The Purge: Anarchy Review

The Purge – Anarchy Poster.jpg
The Purge – Anarchy Poster” by May be found at the following website: IMP Awards. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

The Purge was a little disappointing or lacked something so going into this movie I wasn’t expecting much and I was pleasantly surprised by it.  I think the thing that the first one was lacking was it was centred around the one family really from what I can remember, and as a write this I have just realised I should probably re-watch the first one now to do this.

I felt that this one should have been the first in the series because it did a good job of setting up the scene and gave you an understanding of what it was all about.  While just making the movie more exciting, because although the tension was there in the first movie from what I can remember however with the movie set outside, there was a whole new dimension to the threat that was posed to the group you were following.    The other thing that this movie did was hold an untold story which added to the want to see these characters to survive just to find out what their back stories were.

The acting was really quite good, the storyline didn’t let the actors down but considering these were relatively unknown actors and actresses they did really well.  This movie also tries to ask the question would happen if we could get rid of societies weakest and where the richest people control people.

Overall I would recommend people see this movie if they haven’t got anything else to watch, that said though I wouldn’t say it would be a must see.  I give this movie a 7/10 although I can’t really find negatives for this movie I just couldn’t find a reason to give it any-more than a 7.

The Killing Thoughts

The Killing 2011 Intertitle.png
“The Killing 2011 Intertitle” by Screen capture from the premiere episode. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

I have to admit I’ve had a busy day today so this is going to be short and sweet because no matter how busy I’ve been I feel that its important to get a blog post out otherwise I will be letting it slip again.

The Killing is a series that start out in normal production and as Netflix has expanded into doing their own content they have picked it up.  So as an avid Netflix user and receiving an email about it I thought why not give it ago?  I like crime dramas for the most part and my favourite at the moment being close between Sherlock and Castle, but for some reason I just can’t get into this TV series.  I don’t know what it is but I have watched the first two episodes and it just doesn’t appeal to me.

If you look around social media quite a few people are mentioning it and people like it but for me it just feels like its empty.  Sherlock has this air of brilliance about it, Castle has this underlying sinister and light side to it I am struggling to find what The Killing has.  I will probably give it a break and finish watching House of Cards Second season and then give it ago because there has to be some weight to what people think is good.  Now I know that everything isn’t for everyone but I feel like I could be missing something here, and maybe its just the wrong time for me to watch it.

Have you seen The Killing?  Am I missing something and what did you think of it?  As always feel free to leave a comment below.

My Initial Thoughts on the Eve Industry Changes

Today was the first day since the big change that I have actually had time to sit down and have a look at it all.  The window and tools to do the research and manufacturing is a really good improvement in my opinion.  That was one of the hurdles that always put me off going to far into it because I never really knew how far I needed to research a blueprint to make it efficient.  With the new changes, there is a definitive answer and then it is up to you whether you want to spend the time.

The other huge change for me is the fact that now we have unlimited slots, which means you don’t have to queue to get your Blueprints research however you might need to pay a little more depending on the demand.  If I’m honest I haven’t looked too much into this because I have a home base where there is a factory and one system over there is a lab.  To be honest no matter how expensive it gets which I doubt it will anyway I won’t be moving because I like the systems and I have too much to move really.  This is why I am moving away from the Wormhole that I wrote about here because I’m not comfortable really with never really knowing where your going to end up from one day to the next.  The not knowing is what kills me I like to plan a little ahead or know that I am X jumps away from Jita or Dodixie so that if I’m moving things I know how far I need to go.

The downsides to these changes, with making things more accessible to new people it will mean that it will drive the price of things down as in the finished article.  The problem for me is I don’t mine my own minerals, and people might consider what they have mined as free so they make a profit as long as it covers their taxes and fees.  As anything though only time will tell and it will be interesting to see how people adapt and I am just waiting to see how the market pans out to take advantage of the situation.  However for the time being any BPOs I have will be being researched just to try to keep making profit on the items I sell.  Thankfully Astero BPCs from Sisters of Eve loyalty points seem to be highly profitable still that said though they seem to be going down in price.

