Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3 “High Sparrow” Review

Episode 2 left us with a load of questions and the characters the question that was on everyone’s mind was are we going to get some answers? The answer to that question would be we get some of those answers and the morale of the story is to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. Words that were used by Jon Snow and was very fitting for the same mentality was being used all over Westeros this episode.

As a review but more of a recap there will be spoilers

Jon Snow is now the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and he has found himself in an awkward position in the fact he was groomed for the role by the previous Lord Commander but the older guard in the Night’s Watch do not see him as the next in line, which leaves him in the situation where he needs to show them that he’s serious about leading the Night’s Watch and stamp his Authority down. However that isn’t his first problem to deal with in this episode, he needs to deal the presences of Stannis as the Wall hasn’t got the resources to feed his man and the Night’s Watch. It has been a pleasure to see Jon develop into a leader and a man of honour like his Father before him. He does decline Stannis’s offer of becoming Lord of WInterfell but Davos gives Jon food to thought when he gets Jon’s new Steward asked to tell us the oath where it says you will protect the kingdom. Will Jon go North? That is still undecided but what is decided is that Jon now has the respect of the Night Watch where he makes Alliser Throne the 1st Ranger and then beheaded someone when they didn’t follow orders.

Jon getting ready for the beheading

Cersei is another character that is keeping her enemies close because she seems to be making a huge effort with Margaery trying to get on with her, due to the fact that Tommen is married to her. The question for me is who is going to win this battle as the power has shifted, because Margaery managed to persuade Tommen that Cersei might be happier at Casterly Rock.

Jon Snow isn’t the only Stark to step up this episode because Sansa Stark was brought back to Winterfell by Littlefinger to mary Ramsay Bolton. Sansa obviously didn’t really want to go back but after a good pet talk by Littlefinger convinces her of what she needs to do and she returns to WInterfell where we see Reek or Theon Greyjoy. When Reek sees Sansa you see the look where you are starting to see Theon Greyjoy come back through but that something that we will be wondering for a little longer is whether Theon is going to come back or will he remain Reek?

Littlefinger’s Pet Talk to Sansa

Ayra Stark is doing what she does best this episode and its the doing what she needs to survive and we found out a little more about the mystery temple that she finds herself in. They seem to be people who wish to have no face, meaning no identity which is kind of the opposite to Ayra Stark. This seems to be funny to say as she has spent so long trying to keep herself safe and hiding her identity but as all of her family she is proud of who she is and although hides who she is deep down you know that she knows her own identity but this episode you see her almost let that go. She was told that they still see Ayra Stark and she gets rid of all her possessions and close, but when it came to Needle she just couldn’t and to be honest I am glad she didn’t because if that went for me you’d taken the whole identity of that character away. Needle is hidden away and she remains one character that I really want to keep an eye on.

Ayra as she tries to let everything go

Overall I really enjoyed this episode as I do every week but the speed of it was just right this week I don’t think I could have asked for a better episode. Especially with the ending where Tyrion gets kidnapped right at the end by Jorah, and the only thing that hints to where he is taking him is to the Queen but who’s the Queen?

Feel free to discuss the developments below and let me know what character’s journey has entertained you the most.

WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Review

One of the Pay-per-views that you just feel that the WWE should drop in some respects because although the matches are extreme rules because of its PG rating the content isn’t all that extreme. It could be however the age difference between myself and the fact that I am not moving on to the new or younger generation of WWE fans this might be what they consider extreme rules but I myself remember the days that Cactus Jack and HHH went into a cell and both were busted ear to ear and although you still have those matches and we all know it’s not real per say it added authenticity to the programme.

Although I had a good idea what was on the card for this pay per view I have to admit right now that it is the first one in about a year that I have not watch the previous RAW just to get the final cliffhangers in the saga, due to the fact that I have slowly been going off the WWE, I don’t think it’s because of the lack of talent on the roster but it’s just too predictable at the moment there isn’t really an element of surprise who’s going to go for who and who’s not.

