Part One of League of Legends Placement Season 5

While logging back onto see the stats of my blog and I noticed that my season 4 blog about placement matches and it made me think about what has changed this year.  Although I have only played two of my placement matches and can’t give you my rank this year yet I am 2 out of 2 which looking good.  However this year, I have to say it means more I want to do well not just for myself but for the platinum player that has given me some advice and a huge amount of help.

What makes this year different?  It’s because although I have been down in bronze going up and down those leagues and not moving out of the divisions, it has shown improvement from Season 3 because I didn’t move from the league that I was in.  My play-style has however changed, I have gone from maining jungle to top and now I think the role for me is support.  The development here for me shows real improvement even if it’s not through the rank system but being able to criticise my own play and identifying my main role is a huge thing because Season 3 and 4 although good I didn’t really main any role I dotted about because of the nature of solo queue not really forcing my need to play a role.  I think that is the major thing for me this season is to highlight my own game play mistakes and to try to main support just see whether that will make a difference.  Along with that the beauty of this is because in most people’s minds you can’t carry as a support and I want to prove that wrong this season.  I want to aim for at least silver this season and it will be great if I make gold.

Plan for 2015

This is going to be the year of streaming if nothing else.  Although I am still yet to get a fit enough internet, but I have been testing to see whether I can get away with streaming anything while I wait for the upgrade to be available.

The test was something like Hearthstone because its slow-moving and to be honest it went really well, so I went on to try League of Legends because that is one of my end goals and the ping wasn’t too bad.  I was amazed due to the fact that I have had ping issues without the added strain on my internet connection due to streaming.  Although my ping was higher than normal it was stable-ish but it just proves that it’s not necessarily the ping that is the issue its the spikes.  The constant up and down has caused some real issues for me and with the new season now upon us I am considering when to play and not.  That said though I don’t hold up high ups to get out Bronze this season, however I am going damn sure try.  I need to just chill and play the game to try to improve and climb the ladder lately I have been getting increasingly frustrated, with the game so much so I am starting to consider that maybe it’s not the game for me.

As for the blog I want to try and up the content because this place has been rather lackluster of late.  See you all on the other-side.

Leveling My Elementalist and Game Changes

Screenshot of my Ellie

While after needing some down time from League of Legends I have gone back to Guild Wars 2 and in doing so I have found myself a new Guild, which has been really good as they are really friendly and active.  They are constantly offering to help you and wanting to do things together which for me is what makes the game.  While doing some guild missions with them I noticed a shortage of Elementalist’s (Ellie) so I thought as I was spending time to level a Warrior that had already started a few months ago I would take a break and try the ranged class so that I could give the guild some utility.

Although I have to admit other Characters I have leveled e.g. Guardian I abused the Tome of Knowledge when they were running the event where they destroyed  Lions Arch.  I hadn’t really concentrated on leveling and would go around doing dailies and random things to level.  Now this time around I want to rush to 80 but I also want to get most if not all the way points and to my horror it is possible to do that but the way the dailies now work makes them harder to someone who is leveling in my opinion.  Before the dailies were something that for the most part you could pick up anywhere so where ever you were you could do them now not so much.  You need to go to certain areas and do certain things which I can see the point.  It mean’s you can’t just farm lower level areas to get your dailies done anymore and also for newer players it makes them move to other areas more often, so it does make a lot of sense, however this change to me has hampered the players that are leveling alts.  I know it’s a bit of a rant but that’s my findings.

As for the class the Ellie I have been really enjoying it to be honest, I have been trying out the different play styles i.e. the different weapon sets and so far for leveling a think that the Scepter and Dagger are the way to go but can see me settling on a Staff.  The Ellie is one of the classes that can’t have two weapons sets so you have to keep swapping them out before the fight.  It will be interesting to see how this character develops for me and where I am going to use it because WvW are always low on them too on my server so you could see me there.

I also have no doubt there will be more content based around this character.  If you have any tips for the Ellie feel free to let me know in a comment down below.

Merry Christmas 2014

I should really make this like the Queen’s speech every year but don’t think I will be going down that route.  All in all I’ve had an awesome day with family as we do every year and had some really awesome gifts such as a new keyboard and mouse which is going to take some getting used to but I just really like the glow backlight on it.

