not tried exploration because of not sure which direction to go in and having had a very unfortunate event happen not 5 minutes ago. A fully kitted out Cobra being blown up near a station and accidently clicking on the option to get a free Sidewinder, which has lost me 3 million credits. Thankfully still have my Lakon Type 6 ready to do some more trading to get myself back up to where I was.

The graphics are good, but it is hard to comment on the graphics when you’re in space and most of the time you’re just flying in the dark. The lore or store is a little hard to comment on because I know nothing about it and the game doesn’t really throw it your face so you know exactly what is going on.


Elite Dangerous after having my doubts about the game, and its steep learning curve I can’t in good conscious not recommend this game if you enjoy anything to do with space and shooting things. Although that isn’t all the game has to offer they are the major draws to the game and even though certain aspects of the game seems a little unfinished or unpolished once you grasp the basics you can build on that. It should, however, come with the warning that you need to be able to put time into the game to get anywhere.

Here are a few video’s of gameplay that shows Bounty Hunting and Trading tips just to get you started if you have only just picked up the game.



The Flash Season 2 Episode 9 “Running to Stand Still” Review

Running to Stand Still sees the team returning to Central City after the crossover with Arrow and it hits the ground running.  Although the crossover was done really well the main characters left their baggage in central city which was a good break but there was a need to go back.

Weather Wizard, Trickster and Captain Cold

The fast paced start to the Running to Stand Still sees the return of the Weather Wizard which is the metahuman that Patty has a problem with and holds him accountable for killing her father.  Weather Wizard, however, doesn’t come back on his own he breaks out Captain Cold and The Trickster out of Iron Heights, only for Captain Cold to become very conflicted because he doesn’t want to kill The Flash.  So he visits Barry to give him the heads up but still holds the air of mystery leaving the viewer not sure whether he is going to continue being a villain or move on to be a hero even if he does deny the latter.

The return Weather Wizard really affects Patty and puts a real strain on her and Barry’s relationship because Patty doesn’t think Barry understands what she is going through because she doesn’t know he is The Flash.  When both she and Star Labs discover where The Trickster is she runs straight into danger and tells The Flash the truth and why it means so much to her.  This puts Barry in an awkward position because she hasn’t told him and she seems MIA.

Patty going Rogue

Iris also is having her own issues while all this is going because she doesn’t know whether to tell Joe about the fact he has a son that he doesn’t know about.  Barry does persuade her to tell him but they are unsure how he will react.  The other big storyline even though the current threat isn’t linked to Zoom in anyway this episode Harrison Wells Mark 2 has made a discovery and is given and ultimatum will we see the return of the evil Wells?

The Verdict

Running to Stand Still was fast paced well deep episode.  Leaving some questions open and making some big discoveries at the same time.  Harrison and Leonard Snart with the biggest question marks over their heads.  The other point to make is the return of Jay and the way in which he and Caitlin dance around each others.  It does look like it could be a happy ending for Caitlin, but nothing always goes right in Central City.

Elementary Season 4 Episode 3 “Tag, You’re Me” Review

Tag, You’re Me is quite is an interesting turn of pace for Elementary and Sherlock stories in general.  Sherlock is often portrayed as someone that is complexed yet socially awkward and keeps himself distant from unwanted social interactions.  This episode, however, sees him deal have to deal with his estranged father.

Sherlock having heart to heart with his Father

Back in the NYPD Sherlock, Watson and Bell are reunited and although shocked to see them Bell is happy for them to join him on the case.  The case is about a Double Homicide which is actually involving Doppelganger’s.  While looking into the case somehow, Sherlock deduces his father is still in New Your and goes to confront him.  The reason for this was Sherlock can’t find the clarity that he needs to do his work when his father is in close proximity to him.  His Father then comes back with that he is still in New York on business and it cannot be dealt with anywhere else.  In which Sherlock does offer to help him with his work in order to help his father move on a bit quicker.

Which does in fact then mean that Sherlock’s attention is split between his Father’s work and the Doppelganger case.  Which turns out to be about a Face recognition software and rival companies.  The problem becomes that although initially the first company doesn’t seem to be that interested and knows their software has been taken and redesigned in order to help others find doppelganger’s the story seems to get deeper.

