Son’s of Anarchy My Final Thoughts

Possible Spoiler Alert

This quite a difficult one for me because Son’s Anarchy has been a constant throughout the last two years of TV viewing and for the most part I have really enjoyed it but this last season seems to have lost its way.

Jax just seems to be on a mission to hit the self destruct button for me it was always interesting seeing what they would get up to next but deal with the moral complications that goes with the nature of that lifestyle.  For me Jax was winning that battle he was moving the club in the right direction and then this latest season has seen him go the other way, just become a mindless thug.  Some will argue for good reason, having someone close to him murdered.  As the season develop you see that Jax has multiple choices that could have seen him go the right way, but he chooses the wrong options and you see the darkest side of him.

That said though you get the feeling that he went out the right way, for all the bad things he has done he went out the way his Dad did but in order to save his son’s from going down the same road as him.  After watching it I was a little shocked at the ending and thought, it was a bit lame to be honest I expected something different, but after having time to think about it, the way he went was very fitting in my opinion.  The one thing that I will say is even with the time to think about and the way in which it played it out, it did seem a little rushed and I wasn’t happy with the CGI because it was so obvious.  A TV program so widely followed deserved better effects than it got.

Feel free to let me know what you think of the Show.  Where you happy with the ending?

Homeland Season 1 – 2


So I have to admit when it first came out on Channel 4 I do believe I wasn’t that into it.  However in my sleep deprived state lately I have been looking to Netflix to get me through the night and I am so glad I have Netflix.  Due to the fact that some TV that I don’t necessarily get into when it airs on TV I seemed to be able to on Netflix.  This is no exception!

The season starts off with a War Prison coming back to his family after 8 years and turns out his wife and family are on the verge of moving on, but when back the strains of everything becomes real.  The prison (Brody) has been tortured while in captivity and turns out could have possibly been turned from an US Marine to a terrorist in order to survive.  Along with that the season goes through with the CIA agent on to him where she suffers from her own demons and some how they come together and you see the story go back and forth and conflict that Brody finds himself in.

For me this is definitely a TV series that is definitely worth picking up because it deals with some real issues, that face serving people after being on tour.  Also I would recommend it because you will never know which direction the characters will go and there are twists and turns along the way.

So if you have Netflix there is no excuse not to pick this show up if you don’t try to get the box set because for me it was a bit slow going to begin with.  It didn’t grab me in the first I’d say two episodes but as you see the conflict in some of the characters it makes you want to watch more and more.  I would highly recommend this TV Show to anyone.

The Killing Thoughts

The Killing 2011 Intertitle.png

“The Killing 2011 Intertitle” by Screen capture from the premiere episode. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

I have to admit I’ve had a busy day today so this is going to be short and sweet because no matter how busy I’ve been I feel that its important to get a blog post out otherwise I will be letting it slip again.

The Killing is a series that start out in normal production and as Netflix has expanded into doing their own content they have picked it up.  So as an avid Netflix user and receiving an email about it I thought why not give it ago?  I like crime dramas for the most part and my favourite at the moment being close between Sherlock and Castle, but for some reason I just can’t get into this TV series.  I don’t know what it is but I have watched the first two episodes and it just doesn’t appeal to me.

If you look around social media quite a few people are mentioning it and people like it but for me it just feels like its empty.  Sherlock has this air of brilliance about it, Castle has this underlying sinister and light side to it I am struggling to find what The Killing has.  I will probably give it a break and finish watching House of Cards Second season and then give it ago because there has to be some weight to what people think is good.  Now I know that everything isn’t for everyone but I feel like I could be missing something here, and maybe its just the wrong time for me to watch it.

Have you seen The Killing?  Am I missing something and what did you think of it?  As always feel free to leave a comment below.

Craigslist Joe Documentary Review

I saw this pop up on my Netflix recommended and thought why not?  It is a documentary where by Joe Garner decides to go into the world, armed with only his passport, a toothbrush, a phone and a laptop.  With these items his plan was to use the power of Craigslist to survive the month of December, just go around experience as much as Craigslist has to offer and see whether technology is killing our sense of community or not.

For me this was an opportunity to try to see a positive documentary about the internet because all we tend to see in the news these days are the negative side of the internet.  This did have the chance to see the negative side of the internet but at the same time I couldn’t help but feel that there was more of a chance that this could turn into something positive.  These sort of documentary do intrigue me because it’s an experiment and the truth is although it hopes to educate people in some way, you never know what the true outcome of the experiment.  I don’t want to give too much away so I won’t go into too much detail, but what I will say is that you will be surprised to how much Joe managed to achieve.