Acer C720 Two Weeks On

Acer C720

There might be a pattern coming along here but I promise you this will be the last one on my Acer C720 because after a week of usage enough happened to be able to make an informed review of the Chromebook and you can ready it here.  But two weeks on is where it all fell apart literally.

That’s right for some reason my ESC key came off and I was like what the hell it’s just over a week old and my keys are coming off already.  I would like to add I’m not happy on my keys and have been a touch typist since the age of about 8 due to personal circumstances.   That in mind though I managed to get it back on however a dare not press the one corner of the key.  I feel though I could just be unlucky with that respect because all the other keys seems quite solid although.  Although for a few days after I was a bit wary of it happening to others.  I was tempted to send it back as it was still in the time you can send goods back but as the key is sat there nicely and not coming off as long as you stay away from the one corner I’m not going to worry too much.  Also being the ESC it’s not as if your going to be typing using it so you can be careful on how you press it.

The other thing that I noticed when shut down completely and turned back on.  On the log in screen the wireless connects but then when you sign in and are ready to work it disconnects and then reconnects.  I have posted in the Google+ community about it and found that I wasn’t the only one with this gimmick.  I have tried the power-wash feature I have admit.  While lending my Chromebook to my brother some how I ended up with two of my own accounts on it, so don’t know how that happened maybe because I haven’t made the switch to from  However the wrong address had ownership of my Chromebook so I had to power-wash it and I have to say I won’t hesitate to do that again within 10 minutes I was back up and running as if nothing had happened.

One other thing that I’ve had trouble with is notifications, my email and chat mainly.  As my understanding was you got these regardless because your signed into your account on the Chromebook however after testing I seemed to need a custom URL in the notifications settings and the window open.  Not that this is a huge deal because my Android Phone is never far away so can use that for those notifications although having my Chromebook do it would have been nice.

Overall though the Chromebook has fitted in quite nicely into my set up and just by looking around this blog you will see that my productivity has gone up ten fold.  Even with the slight issues I have had with it, I do feel that it is worth every penny, and would recommend it to anyone as a secondary device and even a first depending on the circumstance.

The Race to the Bottom Argument

“The Race to the Bottom” this is something that I have come across quite a lot this week, because as anyone that has visited my blog of late will know that I am now a happy Chromebook user and will probably do one more post on it tomorrow now I’ve been using it for nearly 2 weeks.  However I was reading this article about the Chromebook and Macbook Air and how Google are scrimping on the screens of their Chromebooks at the bottom end of the scale.

Which I don’t disagree and this isn’t too much about the article itself as the author was highlighting that he would prefer to spend more money in order to get a better screen.  It was the comments on the article a found quite annoying with the reference to race to the bottom as if it was a bad thing.  I feel that some times people forget that some people don’t want to spend £1000 on a laptop and for me this is where Google is doing the right thing.  They have made an Operating System (OS) that cuts out the extras that some people do not need, to provide no hassle computing if you can live on the web.  Having the processing done on-line why would you need an expensive machine?  In the article the author explains why he’s gone for the most expensive Chromebook you can get, but if me personally I was adding the Chromebook to my existing set up so the high-end need just wasn’t there.

Microsoft themselves have realised that they might need to change things around with the announcement they are going to produce a low-budget machine.  The comments I appreciate that the race to the bottom isn’t going to be for everyone, but some times I feel that this negative attitude is just not needed.  Think of how much Google are going to be helping the education sector and other undeveloped countries by having these machines out there.  As Google has announced that they have sold 1 million Chromebooks in the last quarter to schools in the US.  How can that no be good for them?  Easily maintained machines at low prices.

Although this article is kind of bashing the people who think that you get what you pay for and you should go big on your technology but it’s not I am just highlighting that some people just don’t need an expensive machine with all the bells and whistles.  Sometimes you just want hassle free computing and that is what my little cheap Chromebook is for me.  You can see my thoughts after a week here.

What do you think is the race to bottom a good or bad thing?  Or should be just accept that people’s computing needs are different and what fits one person might not fit another

Dooms Day Bots What does it teach you?

