What I learnt from Worlds Day One

I have to admit, I spent the majority of my time watching NA this season being a die-hard Curse Fan.  The problem with this is that although great because I keep an eye on my team even if they are in the wrong time-zone being from the UK, I missed so much.  The difference in the different regions is amazing, I was amazed by the first game where it was two teams from the Asian servers.

Some of the picks were the same as I would expect but there was a Rumble Pick for example and that hasn’t been seen in the NA/EU scene this season at all.  If nothing Worlds has really opened my mind to consider more champions.  Although this isn’t ideal because I am trying to trim down my champion pool at the moment so I can specialise in 2 champions in each role for now.  The main point for me though is just be more open-minded in champion select, not that I am one of these people who out right says that is a bad pick because it all depends on how well you can you play the champion.  The only problem I have is when a player picks a champion that really doesn’t fit the team composition.

Have you learnt anything from Worlds?  If so let me know in a comment below.  Try not to let too many spoilers out just in-case others haven’t seen the matches yet.  It’s more about the way that Worlds effect your thought process.

Site Update 18-09-14

As you all would have noticed, I had promised more content after purchasing my Chromebook and it had fallen off again until the latest posts of The Walking Dead.  For some reason I go through stages or phases and need some down time from certain activities.  Unfortunately most of the time it is this blog that goes down due to other commitments.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to try to do some streaming it will be limited due to my internet connection and although that won’t actually translate in to blog posts,  I am thinking that the game to stream will be The Sims 4 due to the fact it’s not a fast-moving game and will look better on stream.  The hope however is it will get me a little more structured and mean that I will post more content here again.

I have to admit going off topic quickly I have really enjoyed WordPress 4 being able to just paste the URL of my video and it automatically embeds it for me which is a huge move I think for WordPress and just helping them dominate the platform wars.  It is amazing when you stop and think about the development of WordPress.  It started as a simple blogging platform and it has just evolved to the needs of the general internet usage, you can even adjust it to compete with other Content Management Systems that aren’t tailored to blog but make complete sites.  I should really aim to work on a custom design for this blog as its something that I have always meant to develop but just haven’t got around to it (just being lazy and not very creative).

So that is where the site is at, you should see different games here now as well because my League of Legends play has declined.  I still enjoy it but I am slowly going off the game, probably due to where my MMR is I have no doubt.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Video Game Review

After playing the first season I was biting at the bit to play this game because I really enjoyed the story, and I have to admit even though the story does continue and is good in this season it was just not as good as the first season.  However please don’t stop reading this review or write the game off yet.

I think that the reason why the story isn’t so good is because you realise that Clem is becoming more independent and she just doesn’t have that special relationship in this season like she does with Lee.  That said though the game play improved from the first season, the conversations and choices that you make has become harder to make.  Again I haven’t replied this game like I hadn’t the first but I feel like the changes in decisions would really make a difference in the way the game goes.  I don’t want to give any spoilers away for two reasons I would like you to watch my Let’s Play which has been posted here and also the above play list and the fact that you might want to play it yourselves, but the final decision you make in episode 5 will make a huge impact in your Season 3 game if they do make one.  I really do hope there is a third because the story for me isn’t over and I have really been enjoying the series.

Overall I would give this game a n 8/10 because I enjoyed it I like the story and the decisions were harder. The story to me however could have been stronger, but it has left in a really good spot for Season 3.  I would recommend this game and Season 1 to anyone this is the first single player game I have really got into since Alan Wake.

BT Customer Service Rant

So this is a blog post because I have a bit of time and really wanted to complain about how bad the customer service and product can be.  Now for a bit of background I am long-standing BT customer with an 8 Mbps line of which this is where it has been from the beginning and as such every year I ring up to renew the contract to keep my bill at an acceptable level.  This year I do this and was surprised to find out that they will actually take some money off this year, because last year it didn’t it went up, so that was great.

Here comes the problem, for a long time I have been having issues with the wireless on the BT Homehub but it doesn’t cause enough of a problem or fit the requirements in order to be replaced.  Now that I was signing up for a new contract great time to get an upgrade on my hub, shouldn’t be a problem.  Apparently the person on the other end of the phone couldn’t put it through until the next day when my new contract was running ok.  So although that was a little annoying I can deal with that.  So ring back the next day, they agreed to replace it but with the same version I already had.  I didn’t want the same version I wanted the 4 or 5 for the 5Ghz wireless in the hope that, that would solve things with the wireless, after a little bit of back and forth I got an order number for the BT Homehub 4 great.

So next morning the hub arrives and to my surprise it was the Hub 5 which I thought was great until I wired it all up and it kept randomly disconnecting.  It seemed to do it at the most awkward of times, and the Homehub 3 wasn’t doing this so I phoned BT and they said there was nothing wrong and that they would monitor it for 24 hours and arrange a call back for me and the text message is below confirming:

Now since then its been 2 days and still no call back.  I will admit the problem seems to have fixed itself but considering I have had 2 text messages to confirm the time of the call back and not to have heard anything just seems bad customer service to me.  I am doubting whether I will hear anything now, but for me I am happy now that my service is back working properly with the new hub and it has made a huge difference to wireless performance.  So it has all ended well but for customer service I have to say I am not happy, if your going to follow something up and offer a call back and even text the customer twice about it at least ring them back.

The Walking Dead Season 1 Video Game Review

This has to be the first game in a long time where I really wanted to carry on playing and not stop.  The problem I have is that normally I get half way through a game and want to go back to League of Legends it is not a reflection on the games it is just the style but this one was different.  It has been a while since I had played any sort of story based game and I am so glad I played this one.  The last story based game I really played like this on PC anyway was Broken Sword as a kid.

The game play itself for me was ok, it was quite easy to answer the questions with the reaction that you wanted.  The game had quite a black and white way of dealing with situation, which to be honest I was quite glad of because I hadn’t played a lot of this type of game so I wanted my hand-held in some respects.  The story itself wasn’t lacking and the character development for me was really good, normally this gets drowned out by game play for me in most games, this wasn’t the case.

If I had to criticise this game, at all it would be that it wasn’t hard to make the wrong decisions.  I felt the story was good but it meant that the decisions you made, didn’t quite feel like it was changing your games experience that much like it said that any decision you made was influencing the game.  That said though I should probably replay the game making different decisions.

I would give this game a 9/10 and recommend you pick it up.  If you don’t think the game is for you then feel free to watch my playlist above and see my decisions and my experience while playing the game.