Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation Movie Review

It’s been a while since I have seen a Mission Impossible movie and to be honest they were starting to run a bit dry for me I liked the premise behind them but I don’t know they got over used.  This one though was one I was looking forward to due to the fact it had Simon Pegg in it as I thought he could bring something different into the franchise the question is did he?

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Right from the get go though you could see that this was now going to be similar to the other previous movies because the IMF was under attack and they needed to go double agent in order to save the world again.  This was actually really well done though in my opinion because I was sat watching the movie not sure whether the IMF was going survive as an organisation let alone Ethan Hunt.  Unlike similar movies lately I thought the use of gadgets and technology was really well done because they didn’t go over kill and they focused more on the skills of the agent rather than their reliance on tech to get them to their end game.

I thought that the action was really well done with the right amount of drama and suspense building.  Simon Pegg did offer something different to the movie, the comedy was well placed and was all centred around him which was really good because I don’t know I don’t really see Tom Cruise in a more comedic role.  Simon Pegg’s performance wasn’t the only good performance, there was other characters that were stand out and you didn’t quite know which side they were on not wanting to name names because of spoilers.

Overall I would give this movie a 7/10 there wasn’t enough in the movie to give it a lot more than that, along with I wouldn’t say it was a must see but it is one that if you’re at a loose end and enjoyed the previous Mission Impossible movies than this is definitely worth a watch.

Just Less Than 24 Hours with Windows 10

This post is going to be a bit disjointed as I am trying to write these posts from a more personal aspect because that seems to be what Microsoft are trying to achieve from this Operating System and that it is built with user experience in mind.  If I am completely honest with you I do feel that they have done what they have always done and that is Windows 10 is what Windows 8 should have been.  So I guess the big question is 24 hours on will I be going back to Windows 8 which was on my main machine?  The answer would be no but that’s not to say I haven’t got issues with Windows 10.

Windows 10 Logo

Performance wise it seems ok, but boot up seems a little slower than it was although I didn’t actually time the Windows 8 boot so haven’t got the actual statistics to back it up (kinda of wish I had).  That said though as it was an upgrade and not a clean install this might not be a fair statement so once I have got myself settled and a bit of time I might try to do a clean install and it could improve the performance.  The other thing to note though is that for the first month Windows 10 is holding onto your older installation so you can recover it and go back to Windows 8 or 7 depending on what you had so it might even improve after you get rid of that.  Other performance issues I have found is my Graphics although this isn’t really a reflection on Windows 10 more to do with AMD and their driver, as I did upgrade my driver for my card on Windows 8 about a week ago and found that there was some screen tearing at times, and rolled back the driver to find out that the tearing stopped.  In the rush to upgrade I forgot to check the driver version I was using so could get the non tearing one, but who knows there could be a fix around the corner.

Microsoft Edge is a new feature of the operating system that replace Internet Explorer and to be honest I like the idea, and its feature set but when I was using it, it just felt clunky and I had some issues loading high intensive webpages for some reason even seeing memory usage go past a gig, so for that I quickly went back to Google Chrome.  I don’t think I will ever really leave.

Speaking of Google and there is one huge elephant in the room here and has coursed some really outrage on the internet and with a friend in discussion about it and that’s privacy. There is a whole set of settings for privacy and although this operating system is built around it seems collecting data about us, I would like to say that it isn’t necessarily Microsoft’s fault maybe its the way in which we consume our technology and the services that we want to use?  Although there is a lot more that I could discuss about this issue I feel that it deserves its own post if I wish to discuss the topic.

Privacy Settings for Windows 10

Realizing that this all quite negative in some respects there was one feature that I was very surprised about and that was the Windows Update System has been completely revamped.  No longer do you get the optional updates, so this means that you will always get all the updates installed if left on default and also they operate using peer-to-peer now so would come down even quicker as you’re not relying on Microsoft Servers alone, but there is a downside to this you’ll be uploading patches in the background.  That said though there is an option to turn this feature off or just use it for local machines which is the option I went for.  So my computer will only allow computers on my network to share updates with, thus will actually make it even easier and quicker for the downloading of updates because one computer will download it from Microsoft and then the other two on my network will just take it from the first machine to get the update.  As my network is quicker internal than external you can see the advantage and also if you were on a usage limit for your ISP this now reduces the strain on that just for Windows Update as it means you won’t be needing to download the update 3 times in my case.  This is all providing that the machines are on at the same time.

