Leveling My Elementalist and Game Changes

Screenshot of my Ellie

While after needing some down time from League of Legends I have gone back to Guild Wars 2 and in doing so I have found myself a new Guild, which has been really good as they are really friendly and active.  They are constantly offering to help you and wanting to do things together which for me is what makes the game.  While doing some guild missions with them I noticed a shortage of Elementalist’s (Ellie) so I thought as I was spending time to level a Warrior that had already started a few months ago I would take a break and try the ranged class so that I could give the guild some utility.

Although I have to admit other Characters I have leveled e.g. Guardian I abused the Tome of Knowledge when they were running the event where they destroyed  Lions Arch.  I hadn’t really concentrated on leveling and would go around doing dailies and random things to level.  Now this time around I want to rush to 80 but I also want to get most if not all the way points and to my horror it is possible to do that but the way the dailies now work makes them harder to someone who is leveling in my opinion.  Before the dailies were something that for the most part you could pick up anywhere so where ever you were you could do them now not so much.  You need to go to certain areas and do certain things which I can see the point.  It mean’s you can’t just farm lower level areas to get your dailies done anymore and also for newer players it makes them move to other areas more often, so it does make a lot of sense, however this change to me has hampered the players that are leveling alts.  I know it’s a bit of a rant but that’s my findings.

As for the class the Ellie I have been really enjoying it to be honest, I have been trying out the different play styles i.e. the different weapon sets and so far for leveling a think that the Scepter and Dagger are the way to go but can see me settling on a Staff.  The Ellie is one of the classes that can’t have two weapons sets so you have to keep swapping them out before the fight.  It will be interesting to see how this character develops for me and where I am going to use it because WvW are always low on them too on my server so you could see me there.

I also have no doubt there will be more content based around this character.  If you have any tips for the Ellie feel free to let me know in a comment down below.

The Wolf Among Us Game Review

The Wolf Among Us

Being a relatively sheltered gamer, for the most part I haven’t opened myself to some of the titles that you would suspect gamers to play.  However the Telltale franchise is to me a must try, I started of with The Walking Dead Season 1 and after playing that I went straight into Season 2 and just got addicted to it.

So when a friend recommended The Wolf Among Us I knew I would really get into it however because I didn’t know much about the story because I hadn’t read the comics I was a bit tentative and then forgot about it, however in the Black Friday Sales I noticed it on Steam and I bought it.  Two days later I sat down to play it and completed it in 8 hours, and I have admit I completed it in two sittings because I just got into the story I didn’t want to put the game down.

As the only way I can compare this is to the Walking Dead I found it harder to get into in some respects because you didn’t know the back story as much, however after the first episode I had enough of the back story to understand the game and where it was going in a fantasy world.  Although the Walking Dead was set in fantasy in the respects of Zombies it was in the real world and that is the different, however this game is full of fantasy characters so that was why it was harder to get what was going on really.  Don’t let this point though put you off the series.

The graphics and game-play was also good and the only regret I have for the game is that I didn’t stream it because I would have really liked to share my experience.  The story however blow my mind with the amount of twists it had, although I was expecting it because of what happened in The Walking Dead but for me these were completely different but I guess that was because I didn’t understand the whole universe other than what was in the game.

Overall I would give this a 9/10 just because I don’t give out 10’s easily and also I am aware that it might be more the style of game I have really enjoyed.

Will I be getting the new Game of Thrones series from Telltale?  Hell Yes but I am putting it off until all the episodes are released because it will bug the hell out of me waiting for the next episode.  As I am already waiting for Season 3 of The Walking Dead and hoping that they will do another for the Wolf Among Us.  I think I might have ago at the Borderland game they have soon.

Tomb Raider 2013 Game Review

Sorry for the lack of blogs later, however this was a huge reason for it.  I really enjoyed this game and couldn’t recommend it high enough.

The game seems to have something for everyone I wouldn’t call myself a true gamer so I put it on easy I have to admit.  However that didn’t take anything away from the game, I still found the tough bits hard and enjoyed the whole experience.  I did it on easy due to my lack of experience with this type of game and remember back to my PS One days where I tried to play Tomb Raider Chronicles and just got bored half way through because at the time I found it quite difficult (If I remember rightly).

For me the graphics were awesome with some really good cut scenes and even the way you die is really made.  Gruesome in some respects but it just adds to the game.  Even though it wasn’t complete a story based game like The Walking Dead was, I felt trapped in the story even with all the action and puzzles to solve.  I really enjoyed the game, and didn’t go back get all the collectables and probably have no intention to but I would highly recommend it.  I would give this game a 9/10 if you get chance to play it you should.

Sleeping Dogs Game Review

Taking a break from the current crop of games that take up my time mainly League of Legends this was a welcome break.  If you have been following my YouTube you will know that I have started a Let’s Play on A Testament to Sherlock Holmes and that will return once my Internet starts to behave again.