Sherlock and Watson discussing Morland

The Verdict

Tag, Your Me is well done it is opening up Sherlock and making him more human yet still keeping his character intact.  The one issues coming from this episode though is the fact that Watson laid down the law to Morland in Evidence of Things Not Seen saying that she wouldn’t let him hurt Sherlock but other than asking one question she doesn’t really get involved in their relationship in this episode which felt a little out of place.

The Flash Season 2 Episode 8 “Legends of Today” Review

Legends of Today is the time in the Season where they do a crossover with Arrow.  The villain this episode is Vandal Savage of which the team know very little about other than he is after Kendra.

Cisco and Kendra’s relationship is going from strength to strength and when Savage turns up to try and kill her.  Cisco is a bit bewildered but stands tall while making the emergency call to The Flash and then accidentally slipping up giving his true identity away to Kendra.  This leaves her in shock but also leaves the team questioning her identity because Vandal Savage had called her something else.  Barry having seen Vandal’s strength when Joe offers to put a detail on Kendra he instantly says no because they don’t know what they are dealing with and the consensus is the normal police force will be no match for Vandal.

Kendra, Barry and Oliver as Barry shows the team a sketch of Vanda

Barry decides the safest place for Kendra is out of the city and to be with Arrow while they figure out more about Vandal and why he thinks Kendra is someone else.  Barry gets to Oliver while they are attempting to take down a gang, and Barry gets there in just in time to save Oliver as it seemingly goes wrong.  When Barry first goes to Oliver with the problem he seems impressed because it’s showing a maturity but as the story unfolds and new people enter the mix Oliver starts to question what Barry as really dragged him into along with whether he able to deal with it.

Caitlin and Dr. Wells however when the team is up in Star City are left to their own devices.  Barry now has his speed back, but he isn’t fast enough for Zoom.  Dr. Wells is working on a drug that hopefully will make Barry that little bit faster in order to have a chance to beat Zoom.  The interesting part about this is when Patty sees Dr. Wells and goes in after him because she thinks he’s dead.  It would seem that even though she is Joe’s partner and Barry’s girlfriend she is still an outsider and now with Kendra knowing Barry’s identity as the Flash it could cause some serious problems down the line.  Jay is also brought back in because they need to test the drug to see whether it works or not but will Jay really want to try it or let Barry use it?

The Flash and Arrow getting ready to take on Vandal

The Verdict

Legends of Today is a really well worked cross over because the team had a valid reason for going to Oliver and also at the end of the episode the big cliffhanger is more of an Arrow cliffhanger than a Flash one.  That said though it would be cool if they could answer the cliffhanger on The Flash too.  Barry questioning his role was really well done as well and the ever expanding team will just add more story possibilities

Supergirl Season 1 Episode 6 “Red Faced” Review

Red Faced brings some unwanted terror to National City.  Supergirl is flying around higher and further than the DEO would like as she gets a call from Alex asking why she is out there and to which she replies to clear my head.  As this happens Supergirl hears a disagreement between two drivers, so races to stop them.  While stopping the cars before they hit some children that are crossing the road, she totals the cars and one of the drivers were not happy and goes to punch her.

Supergirl fighting the Red Tornado

Supergirl’s reaction to the driver that tries to punch her ends up scaring the children she had just saved and brought her flaws to the forefront.  Henshaw after that displaying that Supergirl gave to the world started to question whether Supergirl really has the discipline for the job and once she cools down Kara herself starts to realise where she went wrong.  The anger issues that Kara was facing as Supergirl spilled out into work and her “Normal Life” where she rants back at Cat when she is having a go at her because of the influence of Cat’s mother.  This shocked Cat and the viewer could see the shock, but it added even more respect to the relationship.  Cat and Kara seem to be getting closer together even after the events of How Does She Do It when Kara lost Cat’s son Carter.

Lucy Lane with the introduction of General Lane her father adds another dimension to the character, as a non-comic reader the thought was Lucy worked with James at the daily planet, but it turns out she works for someone else.  General Lane brings not only his presence to the episode but the threat of a Robot that Supergirl is asked to fight to test on whether they could use it to protect the world.  General Lane doesn’t seem to like Superman or Supergirl.  The problem then becomes when Supergirl’s anger issues are taken out on the robot and it goes into self-protection mode and disappears into the city.

