Grey’s Anatomy Season 7 Review

Possible Spoilers

I will admit that now all the season’s seem to be merging into one, I’ve been sat here watching so many episodes I had to check the previous post in order to remember where we got to.

In the wake of the shooting you see how people deal with the issues, and you see Yang have a complete melt down and the help comes from an unlikely source.  Derek has always said that Meredith and Yang came as a package and see how he starts to take that seriously and it’s quite a break to see them move out of the hospital just for two minutes.  The other thing was in wake of the shooting and where everyone was it become quite heavy and to be honest it was a welcome break to have an episode that took a documentary view on it because it just stopped with the emotion roller coaster just for 10 minutes.

The big twist in the season was in the middle for me and I was left hoping that someone wouldn’t die because of what happened to George previously I was left second guessing it all.  I guess although I felt that it ruined it because George as a character had more to give it has installed a fear that at any point someone could die.  With that all being said at the end of the season although not as upsetting and gory as previous seasons it has left the characters in major turmoil and although no huge cliff hanger has left me wanting to watch more just to see what happens next.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 6 Review

Possible Spoilers 

This season for me was a little distant because of what happened at the end of the last season, but after seeing all the characters struggle with their issues I did get back into it.  This season also explored new and old characters a like and you find out Chief Webber isn’t as perfect as you think.  Will Derek take advantage of it?

The truth is you see Derek struggle between loyalty and patient safety, and he ends up choosing patient safety and turns out that he loses the loyalty of the staff and you see how he struggles in the new role.  You see him at the top of his career to find out that it wasn’t what he expected, all along the show you got the feeling that it was between him and Bailey to who replaced the Chief in the future.  I always got the feeling that Derek would always go for it, and in the role you just see how he realises that the position/promotion isn’t what he thought it would.

The season finale was a shooter in the hospital and people die and wounded and you see different sides to characters, although this is a reoccurring theme I was a little annoyed to the characters that were killed off because I hadn’t seen enough of the characters to feel attached to them.  You do see the main characters in traumatic situation though.  I really enjoyed the difference in pace of the season even if certain characters were missing.  Although I am thinking of taking a break from show but I am really enjoying it and would highly recommend it.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 5 Review

Definite Spoilers Alert 

This season was just so weird in the emotional roller coaster ride that is Grey’s Anatomy these days with Izzy now ill and terminally so the team struggle to save her life and you see how that affects all the other characters in the show.  What was confusing to me was how much George backed off and didn’t feature much in the season, although he did see some scenes where by you saw him developed as an individual and not in the gang, this did confuse me a little especially with the ending of the season.

Also while ill Izzie plans Derek’s and Meredith’s wedding and ends up being Izzie and Alex’s wedding so that she can definitely have her big day.  Although great but it left me with the question who actually paid for it all?  We know that it was probably McDreamy but would he really give someone that much money for this?  I could understand Meredith doing it for Izzie but how big it was it seemed a bit flawed to me.  All this season we were dogged with the possibility of death and it came from the most unexpected place.

I was preparing myself for Izzie to lose the battle with cancer and but although the outcome angered me I was really pleased how 007 went out.  I know that it is a huge spoiler but it’s away of not giving it completely away unless you are noticing every detail.  Throwing someone out-of-the-way of a bus and then getting hit themselves was the right way to go for this person I think, however I won’t lie it did annoy me that, that person went out.  The reason being is because although a good way to go out for the character, but I just felt that was one of the character that had more development  still available to it in comparison to other characters.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 4 Review

Possible Spoilers 

I must admit I am writing this in a bit of a tired state so you will have to bare with me, I was quite surprised just how quickly I am getting through these seasons and still enjoying it.  This season I wasn’t so sure about because there were a lot of unanswered questions that was left after the previous season.

I have to say this season was really interesting because all the interns except for George get a promotion and you see how Dr Bailey struggles to be number 2.  That said though she comes to an understanding and end up with the job, but even though everyone has moved up the ladder the issues still seem the same.  They have the same issues but they now have the responsibility of treating patients on their own and teaching their own interns.