He met so many people, from different forms of life.  Doing things to help others on the road to trying to survive on the generosity of others.  If you’re at a loose end I would recommend you checking this documentary out, I found it very inspirational.  I would give this documentary 7/10

Skins Revisited

After reviewing the first season here it came to that perhaps I was doing it all wrong for this TV show because it should be divided into generations.  The main reason for this is because season 1 and 2 belong together and so on as they replace the cast and the characters every two years with the school years of people in college.

So generation one is pretty much as the first review went, I felt that it was fresh and different.  At the time of watching the TV show I could relate to it as it was about the time I was in sixth form and University, so quite a few the issues that were being discussed I could see happening around me.  What made it stand out was the character development.  However due to the previous review I won’t go too far with this generation.

The second generation was pretty much the same, but different set of characters with similar yet different issues.  The group was expanded to show the girls v boys and how each could lean of each other in different ways.  For me the huge thing that kept me wanting to watch this generation was Effy, the fact that there was one surviving character from the first season kept you invested.  You just knew there was something there ready to explode and you wanted to know when and how.  The one thing that did get me about this generation was the ending I was left wondering what?  I felt that it wrapped up in certain aspects but others weren’t completely closed.  The first generation other than Effy closed and was finished with and Effy although you thought there was something there it wouldn’t have matter if there wasn’t another season or not.  Where as there was just this feeling it should have gone on that little bit longer just finish off answering some questions.

Generation 3 however I can remember that this was the one that I lost interest in the series because there was just nothing there for me any more.  They hadn’t brought anyone new in the second generation that could come into the third generation and because of that I lost interest no matter how good it could have been I just lost interest and to be honest it was the same the second time around.  The main reason is part of the success of the TV show for me is the character development, and the third generation was just missing that link.

I think this was highlighted by the three feature-length episodes that were done as the final season of the show where they took only generation 1 and 2 cast members to see how they were doing in adult life.  I have to admit that it did answer the one question of the finale of the fourth season but other than that it was just really well done.  The insights into how these characters developed was awesome just to see how they dealt with bigger problems than before and to see how their priorities did or didn’t change.

If someone asked would I recommend this show I would say yes but miss out seasons 5 and 6.  I admit though I could be missing something there because I haven’t watch it all but a show like this just needs a link no matter how small it is in the main cast.  I give this show an 8/10 overall.  If you have any other thoughts on the show let me know.

Terms and Conditions May Apply Review

Well browsing through Netflix after starting the revisited segment, I came across this documentary and it instantly caught my attention because one it was technology based and two because it had the Google colours in the title along with other big players in the technology industry.  At the moment I am Google mad as I’ve recently purchased a Chromebook, I will admit that and my thoughts on it after just one day can be viewed here.  Going into this documentary I thought it was going to be about what the companies put in the terms and conditions that we regularly just scroll to the bottom and accept.  Which is was about but it had more than that to it.

It was aiming at our privacy and how these documents have changed over the years, along with the real driving force is it the companies or someone else pushing these changes?  Don’t get me wrong now our data holds real value to companies and its in their interested but is their other organisations that can benefit from this?  In the news at the moment specially in the UK there is a lot of talk about the government and their emergency data laws.  So this is a very valid point and I think if anyone has Netflix should take the time to watch this documentary.  It holds very good points with the ultimate question how much is our privacy worth?  It even challenges the belief that some if not most people use and that is if you haven’t got anything to hide then what’s the problem?

The documentary is mainly aimed at the U.S. more so than anywhere else and does make a point of saying that the E.U. has stricter guidelines and what companies can do with our data.  However I feel that it was a very good documentary and asked many questions that will find you soul-searching and maybe even doubting your presence on-line.

I’d give this documentary 9/10 although maybe not the most factual in some respects however it wasn’t ever meant to be that type of documentary.  It challenged the ideologies and the very way we interact with the internet.

Skins Season 1 Revisited

The Skins Cast of Season 1

I thought that I would start a new segment and that’s revisited where I take some older movies and TV Shows from the Netflix catalogue and review them.  This segment might not be for everyone but it’s away of starting to get back into blogging again.

So Skins was the first show that popped up that I thought I haven’t watched that in a while, and I really enjoyed the first season.  I can’t quite remember when I stopped watching it and to be honest, I might carry on watching it and see where I give up this time.

