Sherlock v Elementary


I remember years ago writing a very favourable review for the BBC series Sherlock and it still stands.  Unfortunately due to a blog malfunction I haven’t got that review to refer back on but it all I can say the adaptation of Sherlock into the 21st Century was very well done in my opinion and I really enjoyed it.

Now I know that I am a little late with this but I have just picked up Elementary and I’d say about half way through Season 1 and I have to say I am enjoying however its different.  The change in the dynamic between Holmes and Watson is interesting because now Watson is a women and although there is no romantic connection between the two yet it just adds that extra to the relationship.  Is it for the better?  I am not sure, although the storyline’s are similar they are different.  The twists and turns seems to be bigger in Elementary.  The reason for this I think is that Elementary although they keep the same characters they haven’t kept the cases.  Holmes in this is a drug addict of which he was in the books but it wasn’t really touched upon in the BBC series.

Elementary is more about the drama than the science Sherlock seemed to be the other way around.  It is interesting to see how the two develop because while having the same characters with similar skill sets they seem to be going in different direction.  I would give Sherlock and Elementary 9/10, but would say that comparing the two might be the wrong way to go because they seem so different in some respects.  I would recommend you catch both as I am really enjoying them but I could see how the changes in the stories could put a few people off when it comes to Elementary.

I think the way I would describe it, is if you want a little more drama and the deductions of Sherlock Holmes watch Elementary.  If you want more action and Science I would go Sherlock from the BBC along with if you want the show to be the closest to the books.  If your just a Sherlock Holmes fan catch them both you won’t be disappointed.

As well feel free to let me know what you think of these shows, have you seen both and which is your favourite and why?

Son’s of Anarchy My Final Thoughts

Possible Spoiler Alert

This quite a difficult one for me because Son’s Anarchy has been a constant throughout the last two years of TV viewing and for the most part I have really enjoyed it but this last season seems to have lost its way.

Jax just seems to be on a mission to hit the self destruct button for me it was always interesting seeing what they would get up to next but deal with the moral complications that goes with the nature of that lifestyle.  For me Jax was winning that battle he was moving the club in the right direction and then this latest season has seen him go the other way, just become a mindless thug.  Some will argue for good reason, having someone close to him murdered.  As the season develop you see that Jax has multiple choices that could have seen him go the right way, but he chooses the wrong options and you see the darkest side of him.

That said though you get the feeling that he went out the right way, for all the bad things he has done he went out the way his Dad did but in order to save his son’s from going down the same road as him.  After watching it I was a little shocked at the ending and thought, it was a bit lame to be honest I expected something different, but after having time to think about it, the way he went was very fitting in my opinion.  The one thing that I will say is even with the time to think about and the way in which it played it out, it did seem a little rushed and I wasn’t happy with the CGI because it was so obvious.  A TV program so widely followed deserved better effects than it got.

Feel free to let me know what you think of the Show.  Where you happy with the ending?

Down Time Needed

The sentence above seems a little weird with it being that I have more time on my hands than most, but it seems that I am trying to do too many things at once.  I want to start blogging again as its something that I really enjoy along with wanting to perform well on League of Legends with the new-found friendship in the game I have found.  Along with the huge amount TV I want to catch up on or try.

Having more time to do all these things is a double edge sword because you have that time but some times it just isn’t structured, and you don’t feel the need to structure it.  However the last couple of weeks I just haven’t achieved much, in the way that I would like.  With all that said I would like to say that my League of Legends game play is improving I have managed to get myself with a little bit of help up to Bronze II however I have split back down into Bronze III due to a bad day yesterday.

I think the first port of call for me is to start on Elementary because I really liked the Sherlock series made by the BBC and would like to see the American tint on classic.

The Wolf Among Us Game Review

The Wolf Among Us

Being a relatively sheltered gamer, for the most part I haven’t opened myself to some of the titles that you would suspect gamers to play.  However the Telltale franchise is to me a must try, I started of with The Walking Dead Season 1 and after playing that I went straight into Season 2 and just got addicted to it.

So when a friend recommended The Wolf Among Us I knew I would really get into it however because I didn’t know much about the story because I hadn’t read the comics I was a bit tentative and then forgot about it, however in the Black Friday Sales I noticed it on Steam and I bought it.  Two days later I sat down to play it and completed it in 8 hours, and I have admit I completed it in two sittings because I just got into the story I didn’t want to put the game down.