Possible Spoilers passed this point

Now let’s get down to business the stand out matches for me was Dean Ambrose v Luke Harper, Big Show v Roman Reigns. These were the stand out matches because in my opinion they were really well done, you could feel the intensity of the Big Show and Roman and you could feel that the two guys really was out there to get the win. If I am honest it has been one of the better matches I have seen from the WWE in a long time and the ending was pretty fitting with the use of a table to hold down one of the competitors. Although not the first time someone has used items to hold down people when in a last stand match however this was new to use the announcer’s table to do it.

Roman Reigns trapping the Big Show under the Announcement Table

The reason that Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper really made it was the way in which the match was done it could have been one of the longest one on one matches that WWE has had because they left the arena for an hour and the cameras didn’t follow. Which kind of goes back to my earlier rant that when the street fights did break out into the street of yesteryear the cameras would follow although I did like the gimmick of Luke Harper driving off only for Dean Ambrose to drive back and continue the match an hour later. Each had done their homework on each other meaning that they reversed some of each other rules and I would say that it was one of the more aggressive and deranged matches on the card and one worth catching up with.

Kane standing over both Randy Orton and Seth Rollins

Now to the main event if I am honest I like it, I wouldn’t say it was a standout match but it was put together and the whole thing with the internal problems that The Authority are having with Kane and Rollins did add the extra dimension to the match with him at ringside never quite sure which way he was really going to go, but in true Kane style he came into line but in his own way. It has left us with an interesting RAW next week for the fall out of Kane’s actions I think. Overall I would give this pay per view a 7/10 because it was ok but I have to admit although some good points I am losing interest in the WWE again.


Better Call Saul – Season 1 Episode 2 “Mijo” Review

The first episode of Better Call Saul was a bit confusing for a Breaking Bad fan and felt quite a bit disjointed for the most part in the first episode but could they keep up the speed of the cliffhanger in episode 2 find out here.

Definite Spoilers Alert

The Cliffhanger at the end of the first the episode was what kept us interested in the show, and the beginning of the second episode did a quick recap on what had happened. Strangely enough it wasn’t really a recap as you see on other TV shows, where you see previously on they made it part of the second episode which I thought was counter productive that said however it was a good way of doing it because after a week it brought back the suspense.

Saul finds himself at the door of a gangster type where you think that he’s killed the goons that Saul found to do the scam, in which it turns out that they had got the wrong person and while it seem Saul has talked his way out of the predicament after a tense discussion between him and the gangster, he finds himself in the garage where the gangster has hogged tied the goons up just as it seems that they are getting out without a scratch one of the goons than grasses him up as being the brains of the outfit. This then results in them all being put into the back of a van and find themselves in the desert in a very precarious position. Saul manages after a few heated discussions to get himself safe and the goons getting away with one broken leg each, as Saul is rushing them into hospital the one remarks of how bad of a lawyer he was and then he says he’s the best as he got them off a death sentence and to be honest he had.

The next half of the episode is just Saul rushing here there and everywhere in court taking on legal aid cases in order to pay a huge bill that he needs to pay. Rinse and repeat over and over again. As he is about to burn out he gets back to his office and hopes there is a message on his phone and there isn’t but he gets a visitor and that is where the episode ends with him getting a deal put forward.

Overall the jury is still out with this show but I wouldn’t write it off just yet as the pass of the show seems to be picking up. If it allows the viewer to continue on the story and have definitive route or clear up whether it’s before or after Breaking Bad I think it has the potential to be a great show.

The Avengers – Age of Ultron Review

The Avenger Series has always been highly anticipated amongst the superhero and comic book fans alike because it brings together the most popular characters of the Marvel Franchise and let’s be honest The Avenger Assemble didn’t disappoint so why would Age of Ultron?


The Avengers Age of Ultron Poster

There will be spoilers ahead.

The movie starts with the Avengers all coming together and to fight a creation of their own, due to the fact they stumble upon another form of Artificial Intelligence other than Jarvis you see the greedy in certain people, mainly Tony Stark who convinces Bruce Banner that this A.I. would be the best thing for earth. Bruce and Tony end up going to a party to celebrate after the success of recovering such an artifact leaving Jarvis to carry on the work. As the party gets to the stage where people try to pick up Thor’s hammer and seemingly all good, Iron Man’s army comes up and turns on them as the A.I. that was found was stronger than Jarvis or so it seems, and has resulted it being about to morph itself into the Iron Army.