New Keyboard
New Mouse

A quick recap, these last few weeks things have been a bit slow due to a sudden lack of energy more to the point I think that I have messed up my sleep pattern too much with the late night watching of Elementary and a few other movies.  I plan however to sort this out and start blogging a little more and maybe take a step back from League of Legends, as I’ve started to play Guild Wars 2 again and I am really enjoying it.  I was thinking of starting the evil World of Warcraft again and then it dawned on me that I had Guild Wars why not play that instead and wouldn’t cost me any extra.  I think that I will try to get a wider range of topics discussed on this blog because narrowing it down to gaming although good has made it harder for me to produce content and although I have enjoyed it I feel it’s a bit limiting.  I am not going to limit myself to needing to have completed a game or thought of something new to share with people along those lines.

I think I am going to start bringing back more technology content with also the movie/tv reviews as they seemed to have the most reaction from the Tumblr audience but we don’t want to sell out now.

Anyway if I don’t get around to it have an awesome New Year.  Now it is time to find some movie to watch because it is that time of year.

Merry Christmas

Sherlock v Elementary


I remember years ago writing a very favourable review for the BBC series Sherlock and it still stands.  Unfortunately due to a blog malfunction I haven’t got that review to refer back on but it all I can say the adaptation of Sherlock into the 21st Century was very well done in my opinion and I really enjoyed it.

Now I know that I am a little late with this but I have just picked up Elementary and I’d say about half way through Season 1 and I have to say I am enjoying however its different.  The change in the dynamic between Holmes and Watson is interesting because now Watson is a women and although there is no romantic connection between the two yet it just adds that extra to the relationship.  Is it for the better?  I am not sure, although the storyline’s are similar they are different.  The twists and turns seems to be bigger in Elementary.  The reason for this I think is that Elementary although they keep the same characters they haven’t kept the cases.  Holmes in this is a drug addict of which he was in the books but it wasn’t really touched upon in the BBC series.

Elementary is more about the drama than the science Sherlock seemed to be the other way around.  It is interesting to see how the two develop because while having the same characters with similar skill sets they seem to be going in different direction.  I would give Sherlock and Elementary 9/10, but would say that comparing the two might be the wrong way to go because they seem so different in some respects.  I would recommend you catch both as I am really enjoying them but I could see how the changes in the stories could put a few people off when it comes to Elementary.

I think the way I would describe it, is if you want a little more drama and the deductions of Sherlock Holmes watch Elementary.  If you want more action and Science I would go Sherlock from the BBC along with if you want the show to be the closest to the books.  If your just a Sherlock Holmes fan catch them both you won’t be disappointed.

As well feel free to let me know what you think of these shows, have you seen both and which is your favourite and why?

Son’s of Anarchy My Final Thoughts

Possible Spoiler Alert

This quite a difficult one for me because Son’s Anarchy has been a constant throughout the last two years of TV viewing and for the most part I have really enjoyed it but this last season seems to have lost its way.

Jax just seems to be on a mission to hit the self destruct button for me it was always interesting seeing what they would get up to next but deal with the moral complications that goes with the nature of that lifestyle.  For me Jax was winning that battle he was moving the club in the right direction and then this latest season has seen him go the other way, just become a mindless thug.  Some will argue for good reason, having someone close to him murdered.  As the season develop you see that Jax has multiple choices that could have seen him go the right way, but he chooses the wrong options and you see the darkest side of him.

That said though you get the feeling that he went out the right way, for all the bad things he has done he went out the way his Dad did but in order to save his son’s from going down the same road as him.  After watching it I was a little shocked at the ending and thought, it was a bit lame to be honest I expected something different, but after having time to think about it, the way he went was very fitting in my opinion.  The one thing that I will say is even with the time to think about and the way in which it played it out, it did seem a little rushed and I wasn’t happy with the CGI because it was so obvious.  A TV program so widely followed deserved better effects than it got.

Feel free to let me know what you think of the Show.  Where you happy with the ending?

