Reign Season 1 Review

Reign is a drama that is placed in the 15th Century and tells a slightly different story than most are used to.  The drama is concentrating on the early years of Mary Queen of Scots, that is currently in the French Court.

Reign gives the viewer nothing new in some respects because it does feel like a water down version of The Tudors due to the rating that they wanted to the show to get, but don’t let this write off the series straight away because it does leave you wanting more.  The major emphasis of the early part of the series is the way in which Mary gets torn between the two son’s of King Henry, Francis her betrothed and Bash his half brother.  This was really well done because you never really knew which brother she was going to end up with, as she generated feelings for both.  Bash offered something different for her because he is a bastard and he wasn’t the one that had to be careful and had a sense of independents that Frances didn’t have.  Reign allows the viewer to know that Mary is going to do what is right for her country and the choice isn’t really hers but with the twists over the story leaves a feeling of never being sure which one she is going to end up with on both sense of duty and from a love standpoint.

Halfway through the season the viewer finally finds out where her heart lies and where her duty is going to take her, but this isn’t the end of it the viewer sees the issues she then has to face with the aftermath.  Reign also does really well with the way that yes the story and drama centers around Mary however the way they have brought in other characters it means the drama isn’t stale and the viewer is intrigued by the people around Mary and their lives.


The acting is really well done with semi well-known stars.  The acting shows a difficult time with relatively young girls struggling with the cut throat way the world worked at that time.  All the characters are believable and make the viewer feel for them in some respects, even the villains that switch sides from time to time have their soft spots.


The story is no secret but, its part of a story that gets overshadowed by others.  Everyone is interested in Henry VIII and his stories, but this is quite refreshing.  The other thing this brings is the relatively unknown so for this reason, we can’t comment on how true to facts they are, but it does seem to feel right with the times.

Reign Season 1 gets a solid 7/10 just because it has some cliffhangers and the stories are very well put together with the feeling of just one more episode but sometimes it seems to lack those big suspense moments.  The cliffhangers, for the most part, are 3/4’s through the episode and that doesn’t instill the same feelings as if it’s not at the end of the episode except the last episode of the season.  If you have a Netflix subscription in the UK this is a must pick up especially if you’re a fan of The Tudors.

The Trailor can be seen here:

Hit & Miss TV Review

Hit & Miss is Sky Drama production about a Transexual Hitman.  Mia born Ryan seeming to have landed into a high-paying profession in order to pay for her operation as she is pre-op.  Where the story gets even more interesting, she gets a request to become a guardian for a family that has just lost their Mum.  Mia turns up and has to announce that she is one of the boys father while looking female.

Mia being a Hitam or contract killer people would expect her to be able dis-attach her feelings to hit the objective and for the most part she does.  The problem is all that confidence doesn’t seem to relate to her personal life and although you have Mia doing quite a strong profession she does seem quite insecure about her appearance and sexuality.  Which the viewer gets a good idea of the issues this conflicted character has as the series progresses.  This was achieved by some really good acting and, to be honest, a well-written story.  This was due to the well-timed family moments against Mia getting pulled back into the world because instead of saving for her operation now has to provide for a family.

Character development through this series is a common quality that most characters have because the viewer gets to see how Mia’s influence affects the family of which she has acquired.  There was quite a few issues that have been addressed in just 6 episodes and added such a different depth to the characters, that is so rarely seen in recent TV shows (for the most part because the TV producers expect the show to run for a few seasons).  As a viewer because the show seems quite fast paced the viewer might have trouble identifying how many issues are brought up in a subtle way.  As while writing the review more and more issues come to mind.


The acting was very well done in quite a grim environment for you felt all the issues that every character had. The major problem was John played by Vincent Regan wasn’t menacing enough as one of the major villains in the story although he did have a dominating aura he didn’t have that little bit extra the character could have had.

The Story

The story is solid and gives the characters free roam in some respects but with quite a few unanswered questions, the viewer doesn’t get enough answers in my opinion.

Hit & Miss deserves a mention and although covering a vast of subjects in life, gets a 4/10 because although it was really well put together and kept the viewer wanting to watch one more episode, the problem comes with the ending.  It did feel like it was left open and could have gone further, in some respects perhaps to the writers expected it to.