As the only way I can compare this is to the Walking Dead I found it harder to get into in some respects because you didn’t know the back story as much, however after the first episode I had enough of the back story to understand the game and where it was going in a fantasy world.  Although the Walking Dead was set in fantasy in the respects of Zombies it was in the real world and that is the different, however this game is full of fantasy characters so that was why it was harder to get what was going on really.  Don’t let this point though put you off the series.

The graphics and game-play was also good and the only regret I have for the game is that I didn’t stream it because I would have really liked to share my experience.  The story however blow my mind with the amount of twists it had, although I was expecting it because of what happened in The Walking Dead but for me these were completely different but I guess that was because I didn’t understand the whole universe other than what was in the game.

Overall I would give this a 9/10 just because I don’t give out 10’s easily and also I am aware that it might be more the style of game I have really enjoyed.

Will I be getting the new Game of Thrones series from Telltale?  Hell Yes but I am putting it off until all the episodes are released because it will bug the hell out of me waiting for the next episode.  As I am already waiting for Season 3 of The Walking Dead and hoping that they will do another for the Wolf Among Us.  I think I might have ago at the Borderland game they have soon.

Letting Things Slip

I am getting good at this with the blog.  Having a few personal issues and getting more focused into League of Legends in the pre-season is a huge part of that.  It isn’t a reflection on the changes that were made but more to the point I have been working with somebody in the game, they are a Platinum Player and helping me develop as a player.

It seems strange to explain because I have a group of friends where one likes League and the others aren’t into the game, and every time I try to explain why I play League but never get it right. It’s hard to put it into words or explain to a none League player but I think although the community seems quite aggressive while in a game, there are the few that are helpful.  The problem is it’s a high pressure environment that everyone wants to win and when one or more players are making mistakes your sat their annoyed and it affects the rest of the game.  The thing about this game for the frustration there is also that feeling of achievement when you win, when you meet that new person on their that is will help and you develop and improve as a player at way the stuff you have to deal with.

I am going to try to get back into blogging though because reading a few of my friends and the fact that one has actually become a guest blogger for want of a better word, has really encouraged me start again.  The main reason is that it logs my progress in certain things and lets me reflect on things more, along with maybe helping others in some way. I want to find a happy medium between personal blog entries and game/technology entries with of cause the odd movie review thrown in.  As for the other blog I started for a writing project, although a great idea I need to sit down and work out which direction I want it to go in and how I want to proceed with it.

So there is where I am at, now to gaming because I promised/told someone I would start a game as soon as possible.  Although I do have a review to write so who knows but time to knuckle down.

Chromecast 3 days in

I have to say from the out set that I like most Google Products however I never really wanted a Chromecast out right because of the way I have my set up set up.  I just don’t actively have a need for it on my TV but after seeing the NOW TV offer that comes with the Chromecast I just couldn’t resist.  3 Months free Now TV but I have had no luck with this offer.

While setting up my device had a few issues not because of the device itself it was my wisdom using a USB extension cable where I shouldn’t have but now I have moved the plugs around there is no issues.  So the device is working fine but when I follow the instructions to redeem the offer for NOW TV the Chromecast says that there are no offers available which is very annoying when you read the terms and conditions of the offer and you do.  I contacted Google Support and they said they would escalate the issue to their supervisor and that they would get in contact with me by the next day.  That didn’t happen so I called back and they had no record of that conversation which was extremely annoying and I was advised to go  back to Amazon where I purchased the device and in all honesty I turned around and said I hadn’t but could see Amazon saying its a Google problem because its their offer.  So after explaining that they said fine I will escalate the issue again it will be a couple of days.  I will say from the outset of this post that the couple of days aren’t over.

However there are other people complaining on the product forum for the chromecast with the same issue, and Google haven’t sorted it out this was all the way back in April.  Instead of going through the standard I think the support should say we know there is a problem and this is what we can do.  Rather than not admit there is a problem, this is the problem I have is that Google aren’t admitting there is a problem their end.  They are trying to blame the device and say that I am not eligible for the offer at the moment.  So although my device is working and I am really pleased that I have it, it is being over shadowed by bad support and the fact the offer system Google has in place.

Hell in Cell 2014 Thoughts

Possible Spoiler Alert

I have to say this PG era is really hurting the WWE for me.  Gone are the days of blood.  Which for the most part you can put up with, due to the nature of the matches however in the two hell in the cell matches in this show you can’t really excuse the lack of blood.

This is a huge problem for me because I was watching wrestling religiously in the attitude/ just after era where you’d see the like of Mick Foley and Triple H busted wide open.  Although we all know it wrestling is staged these days it still has to hold some realism and having someone’s face forced into a cage of wire you’d expect them to bleed and there just wasn’t any.  Not taking anything away from the wrestlers and the matches themselves because I was pleasantly surprised just how good they were.  However with the lack of blood in situations where in years gone by there was loads I just felt the show of it all was just left lacking.  After that moan, the rest of the matches were quite good as well.