Down Time Needed

The sentence above seems a little weird with it being that I have more time on my hands than most, but it seems that I am trying to do too many things at once.  I want to start blogging again as its something that I really enjoy along with wanting to perform well on League of Legends with the new-found friendship in the game I have found.  Along with the huge amount TV I want to catch up on or try.

Having more time to do all these things is a double edge sword because you have that time but some times it just isn’t structured, and you don’t feel the need to structure it.  However the last couple of weeks I just haven’t achieved much, in the way that I would like.  With all that said I would like to say that my League of Legends game play is improving I have managed to get myself with a little bit of help up to Bronze II however I have split back down into Bronze III due to a bad day yesterday.

I think the first port of call for me is to start on Elementary because I really liked the Sherlock series made by the BBC and would like to see the American tint on classic.

The Wolf Among Us Game Review

The Wolf Among Us

Being a relatively sheltered gamer, for the most part I haven’t opened myself to some of the titles that you would suspect gamers to play.  However the Telltale franchise is to me a must try, I started of with The Walking Dead Season 1 and after playing that I went straight into Season 2 and just got addicted to it.

So when a friend recommended The Wolf Among Us I knew I would really get into it however because I didn’t know much about the story because I hadn’t read the comics I was a bit tentative and then forgot about it, however in the Black Friday Sales I noticed it on Steam and I bought it.  Two days later I sat down to play it and completed it in 8 hours, and I have admit I completed it in two sittings because I just got into the story I didn’t want to put the game down.

As the only way I can compare this is to the Walking Dead I found it harder to get into in some respects because you didn’t know the back story as much, however after the first episode I had enough of the back story to understand the game and where it was going in a fantasy world.  Although the Walking Dead was set in fantasy in the respects of Zombies it was in the real world and that is the different, however this game is full of fantasy characters so that was why it was harder to get what was going on really.  Don’t let this point though put you off the series.

The graphics and game-play was also good and the only regret I have for the game is that I didn’t stream it because I would have really liked to share my experience.  The story however blow my mind with the amount of twists it had, although I was expecting it because of what happened in The Walking Dead but for me these were completely different but I guess that was because I didn’t understand the whole universe other than what was in the game.

Overall I would give this a 9/10 just because I don’t give out 10’s easily and also I am aware that it might be more the style of game I have really enjoyed.

Will I be getting the new Game of Thrones series from Telltale?  Hell Yes but I am putting it off until all the episodes are released because it will bug the hell out of me waiting for the next episode.  As I am already waiting for Season 3 of The Walking Dead and hoping that they will do another for the Wolf Among Us.  I think I might have ago at the Borderland game they have soon.

Letting Things Slip

I am getting good at this with the blog.  Having a few personal issues and getting more focused into League of Legends in the pre-season is a huge part of that.  It isn’t a reflection on the changes that were made but more to the point I have been working with somebody in the game, they are a Platinum Player and helping me develop as a player.

It seems strange to explain because I have a group of friends where one likes League and the others aren’t into the game, and every time I try to explain why I play League but never get it right. It’s hard to put it into words or explain to a none League player but I think although the community seems quite aggressive while in a game, there are the few that are helpful.  The problem is it’s a high pressure environment that everyone wants to win and when one or more players are making mistakes your sat their annoyed and it affects the rest of the game.  The thing about this game for the frustration there is also that feeling of achievement when you win, when you meet that new person on their that is will help and you develop and improve as a player at way the stuff you have to deal with.

I am going to try to get back into blogging though because reading a few of my friends and the fact that one has actually become a guest blogger for want of a better word, has really encouraged me start again.  The main reason is that it logs my progress in certain things and lets me reflect on things more, along with maybe helping others in some way. I want to find a happy medium between personal blog entries and game/technology entries with of cause the odd movie review thrown in.  As for the other blog I started for a writing project, although a great idea I need to sit down and work out which direction I want it to go in and how I want to proceed with it.

So there is where I am at, now to gaming because I promised/told someone I would start a game as soon as possible.  Although I do have a review to write so who knows but time to knuckle down.

Ideas For Cheap Black Prom Dresses

Ideas For Cheap Black Prom Dresses

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