The new entity is after world peace, the same as what The Avengers are after and it is considered the end game, which is why Stark pushed so hard to use the new A.I. but in order to get World Peace or even Universal Peace it saw The Avengers a threat to that, which in turn meant that it’s main goal was to destroy them.  It enlisted the help of two new characters that have special powers, a brother and sister which if I am honest I think they came as a package and the real power was the sister.  The Scarlet Witch had telekinesis powers and the A.I. had the sense that just destroying and defeating The Avengers wouldn’t be enough because the public would see them as martyrs and cause an uprising not actually adopting the new A.I. as the new protective power to keep peace.

Tony Stark Contemplating the Damage that he may of caused

It was interesting to watch as they were played off against each other, and even though they knew what what the enemy was trying to achieve they still took Bruce Banner with them even though he is part of the team you have got wonder where the sense in that was, as someone who can’t actually control their powers and it is being driven by anger there was a self destruct button there with a huge warning sign.

The Scarlet Witch looks angry

Overall I would say that as with all sequels it just wasn’t quite as good as the original of its generation, but I would say it’s still a must watch because it explored the individuals personalities more with some awesome action scenes and left you wondering what was next for The Avengers. Mainly due to the fact that there is now a new class but you got the feeling although done and a fitting end to some of the old class that they could just come back at any point in time. This movie had some great comedic points along with that everlasting question of what is going to happen next. When asked what I’d give this movie I originally said 8/10 but I think on reflection it will make it up to 9/10. If we don’t see some of the original class again well done on an amazing run.


Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 2 “The House of Black and White” Review

The jury was out with the first episode of the season, but the beginning of the second episode really picked up from an action standpoint.  In true Game of Thrones style though the consequences or discussion of the cliffhanger with Jon Snow was left until the viewer was halfway through episode really.

Ayra Stark stood outside the Mystery Temple

There will be spoilers in this review.

The action was brought on by Brienne of Tarth and Podrick stumbling on Sansa Stark with Littlefinger in a tavern, the problem becomes when Sansa and Littlefinger refuse her services.  In true Game of Thrones style Brienne doesn’t take kindly to the refusal and after all the commotion it left me wondering what it had actually achieved, I am guessing it was a distraction to force Littlefinger and Sansa to be on the move and allow Brienne to follow them.  While a good plan it also begged the question of why couldn’t Brienne just wait outside and follow them from a safe distance.

The consequence for Jon Snow was actually quite strange because they weren’t any sort of negative consequences in the slightest. Stannis actually asked him if he would become Jon Stark and become the Lord of Winterfell mainly because Stannis knows that if he has a chance at the throne he needs someone who can control the North and in order to do that he needs a northerner. Jon as a problem though even though its everything he ever wanted he knows that he has taken an oath to the Wall and while Stannis offers the opportunity to become Lord it has been decided that a new Commander is needed on the wall and Jon has been elected to the highest role at the Wall, so the big question is which one is he gone to take?

The other huge development is Jamie and Cersi Lannister and the secret mission, you see Cersi up to her old tricks of blackmail and manipulation, in order to get Jamie to do her will. The other thing you see how she is trying to take control of the situation being the mother of the king that is too young really to rule with no hand she is trying to take that role. The problem is her gender and also that she although managing to manipulate some members of the small council her Uncle was not to be budged and has decided to go back to Casterly Rock.

Ayra Stark is also surrounded by mystery going to some strange temple and not really understanding what is in there or why she’s there, so going to be leaving that alone for the time being as it’s going to be featured further. Daenerys also had a tough time of it this episode because she is trying to rule groups of people with a democracy that aren’t really ready for it and you see her lose control and as she thinks things can’t get any worse, her dragon appears that was missing but flies off as if she has no control over it.

Overall this episode was quite fast-moving with some real twists and developments. Feel free to share what you thought of the latest episode of Game of Thrones.