SOMA Game First Impressions

SOMA was a game that was gifted to me and I had no idea what it was about.  The problem I now have while trying to give my first impressions I still don’t really know what it is about.  I am torn between the type of game it is, it has given me quite a few scares and although seems very story based, it also seems quite an open world.  Which is something it has going for it, because after an hour and a half I am still trying to find my way around and what I am supposed to be doing.

This game does remind me quite a lot of Fallout New Vegas not because of the story on the genre it’s in but because of the play style.  I didn’t have much success with Fallout New Vegas much to my shame I ended up playing about 10 minutes of the game before I shelved it on my Xbox 360 and never went back to it.  SOMA, however, will be different because it has my interest, I didn’t feel as invested in Fallout New Vegas and the gaming community is probably shouting aloud at me on how can you not like Fallout?  The truth of it is, I like games that have a line to follow and for me Fallout was lacking enough direction at the time.

Overall I would say so far I am still confused about where the game is going, but the intrigue is there and the atmosphere is awesome.  I have taken to playing the game with headphones as opposed to TV Speakers just so that I can appreciate the music and atmosphere they have created and be completely submerged in the world.  As it stands SOMA sits at 7/10, not a must play but that is still just my gut feeling things could change as I get further into the game.

You can follow my Let’s Play from the playlist below if you’re interested in the development.  As always feel free to share your views in a comment below.

The Martian Movie Review

The Martian, for me Gravity but done even better.  That is quite a bold statement because of the success that Gravity saw but for me this movie just seemed to take that sort of story and then added so much more to it.

The movie starts with a team of Astronauts that have made it to Mars and then had to evacuate because of a storm and one man gets left behind.  The reality of the whole situation hits Mark that he might not get back to civilization because of the lack of resources to sustain himself until the next scheduled mission to mars.  The team that had left him behind and are not aware that he is alive and are feeling guilty for what has happened, and NSSA are holding back that they have found that he is alive.

After some back and throwing, they finally hatch a plan to send Mark supplies and allow him more time to live on Mars behind they can get another rocket up there to bring him back.  However, Mark has already worked out that he needed to be more self-sufficient because communication was nonexistent for a bit, and he has already started to grow his own potatoes.  As you can gather though there were some more complications and not everything is smooth sailing.

I hear you ask what makes this movie better than Gravity because the balance of comedy and drama was really well done.  Every adversity that Mark met it was met with a joke, and the cinema was laughing out loud, but the drama was really well put together as well because there was also tears in the screening.  I felt that acting was top notch as well not one person let the cast down.

I would give this movie a 9/10 because the humor was matched with great drama.  I really enjoyed the movie and everyone walking away from the cinema couldn’t find a bad word to say against the movie.  I would highly recommend you go to see this movie.


Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 Review

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 4 for me kept the same pace as the others before it with you getting more and more engrossed in the story but other than the huge development at the end, nothing sticks out in my mind.

It could of been because I was playing this episode in some sort of a rush because work or it could, on the other hand, be down to the writing and how well these games are put together, that although I really enjoyed the episode in the series there weren’t really many standout moments for me.

I found it quite funny though the way in which they did the scene leading up to the big trip back to Helos from Pandora, it was done in such away it could of been a reference to most space movies however for me rightly or wrongly it brought to mind Armageddon.  Although there was some action in the episode it took a break from the majority of it and concentrated on the story and developing the characters relationships a little.  You really did have a wide variety of ways you could unfold the story to a certain degree and although these weren’t huge decisions and story-altering they were when it came to the character development.  You could forge greater bonds or destroy them I felt in this episode and for the most part I strengthened them but being in the rush that I was and not quite remember certain decisions in the previous episodes I may have negatively affected one relationship.

The decision that stuck out most for me and could be the one of the biggest factors in the game so far, is the one at the end of the episode and I was quite surprised at it to be honest.  It was well worked because it’s not a cliffhanger in the traditional sense because it’s a definitive answer.  The question now becomes what happens now that, that decision has been made, this character now holds all the keys by the looks of things but as your telling the story being held captive, you know that it didn’t all end well.

Overall I would give this episode a 7/10 it isn’t for me as good as the previous ones because of the lack of standout moments however I don’t believe that it worthy of anything less because the story is so well put together and the sheer amount of enjoyment I got out of following this story with very little background knowledge of the universe.