With that all out-of-the-way it is now time to talk about Sleeping Dogs.  For me it has been the first GTA style game that I have actually completed and wanted to go back for more.  Don’t get me wrong I have really enjoyed the GTA franchise but I have never really completed the game or the story and this game just left me thinking I do want to complete the side quests.  To say that I have completed this game fully would be a lie there are still things I need to do but I have completed the story and that is why I am writing the review.

The story itself interweaves between the two sides of your life the gang side and the cop side, for me it was always that suspense of whether we were going to be found out or not?  What impact one mission for one side with impact on the other and what side of my life I would go with after it was all said and done?  All these questions were kind of answered by the end of the game but leaving the character in enough limbo for the sequel I think.  I wasn’t displeased with the ending as it could have been left there with out the sequel.  Now the biggest problem I have is I know that there is DLC and I am wondering do I really want to risk my positive experience in the game so far to do a few extra missions?  The answer on this one is no.

The game I have to admit though won’t be for everyone it does tend to hold your hand quite a lot to push you in the right direction, that said though you could have gone off track when you had, had enough of the story and done some side quests but I just didn’t and wanted to follow it to the end.  There were a few glitches in the game like a guy stuck in a door way on the PC version at least that felt a little weird as he was talking but wasn’t really there but that could have been something I did and it wasn’t ground breaking as the game was able to go on.  For that reason I would give the game 8/10 because I really enjoyed it and would recommend any one to try it out, the only reason it didn’t score higher was because some times it feels a little rough around the edges.

List of Games to Play 2014

What I’ve Learnt from Day 2 and 3 of Worlds

Janna Weather Woman Skin

I have to admit I don’t really main support but this support seems to be making a huge come back/ impact in Worlds.  I have to admit I have never really played a game with her and I started to wonder why I haven’t because she does fit my play style.  Although one of my most successful support this season is Leona I wouldn’t say that is my play style.

What is my play style? I am quite passive unless I am playing a tank jungler or top lane where I like being on the front line.  However for my mages, supports and AD carries I tend to lend myself to the more passive than aggressive play styles and for me she is a really passive support.  However can still be game changing so I broke her out this morning and had one game with her.  For my sins I will admit that I used ranked for this experiment mainly due to the fact I am in Bronze V and no one wanted to play support so I thought nothing of breaking her out because I had nothing to lose.  I ended up 0-1-26 and I am very pleased with it.    Although I would like to say it was a 4-5 due to an AFK which probably had a huge impact in the game, however I know when your on a new champion you tend to feel a little awkward but if I’m honest I felt quite comfortable on her.  Will I be making it her my main support?  I’m not sure but she is definitely a support I want to put some work in on.

Have you tried any champions that you tend not to play because of Worlds?  If so who?

What I learnt from Worlds Day One

I have to admit, I spent the majority of my time watching NA this season being a die-hard Curse Fan.  The problem with this is that although great because I keep an eye on my team even if they are in the wrong time-zone being from the UK, I missed so much.  The difference in the different regions is amazing, I was amazed by the first game where it was two teams from the Asian servers.

Some of the picks were the same as I would expect but there was a Rumble Pick for example and that hasn’t been seen in the NA/EU scene this season at all.  If nothing Worlds has really opened my mind to consider more champions.  Although this isn’t ideal because I am trying to trim down my champion pool at the moment so I can specialise in 2 champions in each role for now.  The main point for me though is just be more open-minded in champion select, not that I am one of these people who out right says that is a bad pick because it all depends on how well you can you play the champion.  The only problem I have is when a player picks a champion that really doesn’t fit the team composition.

Have you learnt anything from Worlds?  If so let me know in a comment below.  Try not to let too many spoilers out just in-case others haven’t seen the matches yet.  It’s more about the way that Worlds effect your thought process.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Video Game Review

After playing the first season I was biting at the bit to play this game because I really enjoyed the story, and I have to admit even though the story does continue and is good in this season it was just not as good as the first season.  However please don’t stop reading this review or write the game off yet.

I think that the reason why the story isn’t so good is because you realise that Clem is becoming more independent and she just doesn’t have that special relationship in this season like she does with Lee.  That said though the game play improved from the first season, the conversations and choices that you make has become harder to make.  Again I haven’t replied this game like I hadn’t the first but I feel like the changes in decisions would really make a difference in the way the game goes.  I don’t want to give any spoilers away for two reasons I would like you to watch my Let’s Play which has been posted here and also the above play list and the fact that you might want to play it yourselves, but the final decision you make in episode 5 will make a huge impact in your Season 3 game if they do make one.  I really do hope there is a third because the story for me isn’t over and I have really been enjoying the series.

Overall I would give this game a n 8/10 because I enjoyed it I like the story and the decisions were harder. The story to me however could have been stronger, but it has left in a really good spot for Season 3.  I would recommend this game and Season 1 to anyone this is the first single player game I have really got into since Alan Wake.

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