Homeland Season 1 – 2


So I have to admit when it first came out on Channel 4 I do believe I wasn’t that into it.  However in my sleep deprived state lately I have been looking to Netflix to get me through the night and I am so glad I have Netflix.  Due to the fact that some TV that I don’t necessarily get into when it airs on TV I seemed to be able to on Netflix.  This is no exception!

The season starts off with a War Prison coming back to his family after 8 years and turns out his wife and family are on the verge of moving on, but when back the strains of everything becomes real.  The prison (Brody) has been tortured while in captivity and turns out could have possibly been turned from an US Marine to a terrorist in order to survive.  Along with that the season goes through with the CIA agent on to him where she suffers from her own demons and some how they come together and you see the story go back and forth and conflict that Brody finds himself in.

For me this is definitely a TV series that is definitely worth picking up because it deals with some real issues, that face serving people after being on tour.  Also I would recommend it because you will never know which direction the characters will go and there are twists and turns along the way.

So if you have Netflix there is no excuse not to pick this show up if you don’t try to get the box set because for me it was a bit slow going to begin with.  It didn’t grab me in the first I’d say two episodes but as you see the conflict in some of the characters it makes you want to watch more and more.  I would highly recommend this TV Show to anyone.

Fictional Blog Writing Progress

I have bit the bullet and used Blogger to launch my new project, you can find it here: stueeysstories.blogspot.co.uk/

To be honest I was amazed that it said that I had 49 views in the first day which was for me huge, because I hadn’t shared it out anywhere admitted some of that could have been me but I definitely didn’t load the page 49 times.  However since launching the second part of the story I have noticed the growth isn’t in the same relation, so whether it is just Google submitting it to different crawlers I don’t know.

As for the actual writing its going quite well but there are a few features I wish Blogger had a word counting facilities.  The story development is also going well, but having read some more articles on-line I may have been going at it slightly wrong.  The best way to attack a fictional blog is to have arks and although that is possible with the way I have started writing my first story I can’t see it being able to make the arks so we will have to see if I can adapt the start.

RAW Thoughts 21-10-14


I have to admit of late RAW hasn’t been grabbing me all that much it has been background noise but it really did keep me interested this week.  Due to the fact that they kept Dean Ambrose coming in and out of the show.  He didn’t just appear at the beginning of the show and then for his match he was in the middle as well.

I think the WWE have taken notice of the fans and have realised they need to run with Ambrose and it will get people’s interest, another thing I think they are doing well is the way they are bring stars back.  This week it was the turn of Mick Foley although looking extremely unfit the hardcore legend was great in his segment with Ambrose and Rollins.   Another angle that is starting to interest me is how personal Big Show and Rusev is getting, for me that rivalry is really holding its own and personally hope that the Big Show does knock Rusev off his perch because this undefeated streak that Rusev is on for me isn’t all that great.

Has this weeks RAW made me interested in Hell in the Cell Sunday?  Yes I really want to see how it goes between Rollins and Ambrose.  Along with the other two big story-lines Rusev and the Big Show and Randy Orton and John Cena.  It will be interesting to see who the WWE want to knock Brock off the top spot or attempt to.

Writing a Fictional Blog

After yesterday’s blog post, I have decided to start writing a fictional blog.  So the first thing I did was Google the subject and it accord to me that this blog would probably be the wrong place for it.  The problem is although this blog has been my home on and off for 7 years I really need a clean start for the new projected.

This blog would still be kept going recording my progress and for any other personal stuff because this is what this blog is all about but I will be moving my fictional work or starting it on another blog because I don’t want the content broken up.  The problem I have is that I don’t particularly want to start hosting a new blog just in case the project kind of goes south which in all honesty knowing me it will.  Not because I c an’t keep a project going it is more because I am not the most creative of people which means that this project could be quite difficult.

The biggest problem I have also have is two main ideas of where I want to host the blog, while three really and that is Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr.  The winning ones at the moment is blogger and Tumblr because its different Tumblr would give me the access to an already established network and have the ability to have my content shared on other blogs.   Blogger is also in the running because I have used it in the past, and never really had a problem with it.  Although these are shadowed by the fact that WordPress has a better grammar checker in my opinion which is a huge thing for me.

However I just want something different for the time being and for that reason I have a feeling Blogger is going to win.  Apart from the technical side of things which is more ideas going through my head.  The content and the creative side of things quite a few sites suggested taking an existing story so you already have a back story.  For that I am not 100% I am watching so many TV Shows at the moment not one stands out for use in this situation, but for me this was one of the most stand out tips.

Inspiration from Movies and TV

A while back I get the inspiration to write a story based on getting really engrossed into Castle. A TV show where a writer ends up working alongside a Detective for inspiration for his novels. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there was just something there.

The TV show just highlighted that you could do something based on real life experiences and turn it into a story, and that is kind of what I did. Although the one I wrote was not based anything that happened to me but it was based on something similar it was a writer that came into contact with something strange, and I didn’t finish writing it. The truth is I really wish I had kept up with that story because for me it was going some where, it had potential but I lost interest in it because I go off on other projects. The reason I brought all this up because the same happened today.

While dog sitting, I was watching the Social Network although I have to admit I have seen it before, I noticed it on PVR and thought I would watch it and for some reason I had an urge to code something. While watching it I thought why not brush up on some programming and start to code something? The truth is it has been so long without any end goal I would be brushing up on my coding skills with no project, plus these days I spend most of my time on the Chromebook for productivity I haven’t looked into code editors on here yet.

So while thing and reflecting on all this I have decided to try to do some writing again because it would be the easier thing to do at the moment for me, not that I am afraid of hard work but I want something that it is easily achievable at the moment and would provide me with some extra content for this site.