One of the Family: 40 Years with The Krays Review

One of the Family: 40 Years with The Krays Book Cover

One of the Family: 40 Years with The Krays by Maureen Flanagan what an assume read, that is why there hasn’t been much happening on the blog because every spare minute I’ve been reading this book.  As a fan of The Krays story as stated in my Legend review, after seeing the movie it reinspired me to see what else was out there because it had been a few years since I had read or watched anything about them.

If I am honest part of the reasoning behind this was that I had thought I’d seen as much as I could about the story, we all know the facts and if I am honest most of the stuff I had read and seen towed the same line.  However this book when I noticed it when searching The Krays on Amazon it had something different reading the description as it wasn’t someone that was part of the firm or someone that was involved in the criminal world, so thought why not could be interesting to see another person’s thought on the legend, myths and all.   Before I get into the book in detail I would just like to say that it was for me refreshing and honest, and a really easy read.

The book itself and the story focused on the relationship between Maureen and Violet Kray, and although it talks about the Twins and Charlie the concentration of the story is Violet Kray and the impact lifestyle and the outcome of the Twins activities had on their mother.  This was huge for me because although it was the same information that I knew about the story, but now they truly put a personal and emotional spin on the whole thing.  Maureen even manages to balance the arguments really well because although she is trying to show another side of The Krays she isn’t trying to defend their antics like other books have.  She on the other toss of the coin doesn’t through them under the bus like others do, it’s just her view as a Krays insider but a shielded insider.   As she put it Violet saw her as the daughter she never had and in some respect that was right by the end of the book you could see that even the Twins did see her as a sister like person in their life.

The book covers how she met The Krays, that she had a stronger and better relationship with Charlie out of the brothers.  The one thing you get from the book is that Violet was the complete opposite to her twins she was warm and welcoming, just wanting to mother her boys and people, she cared about that was the centre of her world and what it did to her when they went away.  The way in which she over compensated for Ronnie and his illness, at the expense of Charlie and to a lesser extent Reggie.  It just gave you an insight, that even Maureen could sense the fear that The Twins could inspire but after making such a good friendship with Violet and making promises she stuck by them until the end.  Another aspect of the book was she touched not only what happened with The Krays, but all the major points in her own life.  Some Kray books although they say it’s me and my association with The Krays, for me the book is all about the Krays.  This book for me just strikes the balance, because she is telling her own story too.

Overall I would give this book 9/10 it might not be for everyone, but as a fan of the story of the Krays and the world of crime you may want to catch this one.  It shows how they hid things from certain people and how their activities had caused problems for the people around them.  I really enjoyed the read and found it really easy going.

The book can be found here: One of the Family on Amazon

Grammarly Review

Grammarly is a service in which helps people with their Spelling and Grammar, which is nothing new but what is different is it has a Web Browser plugin.  Suffering from dyslexia it does provide some obstacles when producing documents and blog posts, so when a friend of mine mentioned Grammarly I thought that I would give it ago.

What makes this different to other programs and services I have used in the past is that as far as I have seen if there is a text input in a web browser then it works.  I must admit I haven’t tested that extensively, but it seems to work with Twitch, Facebook, Google Mail and WordPress.  Being across all these platforms is a godsend to me as we know that all the main browsers have spell checkers but they don’t go that extra and check your grammar.

You can produce documents in their own website you really want and it does load into it if you click on to fix issues, but it doesn’t seem to store it on their server even though you do have option to store documents there.  The major bugbear of the service is that you have to sign up for the service which isn’t a huge problem, but a number of emails I have had from them is unbelievable.  They are pushing their premium service, as the free version only gives you basic rules of grammar but I have found that enough in my case.  The premium service works out with a 20% discount $139 a year and me that seems a little expensive for my needs, not that I wouldn’t recommend paying for this awesome service and paying for it if you’re a professional writer.  However where I am at with my writing and work I have no need for the extra and can’t warrant paying such a high amount for the service.  The Premium Service also adds other features such as Plagiarism and will just enhance people’s blogs and writing in the public environment.

Overall I would give the service a 9/10 and a must pick up for anyone that does a lot of writing.  As the free service and even the paid service if you’re in the professional environment.  However if your not going to go premium you are probably better off signing up with an email that is used for the newsletters and emails where you might not be sure about giving out your email because you need to be prepared for marketing mail.