Rusev and Big Show match was quite good, but the result from my point of view was a little annoying.  The best part of the how is watching Mizdown make a complete fool of himself.  So do the WWE need to look at this PG rating?  For me for pay-per-views I think they do, I can understand your weekly shows being PG but for the likes of events like Hell in the Cell I have to say they need to step it up a gear.  Otherwise the new stars that need to bring through are never going to get out the legends shadow because the likes of Mick Foley, The Undertaker, Triple H and Shawn Michaels just to name a few will constantly be in people’s minds and the current crop will be forgotten just because of the restrictions it would seem the WWE are putting on them.

Chrome OS and Acer 720 3 Months On

After listening to a recent podcast produced by a YouTuber that I have followed for a number years Chris Pirillo and one of the questions from one of his viewers was is Chrome OS still relevant.  His answer was yes because all the different systems or devices have different feature sets or niches and he hoped that Google carry on developing the operating a system.

As a Chromie for want of a better word I can’t see Google dropping the Operating System any time soon because they are making head way in the educational sector in the US and to be honest with you after having my Chromebook for 3 months although the usage has gone down a little I still wouldn’t be without it.  The things that have changed for me is the way I see the device, I first bought it as a no hassle machine which it is and I could carry on using it as such.  However having a delay on an update on the stable channel for some reason, my particular machine didn’t get the update until about 4 or 5 days after update was released according to the Chrome Release Blog and although that isn’t a huge problem I got convinced to switch to the beta channel.

Although I have only been on the beta channel for a week I haven’t had any trouble with it and would admit that I am tempted to even go up to Dev channel.  The main reason that I don’t is because I still want the hassle free computing but for some reason feel that I have satisfied on some level my need as a geek to be getting the latest and greatest software and features.  If I am honest I kind of want something to go wrong so that I can start trouble shooting it in this platform but I don’t feel there is really a need or that I ever will.

The only downside to Chrome OS and the reason that I don’t fully switch to it because I have been tempted by the Chromeboxes is the fact that I am a gamer and that I use Mumble.  I just can’t leave a Windows machine because of those two things.  If however at some point in time the internet infrastructure improves in such away that it is more practical to have games streaming as opposed to running locally then I think I would wave good-bye to Windows.

The next stage for me could be a Chromecast god help me Google is taking over my life.

Homeland Season 1 – 2


So I have to admit when it first came out on Channel 4 I do believe I wasn’t that into it.  However in my sleep deprived state lately I have been looking to Netflix to get me through the night and I am so glad I have Netflix.  Due to the fact that some TV that I don’t necessarily get into when it airs on TV I seemed to be able to on Netflix.  This is no exception!

The season starts off with a War Prison coming back to his family after 8 years and turns out his wife and family are on the verge of moving on, but when back the strains of everything becomes real.  The prison (Brody) has been tortured while in captivity and turns out could have possibly been turned from an US Marine to a terrorist in order to survive.  Along with that the season goes through with the CIA agent on to him where she suffers from her own demons and some how they come together and you see the story go back and forth and conflict that Brody finds himself in.

For me this is definitely a TV series that is definitely worth picking up because it deals with some real issues, that face serving people after being on tour.  Also I would recommend it because you will never know which direction the characters will go and there are twists and turns along the way.

So if you have Netflix there is no excuse not to pick this show up if you don’t try to get the box set because for me it was a bit slow going to begin with.  It didn’t grab me in the first I’d say two episodes but as you see the conflict in some of the characters it makes you want to watch more and more.  I would highly recommend this TV Show to anyone.

Fictional Blog Writing Progress

I have bit the bullet and used Blogger to launch my new project, you can find it here:

To be honest I was amazed that it said that I had 49 views in the first day which was for me huge, because I hadn’t shared it out anywhere admitted some of that could have been me but I definitely didn’t load the page 49 times.  However since launching the second part of the story I have noticed the growth isn’t in the same relation, so whether it is just Google submitting it to different crawlers I don’t know.

As for the actual writing its going quite well but there are a few features I wish Blogger had a word counting facilities.  The story development is also going well, but having read some more articles on-line I may have been going at it slightly wrong.  The best way to attack a fictional blog is to have arks and although that is possible with the way I have started writing my first story I can’t see it being able to make the arks so we will have to see if I can adapt the start.