I enjoyed the first season I think because of age and because at the time it was quite fresh nothing had quite been done this way before.  You saw the way people develop through college/sixth form and how their actions effected the group of friends and the others around them.  The main thing that dragged me to it was seeing how the characters developed and what caused them to act the way they did.  The concentrated episode for me that didn’t do that was the first episode in the season where it was supposed to be focusing on Tony.  For me it did focus on him but him now not the true development you got in the other episodes that you saw with the other characters.  That said because Tony was the focus point throughout the season you could see him developing through the season.  The emphasis of him being the main character made it through the first season and that made it even more interesting because although you were finding out specifically about the character that is specific to that episode you saw development in Tony as well.

Overall I would recommend this season to anyone at a loss end and give it 8/10.  If you’re at a loose end you might want to catch it whether you’ve seen it before or not.  Now that I am out of that age bracket and have seen it before I still have enjoyed watching the first season anyway.

Orange is the New Black Season 2 Review

I really enjoyed the first season and have been marathoning the second season this week because I realised that I haven’t really been using my Netflix the last couple of months and the price has gone up so having the time it was something that I could get into quickly or so I thought.

This is not a bad reflection on season two as the way it’s delivered they don’t need to do a recap because you have the first season in the back catalogue.  However I started watching the first episode of this season, wishing it had a previously segment because it has been so long since I had seen the first season and I was left asking myself where did this come from?  However getting passed the first few episodes I soon got back into the mind-set, and soon caught up with the characters.

Something that I would like to say Netflix has done this very well because the character development this season was amazing.  I feel that you saw new sides of all the main characters as the situation changes, even if they are all banged up.  It seems to explore the downsides to life in prison while adding drama and comedy to it.

This is a show that will keep engrossed because of the way you feel empathy for the characters and want to discover more about the character.  Each episode seemed to throw this little curve ball subtly unlocking either tougher or softer sides of people, you slowly get to see just how disturbed these individuals are.

I will say though there is some action if you’re looking for a prison T.V, series with loads of action this isn’t for you.  Also if you’re not a Netflix subscriber then I wouldn’t say that it is a show that you’d want to subscribe just for however if you are a scriber then I would say this is a must try.  Overall I’d give this a solid 7/10  come and enjoy the power struggles.

House of Cards Season 2 Initial Thoughts

House of Cards Season 2 is upon us and I have to admit I have only watched the first episode but thought it would be a good time to get this blog post out.

I must admit I really enjoyed Season 1 it was really quite refreshing being able to watch the entire season of something back to back as soon as it came out.  Along with being really well done, this season seems to be going the same way but there is one major flaw I would say is that they didn’t do a recap on the first season at the beginning.  I watch House of Cards Season 1 when it first came out, and its been a while now so although I really enjoyed it and remember certain things about it, to jump straight back into the story without a recap was a little jarring.

For the most part though as the episode went on I quickly started to remember what was going on. Obviously missing out details, that being said though if your going to watch House of Cards Season 2 then you do have access to Season 1 in full because it’s all Netflix based.  So I guess its me not wanting to re watch season 1 which is what I really should have done over the last week.

How have you found House of Cards season 2 so far?  Try not to give any spoilers though.

The Natural World: The Women that Swims with Killer Whales

Watching this program made me think about what we consider dangerous and whether we are right or wrong because here we had someone swimming with the top predator in the sea yet they were interacting with her not trying to kill her.

For me this led me on to thinking about how well do you know someone, when you don’t know them how do you know whether they are dangerous or not, different idea but stop and think just because they are top predator in the sea and have had incidents in captivity does that really mean these whales are a danger to us?  While I was thinking about this watching the program I started to realise that they have capability to be dangerous however these whales didn’t move a muscle to hurt this women that was swimming with them, they displayed high intelligents in the fact they were interacting with Ingrid.

In 2010 there was an incident where a Killer Whale in Sea World killed a trainer, but before you go blaming the whale I really do think we need to stop and think if wild Killer Whales interact or just ignore people swimming with them and cause them no harm what is the difference between them and their captive counterparts.  I am not qualified to answer that question but it is definitely worth thinking about because the documentary ok it was a little biased towards portraying these huge animals in a good light and how much we need to help them, but this women is doing this day in day out and not coming to any harm with them.

Captivity is something that I am on the fence with though, as I think they should be left in the wild and being kept in tanks isn’t good for them.  On the other hand having a few in captivity could be a good thing in the long run because your able to make people more aware of these animals along with breeding programs.  Which ok increase the population however whether or not they can be successful reintroduced into the wild I am yet to find a definitive answer for.

All in all though I found this documentary very insightful and if you get chance to catch it on BBC IPlayer it was while worth a watch.

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