Windows Update Delivery Settings

Overall I would give my experience with upgrading to Windows 10 a 7/10 and would say that although there are some issues I would recommend people upgrade for free if they can.  As they have sort of reinstated the start menu and I also it does mean the support life of your machine will be longer.

After that really long blog post how have you found Windows 10?  Are you enjoying it or has it been a nightmare?

Windows 10 The Trials and Tribulations

Well the last 24 hours or so have been huge in the world of Windows for some others not so much.  The biggest launch of an Operating System to date I would say purely because it has been offered to most consumers for free.

Being quite a techy and having to maintain and solve quite few people’s problems in the area I have to admit I was quite proactive in my approach to this release in the fact that I had decided to get up at 5am my time to try to install it before I got any questions.  This turned out to be a huge mistake because my big machine which was the one that I wanted to do first was just wasn’t getting the pop up and when looking in the Windows Update history Windows 10 Home Upgrade was failing.  Quite aware of time restraints I quickly went searching the Internet to see whether anyone else was having the issue to find out that it was actually being launched midnight of the 29th July 2015 (for those that maybe reading this years on) and others had this problem.  So moving through reddit of all places there was a suggestion that you delete your temporary Windows Update files and the run a command line command to start the download and install process again.  Well to be honest I’d seen this trick done before for update issues and having already backed things up ready for the worst I had nothing to lose.  However was to no avail it didn’t work out for me.

This is where I get a little confused half the day had gone and still nothing for my big machine however a lower spec machine was turned on by another family member and he said I got it shall I install it?  This confused me a little because there I was trying to force the install on my machine and seeing no reason why it wouldn’t have popped up yet only to find that it’s just worked for him. Just as a confidence booster I sat next to him while he did it and the upgrade although taking ages on his machine went really well and I was sat there just giving little bits of advice as needed of which there wasn’t much.  He didn’t need to reinstall anything and everything was just there working, so I thought great not so much to worry about when it comes to others.

24 hours later though sat in front of my machine from when I first started trying to get my machine on Windows 10, I had nothing so I want around looking for another way of getting Windows 10 and I stumbled across this article windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-10/media-creation-tool-install?ocid=ms_wol_win10 and although not the way I wanted to do it was an option and had seen the official way of doing it.  So I downloaded the tool and clicked upgrade this PC and what would you know it worked.  I will see though Microsoft or My ISP was throttling the download because I was only downloading at the right of a 2meg line and I am on a 17 meg with no problems.  However after a few hours of downloading and configuring I can honestly say it has been one of the easiest Windows install I have done in years.  That said it isn’t a clean install and I haven’t actually needed or wanted to do an upgrade before.

Windows 10 initial thoughts after about half an hour of use is I quite like it but I need to use it a little longer to write about it so that will be possibly tomorrows blog.  Although this has been a bit of a ramble but if you’re having issues with getting your free copy, just make sure your eligible for it and you meet the requirements I would recommend using the standalone installer if Microsoft haven’t given you the nod yet.  Just a side note that you need to do the upgrade before you can do a clean install just because of the way in which the activation process works.

Ant-Man Movie Review

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A brand new character coming out of the Marvel Universe to the big the screen, makes me nervous because Marvel in recent years have done so well with their movies you just know at some point they will slip up.  Not saying they haven’t but by in large the recent batch of movies have been a huge success.

Ant-Man was a character that I knew nothing about, which is no surprise to you guys that follow this blog as in some respects I lead a very sheltered life, but that was also a good thing because other than seeing the trailer it gave me a fresh view on the movie instead of being influenced by external factors.  I have to admit that the balance was there in this movie they had the right amount of drama and action, it was some where on par with Guardians of the Galaxy as it was slightly slower paced for me than the Iron Man and Avenger Movies. There was also a nice tie into The Avengers so it will be interesting to see if/when Ant-Man will be part of The Avengers team.

The acting in this movie for me was really good, it was strange seeing Michael Douglas in a Marvel movie but he did an awesome job, and played the part really well.  After talking about Batman and DC over the last couple of weeks due to my game of choice I did find the villain really quite interesting in the movie due to the fact that with most Marvel Villains he wasn’t conflicted at all unlike DC villains, that said though I noticed that the Heroes in this movie were a little more conflicted.