The Maze Runner Movie Reivew

This is one movie I am not sure what to write about it because it was good but not stand out.

The acting for me was quite good, and to be honest the story was good but predictable.  You could see the end result coming, but there is a bit of a twist in some respects.  However I was left at the end of the movie asking more questions, it is no secret that it is part of a series of books so I don’t doubt there will be a sequel, will I be wanting to watch the sequel the honest answer would be yes because I want answers.

With all this in mind was it a good movie I’d say yes because it has achieved probably what it set out to do as the first movie in the series it has got me wanting to see more.  To try to get my questions answered.

The action scenes were good, and the CGI for me was really well done.  Overall I would give this movie a 6/10 because it was just too predictable but because it has left me asking questions I couldn’t give the movie anything lower.   The movie is one you could miss however if you want to see a movie I can not say not to see it either.

Tomb Raider 2013 Game Review

Sorry for the lack of blogs later, however this was a huge reason for it.  I really enjoyed this game and couldn’t recommend it high enough.

The game seems to have something for everyone I wouldn’t call myself a true gamer so I put it on easy I have to admit.  However that didn’t take anything away from the game, I still found the tough bits hard and enjoyed the whole experience.  I did it on easy due to my lack of experience with this type of game and remember back to my PS One days where I tried to play Tomb Raider Chronicles and just got bored half way through because at the time I found it quite difficult (If I remember rightly).

For me the graphics were awesome with some really good cut scenes and even the way you die is really made.  Gruesome in some respects but it just adds to the game.  Even though it wasn’t complete a story based game like The Walking Dead was, I felt trapped in the story even with all the action and puzzles to solve.  I really enjoyed the game, and didn’t go back get all the collectables and probably have no intention to but I would highly recommend it.  I would give this game a 9/10 if you get chance to play it you should.

RAW Thoughts 7-10-2014


There is something about RAW at the moment for me it has become background worthy, today has been no exception because the only big thing I want to watch is Dean Ambrose.  The rest of the roster and storyline’s aren’t really appealing to me.

That said though there was a bit of a shock during this weeks RAW after the apology made by the Big Show and the way that Rusev was being caused a big name to come from out of the back The Rock.  I am still a bit lost of what they are doing with this character because he seems to be getting a huge leg up with the way all the big names are taking him on and losing.  The problem is a think he needs to be beaten but at the same time with political environment it is an interesting use to add more to the storyline.

Why is the Dean Ambrose such a bit appeal?  For me it’s because you never know what is coming next, he is the first new competitor to me that has made me want to carry on watch WWE.  I would go so far to say that he reminds me a lot of Stone Cold Steve Austin, that attitude of taking people on no matter where or how.  The twist is the way that John Cena and Ambrose is kind of coming together/falling apart and the way the authority are pushing them together and splitting them up.

One other bug bare is the fact we haven’t seen any-more of Brock Lesner I understand he is the big pay per view star at moment for the WWE but I would prefer that Brock Lesner was around more even if it is only cutting promos.

Dracula Untold Movie Review

I wasn’t sure what to think about this movie going because it seemed to be another vampire love story but it was actually quite good.

It starts with a warrior that is known for his ability to fight and he is the prince of an area, in which the king has some demands.  The demand seems too much to the prince and although his lands do not have the army to fight the king to defend itself.  He knows he has to take on the fight to protect his son, from being split up from him and his mother.

The movie itself was really well done I thought because instead of just saying its us versus them, it showed the reasoning behind wanting to become a vampire.  The main character only did it to protect his family and people, whether he won or not is not going to be disclosed but it gives you a real sense of why Dracula become Dracula not just he is.  I think that is what set this movie apart, you always had the moral question of it all.

The acting for me was really good and the action scenes, there was only one thing that I didn’t like and that was the ending I was a little lost.  It kind of suggested that there was life after life, which I was a bit confused by without wanting to give too much away

Overall I would give this movie a 7/10 because it was a refreshing look on the tale and I would say its worth a trip to see.

Sleeping Dogs Game Review

Taking a break from the current crop of games that take up my time mainly League of Legends this was a welcome break.  If you have been following my YouTube you will know that I have started a Let’s Play on A Testament to Sherlock Holmes and that will return once my Internet starts to behave again.

With that all out-of-the-way it is now time to talk about Sleeping Dogs.  For me it has been the first GTA style game that I have actually completed and wanted to go back for more.  Don’t get me wrong I have really enjoyed the GTA franchise but I have never really completed the game or the story and this game just left me thinking I do want to complete the side quests.  To say that I have completed this game fully would be a lie there are still things I need to do but I have completed the story and that is why I am writing the review.

The story itself interweaves between the two sides of your life the gang side and the cop side, for me it was always that suspense of whether we were going to be found out or not?  What impact one mission for one side with impact on the other and what side of my life I would go with after it was all said and done?  All these questions were kind of answered by the end of the game but leaving the character in enough limbo for the sequel I think.  I wasn’t displeased with the ending as it could have been left there with out the sequel.  Now the biggest problem I have is I know that there is DLC and I am wondering do I really want to risk my positive experience in the game so far to do a few extra missions?  The answer on this one is no.

The game I have to admit though won’t be for everyone it does tend to hold your hand quite a lot to push you in the right direction, that said though you could have gone off track when you had, had enough of the story and done some side quests but I just didn’t and wanted to follow it to the end.  There were a few glitches in the game like a guy stuck in a door way on the PC version at least that felt a little weird as he was talking but wasn’t really there but that could have been something I did and it wasn’t ground breaking as the game was able to go on.  For that reason I would give the game 8/10 because I really enjoyed it and would recommend any one to try it out, the only reason it didn’t score higher was because some times it feels a little rough around the edges.

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