This game mode from Riot is insane, but they are trying to teach you something in the game.  Can you guess what?  For me its objective control because you won’t be able to win team fights once the game goes on.  Although it’s a game mode that we come to know as a bit of fun and to mix things up to keep you interested.  However this game mode for me is aimed to teach the less skilful players objective control.

Now I will admit I’m in that bracket because I’ve spent the whole season in Bronze, but what I see most of the time in that level is people put emphasis on kills and not think too much about the objectives.  This a generalisation but I see it quite a lot and to be honest I have been guilty myself of tunnel version myself in some games.

My current record playing Doom Bots is passed the first difficulty level, the second difficult took to attempts and I’m yet to win the most difficult doom bots level after two attempts.  I have to admit I’ve had a few questionable builds because I’m trying to build with quick objectives take down not for the kills which is what are needed but then it turns out I don’t have the damage because I’ve gone for attack speed over damage at times.

How have you found the game mode?  Have you enjoyed it?

Craigslist Joe Documentary Review

I saw this pop up on my Netflix recommended and thought why not?  It is a documentary where by Joe Garner decides to go into the world, armed with only his passport, a toothbrush, a phone and a laptop.  With these items his plan was to use the power of Craigslist to survive the month of December, just go around experience as much as Craigslist has to offer and see whether technology is killing our sense of community or not.

For me this was an opportunity to try to see a positive documentary about the internet because all we tend to see in the news these days are the negative side of the internet.  This did have the chance to see the negative side of the internet but at the same time I couldn’t help but feel that there was more of a chance that this could turn into something positive.  These sort of documentary do intrigue me because it’s an experiment and the truth is although it hopes to educate people in some way, you never know what the true outcome of the experiment.  I don’t want to give too much away so I won’t go into too much detail, but what I will say is that you will be surprised to how much Joe managed to achieve.

He met so many people, from different forms of life.  Doing things to help others on the road to trying to survive on the generosity of others.  If you’re at a loose end I would recommend you checking this documentary out, I found it very inspirational.  I would give this documentary 7/10

Bet Angel Thoughts

Anyone that knows me knows I can be a bit of a Gambler so back before Christmas when I stumbled upon a video about Bet Angel.  I looked into and thought that was pretty cool.  It allowed me to bet on the market rather than the horse itself, which meant the need to read the form and make decisions and taking the time to learn everything about a horse for one race wasn’t needed.

So after getting the 14 day trial I was down £20 which was fine as it was a learning experience for me and I thought nothing of it, there was a chance to make more money but it had cost me one night out to find out it didn’t work for me.  As anything as well you got to remember any form of gambling holds a risk and I was quite prepared to risk that amount without worrying too much.   However of late, YouTube has been firing these videos back at me again, and I’ve been watching them over and over again, just trying to work out where I went wrong.  Betting on the markets, effectively becoming the bookmaker to me seems to be the way forward if you want to gamble because it’s limiting your risk.  So a while back when Bet Angel had an offer on for a day for 99p I remembered I had a license to allow me to use it for 24 hours just sat there and I’ve thought on this nice day I would give it ago again.

So armed with £10 just because I have a feeling I’m going to lose it again because watching these videos it makes it look easy and for the most part I guess it, however if I could make a profit it would be nice just to see that it does work.  I just can’t seem to get it to work out for even a minimal profit or break-even.  So as we stand I have set up a trailing stop and just seeing whether this will pull off for me.  So I guess my point in this article is you will see quite a lot of help on how to use the software and showing that it can make profits, but just be wary because I haven’t managed to pull of many if any profitable trades using it yet.


Skins Revisited

After reviewing the first season here it came to that perhaps I was doing it all wrong for this TV show because it should be divided into generations.  The main reason for this is because season 1 and 2 belong together and so on as they replace the cast and the characters every two years with the school years of people in college.

So generation one is pretty much as the first review went, I felt that it was fresh and different.  At the time of watching the TV show I could relate to it as it was about the time I was in sixth form and University, so quite a few the issues that were being discussed I could see happening around me.  What made it stand out was the character development.  However due to the previous review I won’t go too far with this generation.