Lucy meets Supergirl will she recognise Kara?

The Verdict

Red Faced has the right balance of action and drama, with the fight scenes between Supergirl and the Robot really well done.  The drama, however, was also really well done because the characters are developing well with the addition of General Lane the love triangle seems to be going in the favour of Lucy but then James and Kara have some deep moments just keeping her in the running.  Winn also is the key to finding out what happened to the Alex’s father, but the question becomes will he risk doing something illegal?

Blindspot Season 1 Episode 2 “A Stray Howl” Review

A Stray Howl continues the fast pace of Pilot which is strange because you’d think that it would slow up just a little for everyone to get their bearings.  The next tattoo to be deciphered points towards and Air Force Pilot with a difficult past and the visit from the team starts off a huge change of events that could put the whole of the city at risk.

Jane Doe, however, is struggling herself with the one memory she has she struggling with her own moral compass.  The memory that she had about target practise in the wood is coupled with another memory that is less than ideal for her.  She was concerned that the target practise one on in the Pilot was in an unorthodox place meaning that it was official and with the new flashback she worries she doesn’t want to know her past and a clean start might be for the best.

Jane Practising and bringing back memories

The real urgency of the episode, however, is the fact that the Colonel is holding out information to the FBI as its top secret.  When it comes to light that there is a drone program so that there are drones flying over the US and the Air Force Pilot has control of them and someone’s daughter the team goes into overdrive.  Slowly unlocking the targets of the Air Force Pilots revenge.

Jane isn’t the only one that seems to be haunted by her past Weller notices something on Jane that makes him think that he knows who she is.  Weller then changes his attitude towards as he knows conflict my trigger memories he wants to take her everywhere to try and get her memory back and also to keep her safe.  This thing in Weller’s past seems to drive him and that he is pinning all his hopes on Jane Doe will she be the right person and what is it?

Jane and Weller training together

The Verdict

A Stray Howl is a very well-paced episode with the right mix of drama and action.  The drama slows down the episode but leads to some interesting facts about Weller’s and Jane’s possible pasts and what drives him.  As well as showing a softer side of this uptight agent.

Jessica Jones Season 1 Episode 5 “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me” Review

AKA The Sandwich Saved Me continues from the shock that was given in AKA 99 Friends where Jessica found out that one of the people she kind of trusted Malcolm the junkie down the corridor from her office/apartment is the one that is giving Killgrave the photos of her.

Jessica then starts to notice the patterns in Malcolm’s behaviour and sets about following him in order to locate Killgrave.  The patterns then become so regular that she then goes to Trish with the information, the establish that Malcolm has only been a junkie for 6 months and that has a strong link to Killgrave.  The episode also does a very good job of controlling flashbacks and the viewer gets more of an insight into Jessica and it dawns her the turning point of it all.

Trish in the other side is getting over the experiences she has experienced with Killgrave.  Actually getting really close to the guy that almost killed her Will Simpson, he had been under the control of Killgrave and tried to kill her in AKA 99 Friends and having some real issue with trusting him again they work through it and actually get to know each other and support each other.  So when Jessica goes banging on Trish’s door because she isn’t answering her phone because she is busy needing Trish’s help going after Killgrave.  Will is there and offers to help, Jessica was not really wanting his help but after a really awkward conversation she concedes that he could help.  This does give for an interesting dynamic because Jessica is used to doing things her own way and so is he.  Trish being the one that keeps them together and although the operation was successful they come up against a problem, they had not seen coming.

Malcom with Killgrave

Even though Malcolm had been helping Killgrave for some reason Jessica won’t let him lose and continues to try and help him with his addiction.  Jessica seems to believe in him, along with needing him to pull through for personal reasons that leads to Killgrave giving her an interesting ultimatum that does put an even more interesting spin on the story so far.

Hope reappears needing help from Jessica, she wants money as the prison life seems to be getting to her.  The little reminder why Jessica needs Killgrave alive and also plays out that Hope might be losing hope in Jessica and the outcome.

The Verdict

AKA The Sandwich Saved Me was a really good episode because it opened up Jessica’s backstory a little more and also adds more dynamic to the story.  Showing that even superheroes miss the small details and Killgrave seems to be ever evolving with the addition of the ultimatum that is given at the end of the episode.

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