Games have taken a back seat

It’s been a while since, I’ve written a blog post so thought I’d get one out quickly just to say where I am with my gaming especially with my list to complete during 2014 here.

If I am honest it has taken a back seat with my new enthusiasm for spreadsheets (Eve).  The time that I have spent gaming has either been getting my first win of the day on League of Legends, or Eve.  Just because lately I have been quiet low on energy and wanting either games I can play without having to think about it too much.  Not saying you don’t with those to games, but I just feel like they are second nature to me especially in League of Legends.  I did try to start Bio Shock but after realising it wasn’t compatible with a controller on the PC, it did put me off but over the next week I am going to force myself, to start one of the games on my list.

It will probably be BioShock Infinite or something like that, just to get myself back into the list, as I know that its controller compatible so the controls won’t be as much of a problem.


Captain America Winter Solider Movie Review

I had high hopes for this movie, not so much for the movie itself but because of the Marvel Franchise.  I feel like we pick apart movies quite a lot especially for ones like this where it might just tie in with other movies mentioning no names but the Avengers.  However sometimes I feel that we need to take a step back and just remember it has been based on a comic and things can happen and they might not necessarily be in order.  I will not go too far into this because it will spoil the movie but it is just a point I want you to keep in mind after you see this movie because some friends were annoyed about something that they did.

As for this movie, I felt the storyline was actually really good.  Simple but well executed, it gave some real depth to the Captain America character from my point of view as I never read the comics I have only really seen him in movies.  It also saw someone take on their own destiny in the wake of having some real self-doubt issues.  There were some twists and turns along the way, with some annoying talk beside me, which kind of ruined some parts for me.  The major reason was that it was comments like “they can’t kill him/her” and your sat there thinking while it seems they just have just wait and see.  Although I am not that green between the eyes I was thinking the same thing, however it just did not need to be said.

The acting I thought was up to the normal high standard and the special effects were good, that being said though I saw the movie in 2D and did not see anything in there to say that I wanted to see it in 3D.

Overall, I would give this movie a solid 8/10 and I really enjoyed it.  It is the typical Marvel movie and I would highly recommend going to see it in 2D.  If you get chance to see it in 3D go for it but I would not say it is a movie that you will see an advantage for the extra price.

Eves Away

Flying with the Fleet

Flying with the Fleet

So for the last 48 hours I’ve been playing Eve near enough solidly because of one thing.  A streamers community, I had followed this guy on twitch on and off for a few months first when I started Eve.  However he wasn’t streaming as often as he is now, so I wasn’t in his community for want of a better phrase and what a difference it makes.

I feel that I was a bit hard on Eve in my last few posts, and it has the nickname of spreadsheets in amongst a group of friends, however by being part of the community and running in fleets it really does make the game.  I am no longer just mining Hi Sec I am going on level 4 missions with a Frigate.  To anyone that doesn’t play the easiest way of describing that is that you’re doing nearly top-level missions in first level equipment.  It’s not a great example some of the hardcore Eve players might disagree but its the easiest way of putting it.  I have lost about 200 mil in isk in about 2 days, though with buying new ships getting them blown up or buying the wrong fitting and miss selling them.

Which are huge mistakes but at the same time I am really enjoying it, just got to spend some time mining just to get me back up to about 500 mil isk and I’ll be happy.  I think that’s my comfortable wallet balance for the time being.

Need for Speed Movie Review

What did I expect from this movie?  Not a lot and what I did expect was to be able to sit there and just enjoy a movie for what it was.  That was exactly like it was and it was kind of like Fast and Furious but different at the same time.

The acting was pretty good and the story line was ok, but for me it was the comedy that made the movie.  It had a serious theme to it but it was just well broken up by humor.  The car chasing and special effects were really good if there was any,  Aaron Paul did really well in his role, as he has been in Breaking Bad he played the out of control kid and in this movie he was the silent tough guy sort of persona.  Although different I felt he pulled it off well and all the characters, seemed to well thought out.

I can only give this movie 4/10 though, because although its entertainment value is high the acting was good.  I just didn’t see anything different in the movie there were very little if any twists in the storyline.  Some of the things that happened just left you asking really, of which is ok but not in a movie where its best in some what of a real world environment.  Would I recommend seeing it?  If you haven’t got something to see and like the Fast and Furious,  I would say yes or if you just want to see a movie, that will make you laugh in places and not involve too much thinking with fast cars all of the above makes it worth watching.

Going Back to Eve Online 24 Hours In

Well I decided to bite the bullet as they say and subscribe again to Eve for a month.  I feel lost, for some reason the communities that I was apart of aren’t there and the bookmarks I had in the browser are not there either.  It turns out all that stuff is stored locally and being a fresh install I’ve lost the lot.

The aim of playing Eve was to get back into it, and try to explore parts of the game I hadn’t tried first time around.  However by just not having it how I had it set up in the first place has kind of put me right off because I did meet some nice people when I first started playing.

I’ve queued some skills where I think I want to go and contacted some new corps about joining just to see if I can get some of those communities back and get on with the game.  The one has been really good and got back to me and said we are at war at the moment so we are not taking any new comers but after that if I wanted to reapply that they would be happy for me too.

All in all not a completely negative experience I just don’t know whether Eve is really for me because I feel quite lost in such a big universe and alone for want of a better word.  I was happy mining and reading my book last time because I was generally in a fleet and talking to others while doing it.  This time I don’t think I will be so lucky.


Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Review

This is a spin-off to Alan Wake and I have already written the review for that here if you haven’t already read it and want to.  I don’t quite know what to say for this game because although it was a mini spin-off and I did play it straight after the first I just felt this was lacking empathy with the main character like you had with the first.

The major thing for me in the first was the story and the way it was told you could really feel for the characters in this one.  The gameplay is similar to the original and for me the graphics and cut scenes were better produced.

Overall I would give this 4/10 just because the major selling point of the series for me was story and I felt that this was lacking, even with the better graphics and cut scenes they really don’t make up for it.

Although this is not part of my gaming list for 2014 it was clumped together with the original if you haven’t seen my games to complete list for 2014 here it is


Thinking about going back to Eve Online

This is one of the games that isn’t on my list for 2014 because I only spent about a month playing it.  I feel that there is a need to explain the back story of this game.  I was playing World of Warcraft for years and I was more about gold making than anything else so when a mate got into Eve he asked why not give it ago?  The reason for this is because quite a huge part of Eve is to do with economy and making the in-game currency isk.  For the first month I had a bet going with a mate that I wouldn’t be able to make enough isk to buy a plex, but I managed to do it.  After that though the game fell off because this mate, that is quite typical he got bored and moved onto other games so being left in the universe on my own I kind of let it slip.

So I hear you ask why are you considering going back?  Well my mate hasn’t wanted to go back but while realising I need to get on with reading the book series of Ice and Fire it dawned on me while playing Eve I made huge progress reading the first book Game of Thrones.    So with that in mind I started to watch a few streams and remember although my mate wasn’t playing I did meet some nice people in the game as well and probably didn’t give it a good enough chance after completing the bet and my mate leaving the game.

Although it’s not something that you want from a game but it is possible to multi-task in Eve because you can mine safely enough and make isk while reading or doing something else.  This isn’t the only reason for going back though because if I do I am going to try to experience more of the game other than just mining.  That being said though with my list of games that need my attention and the fact it is a subscription based game I don’t know whether I really want to commit to it.

What are your thoughts on Eve?  Or any MMO at the moment?


300: Rise of an Empire Movie Review

I went into this movie thinking it was a sequel to 300 and for the most part it is but don’t think it will carry on from where 300 left off.  Trying not to give too much away but it is kind of showing the events of 300 but from a different view and gives even more depth to 300.

The movie itself though is really good, even though it added depth to 300 you can watch this movie even if you haven’t seen 300 because it gives you enough to understand what is going on.  I have to say I really enjoyed the movie I haven’t got many faults with it, because it was just an awesome action movie.   That said it has a strong enough story that means that you don’t have to be happy with just blood and fights but it always helps.

The acting was on par with the original as well.  I thought Eva Green performance was 10/10 but the lead role Sullivan Stapleton I didn’t feel the connection as much with his character like I did with Gerald Butler in the original.

Would I say this movie was worth it? Yes I would quite happily give this movie a 9/10 because the few problems I have with the movie wasn’t anything really but pulls it away from 10/10.  Those negative points would give too many spoilers so I will leave it there but see if you can guess what the negative points were for me.

7 Years Old

While sat here in the sun with my Jack Russell and a coffee.  I had a look at my domain statistics just see when it was due for renewal and it amazed me to realise I have owned for 7 years this month.

While thinking back through the 7 years that I have had this domain and what I have done with it, I had some mixed emotions because things have been and gone.  The problem with me is that I have to have the latest and greatest, I have the urge to try new technologies and yes that is good but it also has its drawbacks.  In those 7 years I have always been doing one project or another but it hasn’t always been on Total Reach or it has been trying different platforms on Total Reach.  While Total Reach itself hasn’t really changed over the years its always been for the most part my blog, its just I’ve had down time from it deciding to go with other platforms like Blogger and Tumblr.  Or changing system wide things that has meant I’ve lost my content.

With this reflection I’ve made me decision and that is to make sure to stick with WordPress and Total Reach for the future.  I don’t know how long for but make an effort just to stick with it so I can look back and have something that shows the changes in my life, or the difference in content I was producing over time.  I know that for a prime example Total Reach started off with Technology news and then went into current affairs.  Nowadays its game related but although I know the stages I went through I think it would be quite cool just to see the content.  With that trip down memory lane I think its time to sign off as Jake (the Jack Russell) is chewing something he shouldn’t :p

Initial Thoughts on League of Legends Team Builder

This was quite interesting last night after saying that I was burnout.  I had to try this game mode as it is in beta for the next couple of days and I have to say I am really impressed.

Although I wasn’t sure when they mentioned it because I thought that it took away some of the flexibility the game has when in champion select.  That said after playing some games with both loses and wins I have to say it does seem to be more positive.  The toxicity doesn’t seem to be there as much, because out of the 5 games I played I think that I had one toxic player.  That sort of thing means I am happy with the game because you’re not going to be arguing who’s playing who and where.  It seems to put people in a better mood, because they have the champion in the role that they want.

Queue times wasn’t too bad early on but towards the afternoon they started to get a little longer.  For me though it doesn’t matter as much because your going to get a more positive experience when playing and if Riot decide to use this instead of Normal Blind Pick I would it would decrease times because there will be a higher volume of players using the new function.  The only thing I would like to see in the new way of forming teams is the ability to do a mixture of party and randoms because at the moment it’s either a full party of 5 invited or randoms no in the middle.

Overall the beta for me has been a positive experience and I really do hope that Riot implement this permanently just with the addition of being able to do a mixture of pre made and randoms because I know myself that it is hard to get a full team together.