Better Call Saul – Season 1 Episode 1 “Uno” Review

Better Call Saul is the spin-off of Breaking Bad, that focuses on the life of the dodgy lawyer that came good in the end for Walter White.  Spin offs can be worrying due to the fact that they never live up to the success of the original show.

Better Call Saul

Possible Spoilers

The show starts off with some sort of flashback because you see Saul working in a coffee shop feeling seemingly nervous about everything and then he goes back to his place and watches an old commercial of himself as a lawyer, although there was nothing to tell you it was a flashback and to be honest it left the viewer for the entire episode wondering about the timing of the show.  The reason for this is there was no writing on the screen to what time it was whether when the show cut from the black and white scenes and to him as a lawyer whether time had moved, the show seemingly left it up to the viewer.

During the episode you see Saul go from doing the lower ends of criminal work as in representing people with no legal representation to a high-end lawyer in his own right and neither of them really going in the way he would want.  You do get the sense that Saul is driven by money and the fact that he has none would suggest that it is set before Breaking Bad due to the fact he seemed a lot more together in that show.  Even though all these cases and the opening scene seem a bit disjointed the cases themselves he deals with during the episode kind of gives you an idea of why he turned so bent.

After doing the legal aid he is subject to a con attempt and to be fair to the acting you really do believe that his day has gone from bad to worse.  The con was a skateboarder running straight into his car in order to get an insurance scam, but what is interesting although he sniffs them out towards the end of the episode he sorts out their help in a scheme.

Overall the episode felt slow and clunky but redeemed itself at the end with a cliffhanger, at the moment the jury is out to whether its watch worthy with that said though, for me breaking bad was a slow started.  The problem I feel is you know something about the character already and although he shows the same tendencies in both programs the transition is just difficult in this episode.

Daredevil Season 1 Presented by Netflix Review

Daredevil is the latest offering from Marvel Studios and a Netflix Original production.  Daredevil is a character from the Marvel Universe that hasn’t had a huge push in recent years as he isn’t part of The Avengers one would think.  He is a blind character that uses his heightened senses in order to take on the honest residents of New York City and what adds more to the character is he is a lawyer.

There is a chance of spoilers in this review.

There has been a movie that was made using the Daredevil starring Ben Afleck but in most cases it didn’t receive the best reviews, but this TV Show just might change it around for the character.  It starts off with Matt (Daredevil) as a youngster and explaining the accident that caused him to go blind, and while the TV series moves on there are flashbacks that show the other events that lead him to want to become a good force for the city and Hell’s Kitchen.  The focus in these flashbacks are mainly to do with the relationship of his father and how for better or worse his father instilled in him that you must not give up and no matter how hard you’re hit you have to keep getting up and fighting back.

The stand out point to this TV Show was how conflicted the villain and hero was, it really added another dimension to the superhero genre I think.  While the show continued through the season you saw how both Matt and Fisk questioned themselves and where they stood, at one point Fisk the villain had the viewer realising that he thought he was doing the right thing.  The problem mainly with Fisk although at this point you saw his intentions were good, it was the way in which he was trying to achieve these goals maintained on the wrong side of the law.  Matt on the other hand, found himself with the issues that he was pushing his friends away trying to keep them safe and also the thought that he might have to kill someone in order to get justice and he was sat there wondering whether the law could actually bring someone so corrupt down.  This is an obvious one for some people, what is so bad with the hero killing the villain?  The problem was asked then though Matt up until this point hadn’t killed anyone and if he did would it change him?  It was crossing that line and he was trying to distinguish whether he was really better than Fisk and the people he was fighting against.

Daredevil Poster from Netflix

The balance of drama and action in this show was just right, it had slow times and probably wasn’t as fast as The Flash moving but I found that the drama sections that slowed up the episodes and season was well placed and added more to the story.  The drama added more dimension to the characters and allowed the viewer to show empathy for all characters even the ones that they were suppose to hate.  The action was well done and the martial arts view of the character was also really well put together but interestingly enough towards the end Matt turned to his roots of his father and showed more of a boxing style of fighting.  Would this show get a recommendation it definitely would however if you’re looking for a fast past superhero show this might not necessarily be the one for you, but Daredevil gets a very well deserved 8/10.  Interestingly enough it has been left with the possibility of continue or ending which was interesting due to the fact TV Shows turned to leave the season wide open or slammed shut depending on what their plans for it was however this one was different, it could go either way.