The funny thing is with power they were actually turned into how they were being taught but with small differences.  The other thing that is quite interesting although people had developed and moved on with their life, you get a really sense of their issues and you see how just because they are doing good and have good jobs they still dealing with every day stuff.  Although its fiction and not everyone would have issues you see just how complicated people’s lives can be.  I really enjoyed this season and it left me with more questions that needed answering for Season 5.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 3 Review

Definite Spoilers 

Sorry I tend to write these trying not to spoil things but there is no way of writing what I want to write for this season without giving up spoilers, it pains me but it is the only way that I can write it.

This season was really good it had twist and turns adding more to characters making them develop, but at the same time the biggest part of the season was obvious.  How can they have the main character on her death-bed?  It was well worked but there was no doubt that she was going to survive although there had been new members in the Grey family introduced how could they kill off Meredith.  That said though as a write this post I realised that she was the only character that would effect everyone so I can see how it was important for it to be her.  Just wondering if they could had the same affect if it was another character?  I think they would have if they had picked any other intern but the impact on certain characters like the Chief would have been far less.

Other than this huge gaping point in the season I must admit I still want to watch more see how people develop because the season was left with so many questions.  There are a few cliffhangers left at the end of the season, but they aren’t the shocking ones but left you with subtle questions that you just want answering.

How did you find the season?  I am always interested to know how others felt about the TV Shows and stuff that I blog about.

Three In Touch and Three Network Review

Three In Touch Logo taken from:[/caption]

Once again its time for a change, to give you some back history I have been a huge fan of Giffgaff for years and I liked the way they paid members back for dealing with device support instead of paying people to sit in a call centre to do it, which for the most part gives it very competitive rates.  If I was honest the first 6 months on the network I never paid for my phone because of the payback I had managed to get.  That said though it had taken a lot of time to do and to be honest as the network grew the payback wasn’t as good, not that I am knocking it.

So when I realised that the Orange Wednesdays where you get 2 for 1 cinema tickets worked with my unlimited card so that would mean anyone that came with would get in for free and I would only pay my monthly fee.  So I went over to EE and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised at the signal for years in my area the Orange signal has been terrible, not that it was great I might add.  However the places I actually go I had an awesome 4G signal for the most part and to be honest I couldn’t believe the speeds.  You see the stats but until you start using them yourself being stuck on an 8 meg line for home broadband 20 meg up and down was huge for me.  All that said though there is a huge elephant in the room here EE offers great speeds but they also offer very limited data, admittedly I was on the lowest package but you walked in a 4G area and you can kiss goodbye to your 500 megs of data just by being there I don’t know what it is.  So looking around again for a good deal, I saw Three was offer 4G All you can eat data for £15 a month and I was ok I can do that but knowing from being on Three before that if I was lucky I would get one bar of signal in my house if I was lucky I did some research.  I might add though before going further that as soon as I walk 2 steps up my path I have 3 or 4 bars.

I found the advert for Three in Touch sat here and realising that I was going to go on to pay as you go so never had anything to lose and I am glad I have.  I have been using Three in Touch now for a week and it hasn’t failed me yet, when at home I have my phone in flight mode and turned WiFi on and you’d be surprised just how much that saves your battery.  I haven’t had a chance yet to test speeds properly of the network but things are looking very promising because I am on unlimited data with hopefully the speed along with being able to guarantee signal at home with the WiFi.  Not even the best network in my area being O2 based networks on 2G has signal every where in the house.  I honestly think I would stay with Three just for this app, as it pushes all your calls and messages through the WiFi without anyone else needing any special software.  I know that O2 do offer similar but it’s for their Pay Monthly Customers only.  With rumours going around that Three are going to buy O2 it’s worth watching this space, but I can quite honestly say I am happy Three Customer right now.

Have you used Three in Touch did it have a positive affect for you?

Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 and 2 Thoughts

This is an awkward one for me to write because I just can’t stop watching this show for some reason and although I am only half way through Season 3 everything seems to be merging into one.   However I thought I would get some thoughts down in writing rather than a full review.