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 3 Review

Tales from Borderlands Episode 3 just keeps the series going and, to be honest, I am not being let down by Telltale at all.  After a slow start, each episode just engages me more and the need or want to play more gets greater and greater.  I think it’s more to do with the genre, but the story just holds you there.

Tales from Borderlands Episode 3 really did keep up the pace where the action was concerned and even had me failing multiple times where the controls and combat are concerned.  I think its to do with how slow the controls can be it lulls you into a false sense of security because you know that for the most part you just have to pick a decision on dialogue.  Then all of a sudden you have to be quicker in order to fire a weapon or defend yourself.

The story developing and know your building on relationships with each of the main characters, but what amazes me is the way in which the comedy remains in quite bleak circumstances.  This episode they continue to have their backs against the wall with more of Fiona’s past being the biggest of obstacle in this episode, that being said these new villains or forces against you are now becoming everyone’s problem.  The only downside to this episode for me is that the decisions you make don’t seem to have as much of impact as they did in episode 2 in my opinion.

The relationships that seemed to be budding is the Gortys and Loader Bot.  You are also left wondering whether there is something button Rhys and Sasha, as the connection between Rhys and Fiona seems to have simmered down a little.

Overall I would give this episode of Tales from the Borderlands an 8/10 because although the decisions don’t seem to have as big of an impact of the story in this episode as episode 2, the comedy and action scenes were second to none I really enjoyed this episode and I am really looking forward to the next episode.

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2 Review

Tales from the Borderlands Episode 2 continues on from Episode 1 as you’d expect, but I have to say it seemed to fix some of the issues that I had with the series right out of the gate.  One of the biggest problems I had with Episode 1 was the fact that the main character I just didn’t connect with.  The story at that point was showing the main characters Rhys and Vaughn to actually be on the evil side of the game which I have no problem with but with a game like this you want to have empathy for the characters that you are playing and this was fixed in Episode 2 for me.

The main reason for this for me was the way in which they actually used the villains of the story for want of a better word.  The impact that Hugo Vasquez was huge because it gave you a villain and made Rhys more of a likeable character because you can now see the proper battle lines drawn.  On the other side, now you see Fiona’s past catching up with her and that adds another dynamic to the story because now both sides of the universe are actually having the same issues.  Rhys, for example, is from Hyperion the evil within the world as they have kept people in Pandora down and destroyed it from what I can understand.  Fiona is a from Pandora and a Con Artist, but she is just trying to survive.  You see Rhys in another way during this episode he might be part of the higher power, but realistically he is doing the same just trying to survive just in a different set of circumstances.

The action in this episode kept up the pace of the first episode but somehow managed to add the depth to character more than what the first episode did.  The character development was huge for me and I felt that the decisions that I made in this episode had a greater impact to the story and my characters lives.  Overall I would give this episode a strong 8/10.  It’s made huge strides to make me become more engulfed in the series.


Tales from the Borderlands Episode 1 Review

Tales from the Borderlands is a game from Telltale that is based on the games by 2k called Borderlands obviously but, to be honest, I don’t know much about the series but as many of you know if you follow the blog I am a huge fan of the Telltale series really enjoying The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us.

Hyped by the fact that this is another Telltale game I had to pick it up even with my lack of knowledge of the universe and do a lets play.  The biggest problem I seem to have with the series I don’t feel quite as close to the characters as I have with other series.  Whether this will change as times goes on I really can’t tell you however because it’s not so much a survival or investigation story it doesn’t seem to instantly pull you in like the others did.  I think that it has more to do with the emotional connection and empathy with the characters more than anything and in this episode the main characters do seem to be on the side of evil.

That said though I did feel the story was quite well told as you come to expect from Telltale and that unlike other Telltale games you were thrown straight into the action to more extent.  The combat seems to be higher on the agenda in this game which is true to the original game and I think that is what Telltale does so well adjusting even the most action pack game or story into a story driven game.

Overall I really enjoyed the episode and I will be carrying on with series but I do have to say that it wasn’t the strongest opening episode that they have put together.  I would give this episode a 6/10 just because it has intrigued me to want to follow on the story, but it has completely hooked me in.

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