Overall i would highly recommend this movie, which is no surprise and I would give this movie a 8/10 it was good and worth watching but it just didn’t have that final blockbuster feeling like other Marvel Movies have.

Batman – Arkham Knight Review

Batman Arkham Knight the final installment of the Arkham Series by Rock Steady and to be honest I am very sad to seem them go because even in the wake of dreadful PC Ports they still do an amazing job with the game.


If any of you follow this blog you will actually know that this game actually pushed me towards a console due to the fact that my PC is starting to struggle slightly when it comes to running the latest games for long periods of time due to heat and stress issues.  Seems strange coming from because I wouldn’t call myself a true gamer as for recent years I have picked some games as you’ve seen on this blog but for the most part I spend my gaming time playing MOBA’s and MMO’s (Not saying these aren’t games and you’re not worthy of the gamer tag if you play only these but I trying to say I have led quite a sheltered gaming life.)

Right off the bat I had a decision to make, to make the game easy or not and although I had played all of the Batman games in this series before I have to say due to the fact I was on a new platform I felt the need to go on easy.  Purely because it was the only game and first game I had played on PlayStation 4 and I am used to using an Xbox controller and although there isn’t a lot of difference between the too there was enough for me and I wanted to set the game and console to be a positive experience.

Action Shot as your jumping away from trouble

Now onto the game finally with my previous experiences with the series I have to admit I was expecting huge things especially when it came to the graphics because they are always well put together and this was no different I was blown away by the detail of the game.  The story for me also was really good, not knowing much about Batman other than what is in mainstream for example the Dark Knight Trilogy there are quite a few twists and turns and even a friend that knows more about the Universe said that he was on sure to the identity of the Arkham Knight.

The major thing for me was how well they put together the gameplay.  It is true that you can just follow the storyline like any other game but the way in which the side missions were handled even I wanted to do them because they their own weight, it didn’t feel like its something cool but didn’t have much to do with your success.  All that said though as it stands I haven’t 100% the game yet but do intend to go back and finish off the riddles and a few other bits I haven’t completely finished yet.

There was really only one complaint and that was the controls.  The big one being the reverse button not being on a trigger and actually being square just felt a bit odd to me, but that said being as the L2 was battle mode I guess it allowed you to easily swap modes.

In case you all haven’t guessed it I give this game a 10/10 I really enjoyed it and would recommend it to gamers and non gamers a like.

Some of the trickier/best moments I managed to catch on video

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PlayStation 4 nearly a Month On

The PlayStation purchase was another purchase that I am sat here thinking did a really need it?  While like any console or game the answer to that question is No but was it a good purchase that would be the better question?  To be honest yes just because of the mess that is the PC release of the new Batman game Arkham Knight.  I have really enjoyed the Arkham series and although I have yet to complete Arkhman Orgins because of my PC this game alone has made the console worth it for me.

PS4 with Batman Arkham Knight

The major question that I find myself asking is that will this console stay out of the draw which was the fate of the Xbox 360 and the honest answer with that is the jury is still out.  The way in which PS Plus and live subscriptions now work will hold help towards that happening because of the free games every month, along with the fact that I now have the games console that some friends have that aren’t just into one person shooters, and if I was honest was the death of the Xbox 360 for me because although I enjoyed Call of Duty I have never been that good at first person shooters and constantly getting killed just really started to get annoyed with it.  The type of games that I look forward to now are similar to Batman and The Witcher which could be my next purchase for the PlayStation.

Some of the features that I enjoy about the PlayStation or will are the sharing features, although recently getting an upgrade on my internet streaming is still out of the question or it is but on low quality which isn’t really good enough.  That said though you can upload 15 min clips to YouTube, Facebook or Daily Motion which is huge for me, as I want to expand my online presence.  The only thing I would like is that you could edit the clips more an add audio from on the PlayStation that said however I do believe it would possible to upload the video privately and then add the audio separately.

The only nagging issue I do have from picking the PlayStation is that everywhere I look it seems the majority of stuff is cheaper on the Xbox One, that said even though I still have friends that are die-hard fans of the Xbox I feel that I will get my enjoyment out of the PlayStation.