Starting off I would like to say that I know that I am late to the party and from the outset when I took on the TV series, I was discussing it with a friend that said it was similar to House.  I would like to say that although a respect his view I have to disagree to a certain expect.  House gave you the unknown a puzzle for most its episodes, and the emotional entanglement was second, which was what attracted me to House and kept me watching because every week you’d want to see how the characters developed but you would also have some sort of puzzle to solve.  Grey’s Anatomy however for the most part is the other way around and there isn’t really a puzzle to solve, which after the first few episodes I was wondering if it was enough.  That said however there was this bugging feeling wanting to know how characters were going to develop and deal with the situation and I am glad I stuck with it.

To me both TV Shows do an excellent job, in the way they develop the characters.  Will Grey’s Anatomy stay the course?  I don’t know because while I write this post, I have checked the NOW TV app just to find there is 10 seasons and although I seem invested in the characters the question is will it be enough without the puzzles.  I would give Grey’s Anatomy a 8/10 and that I hope it will stay the course but only time will tell.

Silence Again What is Going On?

This is what has happened again the blog seems to be very quiet and then have a load of content on it all at once, which is kind of how I work and it is a shame because for a few years I did manage to do regular content and the truth was I was probably had less time on my hands than I do now.  That all said though it is all good because I have picked up quite a lot of things that could mean producing more content, I have started playing World of Warcraft again because I was forced onto it because it being the only game available to me while I was without my main gaming PC.

World of Warcraft although fun has kind of lost its edge again it’s not really the game for me anymore, main reason is the guild I have found myself in started off nice but as things have changed I find myself not wanting to play it less and less.  I was working on my healing and for the good of a random guild which I didn’t mind but the way they are pushing the guild I don’t really want to be involved.  That said it’s not the big time sink the big time sink at the moment is Grey’s Anatomy.  Recommended by a friend and the fact all the seasons are currently on NOW TV I am burning through them at the moment.  I had planned on reviewing each season but I kind of got through the first season and had to move straight onto the second.

That isn’t the only time sink at the moment I am also playing Watch_Dogs and I am slowly working my way through the game for a review, so there is where I am at so watch this space, we will just have to see where I can get the content flow once more.

A Week Completely in the Chrome Environment

After having the PSU go in my gaming computer I have been limited to my Chromebook and Chromecast and if I am completely honest if I wasn’t any sort of gamer I would have been quite happy.  The problem came on the days off that I have, I wanted to do something and although it pains me to say it I ended up playing World of Warcraft again due to it being the only game in the house on another machine.

The drawbacks of not having a Windows Machine for me wasn’t that great I would have been quite happy in a Chromebook a few years back when I wasn’t really gaming a lot, when I frequented forums and just generally doing things online more than gaming.  So what has this week really taught me, was I could live with a Chromebook, Chromecast and an Android because of the lack of SIlverlight I need to send NOW TV to my Chromecast through my phone not the Chromebook.  So would I now recommend people invest in the generally low-budget computing power of Chromebooks and Chromecast?  It is still on the fence if I am honest just because I think I could live in this world doesn’t mean others can, but the one question I would ask them, is that does everything you do need an internet connection?  If the answers yes then I think people could adapt to the Chrome way of doing things.

Whether it’s the right way is another discussion do you want Google with all the power?  This article seems to be asking more questions than its answering for me Google having all the power isn’t a great thing because I don’t really produce many documents, spreadsheet or presentations so the data is kind of kept to a minimum but with that said, even if I did I like the way it’s not stored locally because I forget back files up and I dread to admit it but I would hate think how many files I’ve lost over the years.  For this reason I find it quite useful using Google Docs, because the few files that I put up there in University are about the only ones that I’ve still got.  I really wish I’d been more into the Google mentality sooner.

Have you had to live in the Chrome world if so how did you get on?

Season 5: Week 3 Fantasy LCS Teams

This is just a quick post to show the match ups for our league this week and to be honest with the estimates I am not looking good as both of my teams look like they are going to lose.  That said though I’m not going to write myself off just yet, due to things happening today I am late posting this and the performance of SK is putting me behind already.

Season 5: Week 3 Match 1
Season 5: Week 3 Match 1
Season 5: Week 3 Match 2
Season 5: Week 3 Match 2