Feel free to comment below and share your reaction to the show.


Norton Security 2015 Review

Symantec the parent company of Norton is one of the market leaders in Internet Security and has been a very up and down relationship with its customers, due to the fact up until the 2009 version of its software was very heavy on the system.  That all changed though and it has slowly become one of the lightest suites available on the market but still has the stigma of its previous negative reputation.

Norton Security’s Resource Usage

Norton is one of the major security companies that haven’t actually adopted the H.I.P.S (Host Intrusion Prevention System) method of detecting zero day malware and have opted to stay with behavior blocker with the use of its cloud system.  This means that although if something isn’t in its definitions that it will monitor its behaviour and check it against its cloud system in order to determine what sort of file it is.  This isn’t necessarily the safest way of doing things because HIPS will just say you’re an unknown file and will block it from making any system level changes.  Which is better is still open to interpretation due to the fact that HIPS could stop a safe program from running before it has analysed it because it’s not taking into account its behavior on the other side behavior blockers could take some time to determine the file is up to no good-by that point they file could have infected the system.  Obviously there are some grey areas to both and this isn’t the best explanation of the two systems so that everyone can kind of understand the difference.  Norton runs something called Download Insight however which means that every file you download gets sent for analysis in its cloud to determined whether its safe and this for me is enough to make up for the lack of HIPS.  The reason for this is we are honest the most common place we get our software and files now are internet based so therefore this layer of protection is going to make Symantec know what is being downloaded and able to give the go ahead to whether you can run the file safely, this is huge for the non tech savvy of us, as HIPS can be complicated.

Norton Security’s Interface

Norton has detected everything that has been thrown at the test system however others have found that it’s detection to non-internet based threats i.e. from a pen drive, has been less than encouraging due to the way they have layered the security I would have thought.  That said it comes to personal preference in most cases because these tests are taking it to the extreme and Norton has continued to score well in third-party testing such as AV-Comparatives.  The other thing to note is Norton have streamed lined their products this year and made it so that you’ve got the choice of Norton Security or Norton Security and Backup.  What does that mean to the real world?  It means that they are now offering only Norton 360 with and without the backup functionality.

While reading the PCMag review of the product mainly to see others reaction to it, quite a few of the comments where more to do with the business decision to streamline their product line rather than the product performance.  The users and people who commented was annoyed at the fact that Norton was going to offer them a free upgrade from Norton Internet Security or Norton 360 as examples to Norton Security.  This was mainly because people were taking advantage of the free upgrades as long as you have a license so where buying outdated ones and then upgrading.  This new move might stop people from doing that or it could allow them to do it after the first year, only Symantec know the answer to that.  The one thing that could be added to this Norton should really send out emails to its customers to let them know that they are discontinuing their products in exchange for the new one so people know that they need to cancel their auto-renewals in order to take out the new product for the people who are happy to pay full price for the software.

Norton Security’s 30 Day Report

Norton Security 2015 has given the test system no issues to not recommend the latest offering and to top it off it only uses about 20 megs of RAM at all times obviously you might get a few spikes when scanning, however other than that it has been really low on resource usage.  The system feels responsive and allows the user to feel secure because while the system is idle it will do a range of tasks in order to keep the system running smoothly.  For this reason Norton Security will be the pick of the year and get 10/10.

PC Mag article:

Bitdefender Review 2015

This review is going to be a little weird as it will join two products from the same company due to the fact that if I am honest both of their product lines that was tested was a little bit of letdown in different respects.