July 2015 Update

While this is no stranger to this blog I have been away for a few a months due to a number of reason which I wouldn’t like to be too public, however there is a new goal and that is with one of the latest development.  In my absence I have purchased a PlayStation 4 and will be looking to bring some more of that content to this blog.  The other development that may help with that is my internet upgrade, at the moment I am still on sub standard internet for streaming but it has been upgraded to ADSL 2+ which in the UK should give me speeds of 17 meg which is great.  The problem really is the upload speed which means I can stream just at low quality.

That said though I have managed to upload some high quality videos to my YouTube Channel from my PS4 quite well, so I may just do that for the time being as well to make sure the quality of the videos on there is high enough.  The biggest problem with that for me is the fact that you can’t record audio on the PS4 for the video so I may have to do record it after on the PC and add it to the video.  The other thing that is holding the video content back is the fact that the PS4 only records in 15 minute intervals which doesn’t help when your goal is to do some let’s plays but I am sure I can come up with some solutions in the future if not Infinite is a schedule to hit a few months so might just upgrade to that as soon as possible.

Hint to what review is coming soon

There is a little clue on what review is coming soon.  I am hoping to put more content together more often and try to get it more related to gaming and TV/Movies as I am going to try to go back to my bread and butter.

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 3 “High Sparrow” Review

Episode 2 left us with a load of questions and the characters the question that was on everyone’s mind was are we going to get some answers? The answer to that question would be we get some of those answers and the morale of the story is to keep your friends close and your enemies even closer. Words that were used by Jon Snow and was very fitting for the same mentality was being used all over Westeros this episode.

As a review but more of a recap there will be spoilers

Jon Snow is now the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch and he has found himself in an awkward position in the fact he was groomed for the role by the previous Lord Commander but the older guard in the Night’s Watch do not see him as the next in line, which leaves him in the situation where he needs to show them that he’s serious about leading the Night’s Watch and stamp his Authority down. However that isn’t his first problem to deal with in this episode, he needs to deal the presences of Stannis as the Wall hasn’t got the resources to feed his man and the Night’s Watch. It has been a pleasure to see Jon develop into a leader and a man of honour like his Father before him. He does decline Stannis’s offer of becoming Lord of WInterfell but Davos gives Jon food to thought when he gets Jon’s new Steward asked to tell us the oath where it says you will protect the kingdom. Will Jon go North? That is still undecided but what is decided is that Jon now has the respect of the Night Watch where he makes Alliser Throne the 1st Ranger and then beheaded someone when they didn’t follow orders.

Jon getting ready for the beheading

Cersei is another character that is keeping her enemies close because she seems to be making a huge effort with Margaery trying to get on with her, due to the fact that Tommen is married to her. The question for me is who is going to win this battle as the power has shifted, because Margaery managed to persuade Tommen that Cersei might be happier at Casterly Rock.

Jon Snow isn’t the only Stark to step up this episode because Sansa Stark was brought back to Winterfell by Littlefinger to mary Ramsay Bolton. Sansa obviously didn’t really want to go back but after a good pet talk by Littlefinger convinces her of what she needs to do and she returns to WInterfell where we see Reek or Theon Greyjoy. When Reek sees Sansa you see the look where you are starting to see Theon Greyjoy come back through but that something that we will be wondering for a little longer is whether Theon is going to come back or will he remain Reek?

Littlefinger’s Pet Talk to Sansa

Ayra Stark is doing what she does best this episode and its the doing what she needs to survive and we found out a little more about the mystery temple that she finds herself in. They seem to be people who wish to have no face, meaning no identity which is kind of the opposite to Ayra Stark. This seems to be funny to say as she has spent so long trying to keep herself safe and hiding her identity but as all of her family she is proud of who she is and although hides who she is deep down you know that she knows her own identity but this episode you see her almost let that go. She was told that they still see Ayra Stark and she gets rid of all her possessions and close, but when it came to Needle she just couldn’t and to be honest I am glad she didn’t because if that went for me you’d taken the whole identity of that character away. Needle is hidden away and she remains one character that I really want to keep an eye on.

Ayra as she tries to let everything go

Overall I really enjoyed this episode as I do every week but the speed of it was just right this week I don’t think I could have asked for a better episode. Especially with the ending where Tyrion gets kidnapped right at the end by Jorah, and the only thing that hints to where he is taking him is to the Queen but who’s the Queen?

Feel free to discuss the developments below and let me know what character’s journey has entertained you the most.

WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Review

One of the Pay-per-views that you just feel that the WWE should drop in some respects because although the matches are extreme rules because of its PG rating the content isn’t all that extreme. It could be however the age difference between myself and the fact that I am not moving on to the new or younger generation of WWE fans this might be what they consider extreme rules but I myself remember the days that Cactus Jack and HHH went into a cell and both were busted ear to ear and although you still have those matches and we all know it’s not real per say it added authenticity to the programme.

Although I had a good idea what was on the card for this pay per view I have to admit right now that it is the first one in about a year that I have not watch the previous RAW just to get the final cliffhangers in the saga, due to the fact that I have slowly been going off the WWE, I don’t think it’s because of the lack of talent on the roster but it’s just too predictable at the moment there isn’t really an element of surprise who’s going to go for who and who’s not.

Possible Spoilers passed this point

Now let’s get down to business the stand out matches for me was Dean Ambrose v Luke Harper, Big Show v Roman Reigns. These were the stand out matches because in my opinion they were really well done, you could feel the intensity of the Big Show and Roman and you could feel that the two guys really was out there to get the win. If I am honest it has been one of the better matches I have seen from the WWE in a long time and the ending was pretty fitting with the use of a table to hold down one of the competitors. Although not the first time someone has used items to hold down people when in a last stand match however this was new to use the announcer’s table to do it.

Roman Reigns trapping the Big Show under the Announcement Table

The reason that Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper really made it was the way in which the match was done it could have been one of the longest one on one matches that WWE has had because they left the arena for an hour and the cameras didn’t follow. Which kind of goes back to my earlier rant that when the street fights did break out into the street of yesteryear the cameras would follow although I did like the gimmick of Luke Harper driving off only for Dean Ambrose to drive back and continue the match an hour later. Each had done their homework on each other meaning that they reversed some of each other rules and I would say that it was one of the more aggressive and deranged matches on the card and one worth catching up with.

Kane standing over both Randy Orton and Seth Rollins

Now to the main event if I am honest I like it, I wouldn’t say it was a standout match but it was put together and the whole thing with the internal problems that The Authority are having with Kane and Rollins did add the extra dimension to the match with him at ringside never quite sure which way he was really going to go, but in true Kane style he came into line but in his own way. It has left us with an interesting RAW next week for the fall out of Kane’s actions I think. Overall I would give this pay per view a 7/10 because it was ok but I have to admit although some good points I am losing interest in the WWE again.


Better Call Saul – Season 1 Episode 2 “Mijo” Review

The first episode of Better Call Saul was a bit confusing for a Breaking Bad fan and felt quite a bit disjointed for the most part in the first episode but could they keep up the speed of the cliffhanger in episode 2 find out here.

Definite Spoilers Alert

The Cliffhanger at the end of the first the episode was what kept us interested in the show, and the beginning of the second episode did a quick recap on what had happened. Strangely enough it wasn’t really a recap as you see on other TV shows, where you see previously on they made it part of the second episode which I thought was counter productive that said however it was a good way of doing it because after a week it brought back the suspense.

Saul finds himself at the door of a gangster type where you think that he’s killed the goons that Saul found to do the scam, in which it turns out that they had got the wrong person and while it seem Saul has talked his way out of the predicament after a tense discussion between him and the gangster, he finds himself in the garage where the gangster has hogged tied the goons up just as it seems that they are getting out without a scratch one of the goons than grasses him up as being the brains of the outfit. This then results in them all being put into the back of a van and find themselves in the desert in a very precarious position. Saul manages after a few heated discussions to get himself safe and the goons getting away with one broken leg each, as Saul is rushing them into hospital the one remarks of how bad of a lawyer he was and then he says he’s the best as he got them off a death sentence and to be honest he had.

The next half of the episode is just Saul rushing here there and everywhere in court taking on legal aid cases in order to pay a huge bill that he needs to pay. Rinse and repeat over and over again. As he is about to burn out he gets back to his office and hopes there is a message on his phone and there isn’t but he gets a visitor and that is where the episode ends with him getting a deal put forward.

Overall the jury is still out with this show but I wouldn’t write it off just yet as the pass of the show seems to be picking up. If it allows the viewer to continue on the story and have definitive route or clear up whether it’s before or after Breaking Bad I think it has the potential to be a great show.

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