The second generation was pretty much the same, but different set of characters with similar yet different issues.  The group was expanded to show the girls v boys and how each could lean of each other in different ways.  For me the huge thing that kept me wanting to watch this generation was Effy, the fact that there was one surviving character from the first season kept you invested.  You just knew there was something there ready to explode and you wanted to know when and how.  The one thing that did get me about this generation was the ending I was left wondering what?  I felt that it wrapped up in certain aspects but others weren’t completely closed.  The first generation other than Effy closed and was finished with and Effy although you thought there was something there it wouldn’t have matter if there wasn’t another season or not.  Where as there was just this feeling it should have gone on that little bit longer just finish off answering some questions.

Generation 3 however I can remember that this was the one that I lost interest in the series because there was just nothing there for me any more.  They hadn’t brought anyone new in the second generation that could come into the third generation and because of that I lost interest no matter how good it could have been I just lost interest and to be honest it was the same the second time around.  The main reason is part of the success of the TV show for me is the character development, and the third generation was just missing that link.

I think this was highlighted by the three feature-length episodes that were done as the final season of the show where they took only generation 1 and 2 cast members to see how they were doing in adult life.  I have to admit that it did answer the one question of the finale of the fourth season but other than that it was just really well done.  The insights into how these characters developed was awesome just to see how they dealt with bigger problems than before and to see how their priorities did or didn’t change.

If someone asked would I recommend this show I would say yes but miss out seasons 5 and 6.  I admit though I could be missing something there because I haven’t watch it all but a show like this just needs a link no matter how small it is in the main cast.  I give this show an 8/10 overall.  If you have any other thoughts on the show let me know.

Acer C720 a week on

Acer C720

To be honest nothing has really changed from my initial thoughts that can be read here, so I thought that I would try to consolidate those thoughts with real world situations that I found myself in or things to think about when using a Chromebook.

So which channel am I using?  This is something to consider because you can switch between them but you need to consider how you want to use your Chromebook.  Do you want a stable experience or do you want the latest features before they come out?  The answer for me was the stable experience, plus after doing some reading around it is advisable to do recovery images just in case something goes wrong with your Chromebook.  Although there is no instructions on how to do this on the Chromebook, you can do it by putting in chrome://imageburner/ in the address bar.  What this does is download the latest image for your Chromebook specifically from Google.  What does this have to do with what channel you use I hear you ask?  Well doing my reading I did notice that the majority of people were under the impression that you have to update this at least once every 2 updates because once you have updated it doesn’t like you to go back for security reason.  This is to do with verification boot and it could take some time to explain it all properly so it might be its on blog post in the future.  So that is the major reason I’m staying on stable because I want a hassle free experience with my Chromebook and don’t want to be making recovery images too often as the beta and dev channels update more often.  The other thing is if you do get a corrupted Chromebook and haven’t made this image don’t panic you can get it on Google’s support sites at any time just follow the instructions here.

A few other minor things that I noticed about the whole deal was the Google Drive offer but that’s got its own post the other day, so we won’t go into but you can see it here.

As for build and use this week.  I have to say the Acer C720 has blown me away, it does exactly what I want and quickly.  I am really pleased with it the battery has been great I’ve used it daily this week and only really charged it 3 times in 7 days.  I have to admit from each charge I was averaging about 6 hours but that is an average guess because it really does depend on your usage as I could have a plan site open or a Google Doc open full it says you have 8 hours plus and it does adjust itself in real-time based on the power being used at the time.  The other thing I would like to say, it does attract the finger prints and dust, but the keyboard is really comfortable.

I would recommend this very highly to anyone that wants a secondary machine, or can manage to do everything they want to do in Chrome.  If you can’t then get it at as a second machine and use Google’s own remote desktop plug-in I have used it with my desktop in order to play a little bit of Eve from the comfort of my sofa.

For a cheap low powered machine you can’t go wrong I give it 9/10 Google and Acer has done really well with this.  I might be putting together some more articles soon about it I don’t know yet.  However as problems arrive you will know about them.  If you have any tips or tricks for the Chromebook let me know in a comment below.