Bitdefender Free Interface

Bitdefender Free was the first product that was tried because of 360 Total Security taking up such a huge amount of memory on the system.  Bitdefender had always seemly scored quite high in the detection rates for third-party test and for that reason Bitdefender free was loaded onto the system to see how it performed.  The positives for this product was it was extremely lightweight and it was a breath of fresh air compared to 360’s previous offering, maxing out at about 50 megs of RAM when scanning and being as low as 10 meg when not.  The other thing that really caught your eye was how simple it was, it took all the features out and just allowed you to have the bog standard anti-malware product that is needed now a days, but the nail in the coffin was when Farming Simulator was loaded.  While loading Farming Simulator 2015 was loaded it crashed Bitdefender Free and although it wasn’t classifying Farming Simulator as a virus or doing this with any other program.  If it could be crashed for me it was time to move on because if something like a simple game could crash your security no matter how could the definitions and detection is if it’s not run it can’t catch anything.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 Interface

After having such a positive experience with the free version except for the problem of the security crashing I wondered whether their paid for product suffered the same fate?  The truth is it didn’t it quite happily carried on working while playing Farming Simulator and even moved into its gaming profile while Farming Simulator ran.  This a feature that was quite inviting, Bitdefender in AutoPilot mode will choose the right profile based on what you are doing, which means that it will disable things in order to get the best performance out of your computer or making sure you won’t be nagged.  Great you say?  Well not so much because if you’re a gamer you’ll no doubt have Steam running of which will make the Autopilot put you in the Gaming Profile which even disables Windows Updates, which brings the problem that Steam typically starts on startup so this could mean that your PC and Security wouldn’t get the much-needed updates because your machine will be stuck in this mode 24/7.  I did contact Bitdefender support about this issue and their response was to disable Autopilot and choose the profiles manually, while this is a solution to the problem how many users are going to be wanting to change the profile themselves every time they change the use of their machines?  I’d guess not many.

Overall Bitdefender free had good detection and extremely lightweight but in good conscious can’t recommend it because of the fact it crashed while running a game.  The fully fledged Bitdefender Internet Security product I would recommend to non-gamers as they are unlikely to come across the issue with Steam, that said though the full version seems to sit at 200 megs of RAM so it might not be for everyone.  Bitdefender gets a 6/10 because it has some great features and good detection but has some gaping holes and although the support did give a solution to the problem however for me they should’ve passed it onto the development team to iron out the problems with its software to make it a better product.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 1 “The War is Coming” Review

The build up for the highly anticipated Game of Thrones Fifth Season was huge and it has lived up to its reputation of being the most pirated TV Show for the last few years, with the first four episodes of the fifth season now being available in the dark places of the internet.  There will be spoilers in this review.

The very beginning of the episode throws the viewer straight back into the story leaving them a little confused in some respects, due to the fact you as the viewer seems to be in a flashback of Cersi Lannister and I know that I was sat there just thinking who are these characters have I missed something?  It does become very apparent you’re in the flashback but as a viewer I just felt a little lost, and with that in mind I couldn’t help but feel like they should have done a bit of a recap, so that the viewer that hasn’t been following the extra programs they get a reminder of what happened in the previous season.

In true Game of Thrones style though you see how all the major players in the game, are having issues within their own houses or alliance while they try to position themselves to make a move forward.  Strange alliances being made when it comes to Varys and Tyrion, they admit that Tyrion can’t sit on the Iron Throne but he can influence the person that gets there and has the power to lead the country to its future.  It was great to see these two misfits come together in such away that the viewer things they can really make a difference.

Stannis however tried to enlist the help of Jon Snow to try to get the Wildlings to fight with him to capture the throne, however you see the conflict that Snow finds himself in because the wildling in question was never going to bend the knee.  During that dialogue the viewer realises that it is all about dignity for the wilding in question and although it results in an execution Snow does go against the punishment of choice, leaving the episode on a bit of cliffhanger wondering how the Snow and Stannis relationship is going to develop from this.

The land lies at the end of the episode where, Jamie and Cersi not on the same page.  Sansa and Littlefinger where on the move and Daenerys has realised that she has lost control of her dragons and they may of even turned against hers.  The episode was good and has been a great setup for the season, while watching though you couldn’t help but feel that it was a little too slow.  The politic was good, however it just seemed that little bit too slow but then you get to the ending and none of that matters,

How did you find the first episode of this season?  Feel free to comment and let me know, these are just a few things that I picked up.

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